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Why Peppers Should Be Concerned About GMO

Gaye Levy, Contributor
Activist Post

With all of the publicity given to the California ballot initiative on GMO labeling, I have seen little if nothing mentioned about an initiative in my little community that would ban GMO crops within the boundaries of our island county.

And the truth is, while there are few places in the world that could remain effectively GMO-free, the San Juan Islands in Washington State is one of them.

If passed in November, an initiative measure in our county will prohibit the cultivation of crops, livestock and other organisms that have had genes intentionally modified in a way that did not occur by mating or natural recombination. We would essentially become a safe zone for non-GMO crops, which in turn will preserve our ability to grow and control our food supply for years to come.

So why is this important and why is this being shared on a website that promotes prepping? I will get to that, but first a simplistic and easy to understand primer on GMOs.

A Brief Primer on GMOs

There are a lot of issues surrounding GMOs. Alas, many people recognize that they are “bad” but have not taken the time to learn why. Or perhaps they have taken the time but have had their eyes glaze over when faced with technical terminology or activist falderal.

Let me make things simple with a very brief explanation of what GMO’s are all about.

GMOs are organisms that have been created through through the gene-splicing techniques of biotechnology, allowing DNA from one species to be injected into another species. By taking the genetic material from one organism and inserting it into the permanent genetic code of another, numerous weird and obscene creations, such as potatoes with bacteria genes, “super” pigs with human growth genes, fish with cattle genes, and tomatoes with flounder genes have been created.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

These same creations are often bred with genes that not only allow them to tolerate weed killers but to also generate their own insecticides. These in turn are released into our environment, affecting our farmlands as well as our food supply.

Did I happen to mention our health and the health of animals as well?

Examples of genetically modified crops, which have been commercially planted since 1996, include soy, corn, cotton, canola, sugar beets, alfalfa, papaya, summer squash, potato, tomatoes and sweet peppers.

In addition, a genetically modified grass has recently been approved and the approval of genetically modified apples and salmon are pending.

With their ties to major corporations and the almighty dollar, the USDA, FDA and EPA are planning to fast track further approvals of GM crops, cutting the approval time down to just 18 months. GMOs, if you have not figured it out, are big business and a money scam pure and simple and for whatever reason, an alphabet soup of US agencies are in on it.

This is all happening in spite of a growing body of research indicating that GMO food products have adverse effects upon animal and human health. Scientists as well as whistleblowers within the GMO industry itself have produced evidence that GMOs are more toxic, allergenic and less nutritious than their natural counterparts. For a real eye-opening experience, take a look at the movie Genetic Roulette (available free online until October 31st and possibly longer). You will be sickened by what you see.

Why are preppers concerned about GMO crops?

Of course the problem, as it exists in most communities, including my own, is that contamination of traditional crops by genetically modified crops is generally acknowledged to be unavoidable since cross-contamination from nearby genetically modified crops can not be controlled. And so therein lies the need for entire communities to be GMO-Free, thus mitigating the effects of crop and seed cross pollination and contamination.

Do not underestimate this contamination issue because it presents a huge dilemma to those who prefer or who must grow their own food. Preppers, that group of motivated individuals seeking self-reliance and independence from big business and government controls, want to grow their food from heirloom type seeds that reproduce faithfully from one year to the next, thus ensuring a steady stream of reliable seeds that can be harvested and planted in subsequent years.

Most preppers, myself included, cook their own food, bake their own bread, concoct their own DIY cleaning supplies and know how to build and fix things themselves. Added to that list is the growing of food – fruits and vegetables – in a sustainable and productive manner.

For all of us, it is important that we control the food that is produced in our gardens. We want our seeds to be viable and to reproduce themselves as nature intended. After all, we recognize that the time may come when our gardens become out a major source of sustenance. And that, over and above everything, is our concern.

Do we want fish or antibiotic-laden tomatoes in our gardens. No. Do we want plants that create a chemical pesticide and then spread that toxin to other plants and perhaps to ourselves? No.

As far as I can tell, the only way to eliminate these issues is to grow non-GMO crops and to prevent our neighbors crops from contaminating our own gardens and fields. Which gets me to where I started at the beginning of this article; this is what we are attempting to do in my community.

The Final Word

There are those that will say that prohibiting and policing the growing of GMO crops is impossible. And yes, that may be true on a global scale. But still, as with our prepping activities, each step we take as individuals to stop GMOs becomes an important one.

Whether enforceable or not, I hope the rest of the world will keep their eyes on my little community at election time. In some small way, if we do become GMO free, we may help change the worl

Does Eating Junk Food Also Contribute To Dementia?

Alzheimer’s is one of the major medical problems of our age. 
A ghastly disease that condemns millions to years of confusion and fear, it also threatens to bankrupt our health system — yet doctors don’t really know what causes it, or how to treat it effectively.
But could that be about to change?

Scientists increasingly believe Alzheimer’s is linked to type 2 diabetes — so closely linked, in fact, it’s even being called ‘brain diabetes’ or type 3 diabetes.
This surprising new theory holds out hope that treatments already available for diabetes may also be able to help dementia sufferers, slowing down or stopping the progression of the disease.
When it comes to type 2 diabetes, there’s no mystery about what’s behind the soaring rates — eating too much, especially junk food that’s packed with sugar, refined carbohydrates and fat.

This leads to damagingly high levels of sugar in the blood and high levels of insulin needed to clear it away. The rising levels of glucose and insulin affect the blood vessels of the heart and extremities, potentially leading to blindness and amputations.
But it seems raised insulin levels also affect the brain.
Recent research has found this hormone plays a much more important role in the brain than once thought — protecting cells and helping to lay down memories.
The key to diabetes, and very possibly to Alzheimer’s, is insulin resistance. 
This is when your body becomes so used to extra insulin in the bloodstream that it needs more and more to have the same effect. 

If you constantly eat high glycaemic foods, such as cakes and white bread, this pushes up the amount of sugar in your blood. Insulin has to work overtime, turning glucose into fat and sweeping it into storage.
The favourite storage areas — fat cells, muscles and the liver — start to reject insulin’s fat deliveries.Gradually, things start to go wrong. Your body has to keep making more insulin to make the normal store areas respond. 
This is turning out to be especially damaging in the brain.
Insulin is so important to the proper function of the brain that it makes its own supplies.
The hormone keeps the brain’s blood vessels healthy and also helps brain cells (neurons) absorb the sugar they need to function. 
This allows them to change in response to learning and to lay down memories. 
The hormone is also involved in making some of the chemicals that pass messages around the brain.
But if glucose levels keep shooting up after meals, insulin resistance kicks in, and the relationship between neurons and insulin starts to break down — and the brain suffers damage.
For instance, insulin resistance is being linked with formation of the plaques — deposits of damaged protein —  that are a classic sign of Alzheimer’s. 
In a study at Brown University in the U.S., when insulin supply in rats’ brains was blocked — mimicking the effects of insulin resistance — the animals became disoriented and plaques appeared in their brain cells. 
The effects of raised sugar are not limited to rats. 
Last year, a small study from the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs looked at healthy volunteers who had been on a junk-food diet for only four weeks. They had a raised level of the markers for plaque in their spinal fluid. 
Scientists are still finding out what happens when insulin levels in the brain rise. 
‘But we know it is much more important than we thought,’ says Professor Jennie Brand-Miller, a biochemist at the University of Sydney and world authority on insulin (she helped develop the glycaemic index).
High levels of insulin could also be having a damaging effect on neurons, she says. 
‘This is because insulin comes partnered with another hormone, amylin, which makes the same sort of plaques as those found in the brains of dementia patients, except in the pancreas.
'It could be contributing to plaque formation in the brain.’
High sugar levels don’t just push up insulin — they can also damage the brain directly. 
Last May, researchers at the University of California showed for the first time that eating high levels of fructose, the concentrated sweetener found in many processed foods, reduced brain function in rats. 
‘A high fructose diet over the long term alters your ability to learn and remember information,’ says research leader, Fernandez Gomez-Pinilla, a professor of neurosurgery.
Earlier this year, an Australian team scanned the brains of 300 older people who didn’t have dementia.
The brains of those with diabetes shrank up to two-and-a-half times faster than normal. 
This shrinking occurred most in the frontal lobe that controls many functions damaged by Alzheimer’s — decision-making, emotional control and long-term memory.
What makes the theory linking type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer’s so convincing is that both are increasing at similar rates.
In other words, it’s very likely the same process is behind the two. 
Dr Suzanne de la Monte, a neuropathologist at Brown University, says: ‘Before 1980, there was little overlap between Alzheimer’s and diabetes. 'In fact, until then diabetes rates had been declining.’ Then something changed.
‘In every age group, the death rate from both diseases in 2005 is much higher than in 1980. 
'I believe Alzheimer’s starts with insulin resistance,’ says Dr de la Monte. 
If, indeed, the links between diabetes, insulin and Alzheimer’s stand up, the good news is that it will give us more treatment options.
Drugs already used to treat diabetes might benefit Alzheimer’s patients or even stop the disease developing.As it happens, it’s not the usual diabetes drugs — such as metformin — that may help.
‘So far, giving the older insulin drugs to Alzheimer’s patients hasn’t proved effective,’ says Dr Callum Sutherland, a specialist in insulin action at Dundee University. 
The latest approach, in fact, is to boost insulin levels in the brain directly. 
A small-scale trial last year found that dementia patients’ memories improved after nasal sprays of insulin. 
A larger trial on 240 patients with early signs of dementia is under way at Washington University, in Seattle, to see if it can slow the disease down.
Research with a new type of diabetes drug, known as GLP-1, is promising. 
It slows down brain damage in mice with dementia.
Of course, the insulin theory also gives us even more incentive to eat a diet that keeps refined carbohydrates to a minimum.
There is still work to be done to understand all the  connections, as not everyone with diabetes develops Alzheimer’s and vice versa, says Dr Sutherland.
But finding out exactly how this link works could mark a turning point in the fight against this dreadful disease.

TSA Plans On Tracking Every Move You Make, Everywhere

While the TSA can't explain why invasive patdowns without probable cause are legal, that isn't stopping TSA from future plans to track all your daily travels, anywhere you go, from work, to stores, or even when you go out to play.

When the TSA was asked to provide legal reasons that definitely spelled out why physically invasive patdowns are legal, without any probable cause, not one TSA person had an answer. There was no legal documentation for enhanced patdowns other than it serves "the essential administrative purpose."

Peep show, police state or privacy invasion, patdowns and body scans are not just in airports. EPIC said DHS is refusing to disclose details of mobile body scanner technology. In fact, in answer to EPIC's FOIA request, DHS handed over "several papers that were completely redacted."

Meanwhile at airports, the TSA is rolling out "less-invasive gingerbread man" body scanners to a tune of $2.7 million for 240 machines. At this point, I don't think skinnier versions of the Pillsbury Doughboy via kinder and gentler naked body scans are going to placate people who are secretly murmuring that America is truly becoming a police state. Spending countless billions of dollars on all this 'security theater' makes it look like the TSA is "doing their best to ensure that if there's a terrorist attack the public doesn't blame the TSA for missing it."

According to TSA Blogger Bob, in the 10 years after 9/11, there have been vast improvements and new technology as well as a "professionalized workforce" of Transportation Security Officers. Professional as in claiming no more enhanced groping of children under 12, only to break that promise and seemingly molest this little boy dressed as Spiderman?

The Los Angeles Times reported on TSA launching a behavior-detection program at Boston's Logan International Airport. These TSA officers received a whopping two weeks of training and are supposed to ask each passenger a "few" questions "in an effort to detect suspicious behavior." Doesn't this seem like yet another strike at your privacy?

 Some people are stressed or even nervous when they are traveling. What if you don't feel like talking or being questioned? Is this too going to become yet another TSA-mandated "you will answer if you want the privilege of flying?"

A MSNBC travel article warned that when it comes to airport security, "you ain't seen nothing yet." Some security analysts suggest Big Brother will employ an even Bigger Brother in the form of "chip-embedded passports that someday tell the federal transportation watchdogs all about your daily commutes to work, the mall — even to parties."

Other security analysts suggest it will all be about "gathering intelligence technologically" or that increased biometrics is the security answer. The Known Traveler Program will launch this fall so previously known and trusted travelers will "have bar codes stamped on their boarding passes, authorizing TSA screeners to allow those passengers to skip shoe and laptop removals." TSA Administrator John Pistole said, "Enhancing identity-based screening is another common sense step in the right direction as we continue to strengthen overall security and improve the passenger experience whenever possible."

So even though the TSA is building up its ranks with bomb-sniffing dogs, there will be dramatic changes in store for travelers within the next 30 years. There will be biometric fingerprinting as well as other biometric and personal info stored in government databases.

Senior policy analyst at the Center for Health and Homeland Security Vernon R. Herron told MSNBC that your official travel document "will not only have information as to who you are and where you have traveled, but it will also ... allow government officials to track your travel not only in the air, but your daily travels to work, grocery stores and social events."

 In the future the "government will detain passengers who have traveled to places that are suspicious in nature" once they enter an airport, Herron added. "All these measures seem extreme. However, after we declared a war on terror, we must be more proactive than reactive when it comes to airport security."

Ah, again with the "suspicious" lists even if it's places to which you traveled this time. Regarding the dreaded list after list of supposed suspicious activity, are they meant to keep the public in a state of paranoia and fear so they just roll over and watch it happen? Digg commenter leodin said, "Strange... The actual threat of terrorism hasn't increased, and the odds of actually dying in a terrorist attack make the lottery look like a sound investment, and yet the government seems insistent upon taking more and more measures to protect us from these imaginary threats."

It seems as if the massive DHS database of secret watchlists will continue to grow with U.S. citizens' names even if the threat of terrorism does not.

GMO Pervasivenes In Supplements & Big Pharma

The concern over eating genetically-modified foods is growing as more people learn about the harmful effects of genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). Although not readily publicized by the mainstream media, GMOs have been linked to various health complications such as tumors, organ failure, DNA damage, immune system disturbances, and nfertility, among others.

Simultaneously, GM contamination of conventional and organic foods is increasing.
The toxic hand of GMOs does not stop in our food supply. GMOs are used in various prescription medications and vaccines, and GMOs in vitamins and supplements is also common. There are numerous examples.

GMO methods are being used to create edible vaccines, as, for example, a way of incorporating swine flu virus into corn, allowing mass vaccinations. A large share of insulin medications is produced by genetic engineering. Companies are producing pharmaceutical proteins (including antibodies) in GM plants, as, for example, in the US, where rice has been engineered to produce the alpha-antitrypsin protein used to treat liver disease and hemorrhages.

This same process is being used in the production of additives and vitamins:
“Genetically modified organisms are being used to produce flavors, binders, enzymes, food additives and vitamins. Genetic engineers identify an organism that produces a particular additive, then they genetically alter it. It is then placed in an incubator of sorts, where the organism grows and multiplies. After it has reached maximum growth, the vitamin is isolated and extracted.” – Source: www.hemphealer.com
Today, GMO corn is used in most major brands of vitamin C supplements. “Ninety-nine percent of the vitamin C used commercially in supplements in the U.S. is derived from genetically engineered corn.” (source: www.life-enhancement.com) GM soy derivatives are common in Vitamin E. Corn oil and/or soybean oil can be often found in gel-tablet supplements. GM wheat derivatives are also common in over-the-counter supplements. GMO’ed food additives are added to all types of vitamin-fortified foods.
“GM microorganisms are used to make vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), xanthan (a thickener), citric acid, and enzymes used in cheeses, breads and baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and juice.” – Source: Organic Consumers Association
Although GMOs in vitamins and supplements are not revealed on labels, it is likely that most generic and brand-name supplements are, already, GMO products.

Fortunately, there are organic companies out there that are committed to offering GMO-free vitamins, such as NutriGold and NOW Foods. The Non-GMO Shopping Guide offers a comprehensive list of vitamins and supplements from companies enrolled in the Non-GMO Project Standard: nongmoshoppingguide.com

John Stossel Believes Everything Is Illegal In America

Bolivia's Mother Earth Law Much Needed To Protect Nature

This month Bolivia passed the world's first ruling that grants all nature equal rights to humans. The “Law of Mother Earth,” agreed by politicians and grassroots social groups, redefines the South American nation's mineral deposits as "blessings" and is supposed to lead to radical new conservation and social measures to reduce pollution and control industry.

One of the sectors to be largely affected is mining, which not only is Bolivia’s second biggest industry, but it injects $500 million a year into the economy. This represents nearly one third of the country's foreign currency.

The new law —passed on Oct. 15—protects the right of nature "to not be affected by mega-infrastructure and development projects that affect the balance of ecosystems and the local inhabitant communities".

So what will all these mean for mining companies operating or with projects in the Andean nation?

According to Matatea Changuy and Sophie Beier, from Pulsamérica.co.uk, the first obvious implication is that Evo Morales’ government is now legally bound to prioritize the wellbeing of its citizens and the environment. Thus, measures compromising mining activities in the country may be take in any moment alleging compliance with the new regulations outlined in the Mother Earth’s law.

While Changuy and Beir consider the law ground-breaking, as “offers some provocative, revolutionary re-conceptualization of the interdependence between Humans and Nature, and the role of the State herein,” they also warn it lacks of clear indications on how all the concepts will actually be put in place:
In other words, such a complex and novel legal persona needs more than its inscription into the law: it needs a plan, a concept of how to reform the law from an ecological perspective. And how to do so, without creating more conflict.
Bolivia, often ridiculed by the USA and Britain in the United Nations climate talks for demanding steep carbon emission cuts, has established 11 new rights for nature. They include: the right to life and to exist; the right to continue vital cycles and processes free from human alteration; the right to pure water and clean air; the right to balance; the right not to be polluted; and the right to not have cellular structure modified or genetically altered.

It draws on the Andean philosophy that views the Pachamama (meaning Mother Earth in native language) as a living being and sacred home.

Evo Morales, Latin America's first indigenous President, has become an outspoken critic in the UN of industrialized countries. He has also become notorious for raising mining taxes and nationalizing the country’s key natural gas industry as well as the telecommunications and electricity sectors, since taking power in 2006.

Earlier this year, Bolivia took over assets from Spain’s Red Eléctrica Corp. (REE) and Pan American Energy LLC.

And in July, Morales seized and nationalized the assets of Vancouver-based South American Silver Corp. (TSX:SAC), accusing the miner of causing a conflict that saw violence erupt among communities around the silver-indium-gallium project it was developing there.
Though rich in mineral and energy resources, data from the Unicef shows that Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and the weakest economy in all of South America.

You Can Trust Monsanto!

vote with your $$$$ and your fork. Stop swallowing their garbage. VOTE YES ON PROP 37

Are You Willing To Bet Your Life On Monsanto?

Genetic Roulette The Gamble Of Your Life

Are you and your family on the wrong side of a bet?

When the US government ignored repeated warnings by its own scientists and allowed untested genetically modified (GM) crops into our environment and food supply, it was a gamble of unprecedented proportions. The health of all living things and all future generations were put at risk by an infant technology.

After two decades, physicians and scientists have uncovered a grave trend. The same serious health problems found in lab animals, livestock, and pets that have been fed GM foods are now on the rise in the US population. And when people and animals stop eating genetically modified organisms (GMOs), their health improves.

This seminal documentary provides compelling evidence to help explain the deteriorating health of Americans, especially among children, and offers a recipe for protecting ourselves and our future.

Michael Pollan On Opportunity To Reclaim Real Food Vote Yes On 37

There have been multiple studies published on the dangers of GMOs, and knowing the practices of biotech companies, there are likely thousands more we don’t even know about. One study that did make it to the public though, recently published in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology, concluded that long-term exposure to GMO foods caused enlarged tumors and devastating health complications in mice. Look at the pictures at your own risk — they’re quite disturbing. So why was this study not the be-all-end-all in determining the safety of these crops? Or a catalyst for immediately funding more, similar research? Lead author of that study, Professor Gilles-Eric Séralini, said, “It’s criminal that there is this much laxness in reviewing these products.” Lax doesn’t even begin to describe it. Now, our food supply is twelve days away from being more in our control, or completely and utterly out of our control. And the responsibility rests on the residents of California.

In the video below, bestselling author Michael Pollan discusses this unique opportunity to finally take the food movement to the government. However, you’ll notice he is careful about how he engages in discussion regarding the safety or risks associated with genetically modified foods.

After all, the institution for which he teaches, University of California Berkeley, conducts studies on GMO seeds and foods. Additionally, as pointed out by Pollan’s colleague, University of California at Berkeley professor Ignacio Chapela, there’s an unspoken ban on “asking certain questions and finding certain results” with regards to GMOs. He says, “It’s very hard for us to publish in this field. People are scared.”

Certainly we can understand Pollan’s hesitation to make any bold statements but ever the advocate for clean, healthy food, Pollan finds an alternative way to appeal to voters and advocate a yes vote on Proposition 37.

He appeals to the potential the American people have to take our food supply out of the hands of corporate greed. He stresses that, health matters on the back burner, this issue is also about the right to know what is in the foods we consume, especially if questions of safety still exist, as they do. He also addresses the question of President Obama’s promise to label GMO foods with a response so enticing and accurate, it gives me hope for the future of our agriculture (…sort of).

This video is a must watch from beginning to end and a must share, especially if you have friends or family in California.

Surprising Ways To Tell If You Might Develop Alzheimers

The statistics on Alzheimer’s disease are overwhelming. More than 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease. One in eight older Americans has the condition, and Alzheimer’s is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

But there is another little-known stat that is equally, if not more, startling. Among cognitively normal people over the age of 75, about one-third has sufficient and neurofibrillary tangles to meet the criteria for Alzheimer’s disease.

These plaques and tangles are especially prominent in those who have Alzheimer’s and contribute to the degradation of neurons in the brain. But they also develop in many elderly people, even those who do not have Alzheimer’s.

It’s these cases — referred to as asymptomatic Alzheimer’s disease (ASYMAD) — that researchers find particularly fascinating. People with ASYMAD have all the physical characteristics that could lead to the progression of Alzheimer’s disease, but have managed to avoid it. If researchers figure out how, then that could lead the way to better, more effective prevention and treatment measures for Alzheimer’s, which are both sorely lacking right now.

Negativity Hurts the Brain

A team of researchers recently hypothesized that certain personality traits contribute to the cognitive resilience of ASYMAD. They compared the personality traits of those who subsequently developed clinical dementia with those who subsequently died cognitively normal, but with plaques and tangles indicative of Alzheimer’s discovered at autopsy.

And the results of this study may just want to make you turn that frown upside down, especially if you want to protect your brain.

The subjects in this study were also participants in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, a study of physical and psychological aging. All agreed to have an autopsy of the brain following their death.

Researchers analyzed data obtained from 111 of the participants who completed personality tests at least once before the onset of cognitive decline, and who underwent autopsies after

Personality traits were measured using a 240-item questionnaire that looked at 30 facets of personality, six for each of the five major dimensions of personality: neuroticism, extraversion, openness, conscientiousness and agreeableness.

As for neuropathology, participants were divided into three groups based on their cognitive health in their last year of life and their autopsy results:

1. Normal: Patients had no history of cognitive decline and autopsies showed no amyloid beta plaques or other signs of Alzheimer’s.

2. ASYMAD: Patients had no history of cognitive decline, but the autopsies showed amyloid beta plaques in the brain.

3. AD: Patients received clinical diagnosis of dementia and/or Alzheimer’s disease while alive, and autopsies revealed amyloid beta plaques and other signs indicative of Alzheimer’s.
Looking at the results of the autopsies and the personality questionnaires, researchers discovered that those who had greater emotional resilience and conscientiousness had lower risk of developing dementia, even if their autopsies revealed plaques or other signs of Alzheimer’s.

More specifically, ASYMAD patients scored lower on their personality questionnaires on negative traits like neuroticism, vulnerability to stress, anxiety and depression, compared with controls and to those who actually developed Alzheimer’s disease.
In addition, low scores on conscientiousness were strongly associated with the development of clinical dementia.

Researchers believe those who are more emotionally stable and conscientious may have greater resilience because they are generally healthier and engage in behaviors that reduce the risk of dementia — like exercising and abstaining from tobacco use. In addition, emotionally stable people tend to have better metabolic and inflammatory risk profiles and are less likely to have depression — all of which have been linked to dementia.

Also, they found that personality might be related to the severity of disease. Specifically, high neuroticism and low agreeableness were linked to more advanced spread of tangles. And skepticism, cynicism and being manipulative/deceptive were the characteristics associated with the most severe amyloid plaques and tangles.

This new knowledge of how personality traits affect the development of dementia allows us to see just how much of a role attitude plays in our overall health.

The more negative your overall demeanor, the more it will affect your health, possibly leading to cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease. Conversely, even if you are at physically high risk of Alzheimer’s, having a positive attitude toward life could delay or stop the progression of the disease. All the more reason to spend as much time as you can smiling, laughing and appreciating all the little things in your life.

Terracciano A et al. Personality and resilience to Alzheimer’s disease neuropathology: a prospective autopsy study. Neurobiol Aging. 2012 Oct 2. pii: S0197-4580(12)00430-7. doi: 10.1016/j.neurobiolaging.2012.08.008. [Epub ahead of print.]
Saczynski JS et al. Depressive symptoms and the risk of dementia: the Framingham Heart Study. Neurology. 2010 Jul 6;75(1):35-4

Vote Your Conscience! Vote Neither

Obama DOJ Set To Intimidate Any State That Legalizes Marijuana

Depending on the outcome of initiatives in three states, a confrontation awaits between the U.S. Department of Justice and advocates for legalizing marijuana.

On November 6, voters in Colorado, Washington and Oregon will decide whether to legalize and tax marijuana sales. If one or more of the measures passes, and President Barack Obama is reelected, expect the Justice Department to take action to stop any state from decriminalizing the popular herb.

NOTE:  WA502 is 68 pages of regulations, it's not legalization.  Legalization means one could buy the natural herb Cannabis sativa/indica as easily as one could buy a watermelon.  It doesn't take 68 pages of regulations to buy a cabbage, does it?  Not yet anyway. 

While I support the legalization of all natural herbs, since our Creator does not make mistakes with nature, I don't support 502.  It's designed to raise billions of dollars for the states by punitive taxation and complete and utter control over the Cannabis industry.  It will likely triple the price for medicinal patients, limit availability, diminish quality and create whole new cash opportunities for fines, forfeitures for the state.  Vote NO on WA 502

In an outtake in a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” Deputy Attorney General James Cole proclaimed that the federal government is prepared to stop any “dangers” associated with state-sanctioned recreational pot.

“We’re going to take a look at whether or not there are dangers to the community from the sale of marijuana and we’re going to go after those dangers,” Cole told the television news magazine.

A crackdown on drug legalization would follow other efforts by the Obama administration to shutdown medical marijuana dispensaries operating within state law in California and elsewhere.

If Mitt Romney wins the presidential election, he would probably take the same position as Obama, having stated that marijuana is a “gateway drug” and that he would fight legalization “tooth and nail.”

DNA Is Influenced By Words & Frequencies

DNA Can Be Influenced And Reprogrammed By Words And Frequencies Russian DNA Discoveries

The human DNA is a biological Internet and superior in many aspects to the artificial one. The latest Russian scientific research directly or indirectly explains phenomena such as clairvoyance, intuition, spontaneous and remote acts of healing, self healing, affirmation techniques, unusual light/auras around people (namely spiritual masters), the mind’s influence on weather patterns and much more.

In addition, there is evidence for a whole new type of medicine in which DNA can be influenced and reprogrammed by words and frequencies WITHOUT cutting out and replacing single genes.

Only 10% of our DNA is being used for building proteins. It is this subset of DNA that is of interest to western researchers and is being examined and categorized. The other 90% are considered “junk DNA. The Russian researchers, however, convinced that nature was not dumb, joined linguists and geneticists in a venture to explore those 90% of “junk DNA”. Their results, findings and conclusions are simply revolutionary!

According to them, our DNA is not only responsible for the construction of our body but also serves as data storage and communication. The Russian linguists found that the genetic code, especially in the apparently useless 90%, follows the same rules as all our human languages. To this end they compared the rules of syntax (the way in which words are put together to form phrases and sentences), semantics (the study of meaning in language forms) and the basic rules of grammar.

They found that the alkalines of our DNA follow regular grammar and do have set rules just like our languages. So human languages did not appear coincidentally but are a reflection of our inherent DNA.

The Russian biophysicist and molecular biologist Pjotr Garjajev and his colleagues also explored the vibrational behavior of the DNA. [For the sake of brevity I will give only a summary here. For further exploration please refer to the appendix at the end of this article.]
The bottom line was:

“Living chromosomes function just like solitonic/holographic computers using the endogenous DNA laser radiation.”

This means that they managed, for example, to modulate certain frequency patterns onto a laser ray and with it influenced the DNA frequency and thus the genetic information itself. Since the basic structure of DNA-alkaline pairs and of language (as explained earlier) are of the same structure, no DNA decoding is necessary. One can simply use words and sentences of the human language!

This, too, was experimentally proven! Living DNA substance (in living tissue, not in vitro) will always react to language-modulated laser rays and even to radio waves, if the proper frequencies are being used. This finally and scientifically explains why affirmations, autogenous training, hypnosis and the like can have such strong effects on humans and their bodies. It is entirely normal and natural for our DNA to react to language.

 While western researcher cut single genes from the DNA strands and insert them elsewhere, the Russians enthusiastically worked on devices that can influence the cellular metabolism through suitable modulated radio and light frequencies and thus repair genetic defects.
Garjajevâ´s research group succeeded in proving that with this method chromosomes damaged by x-rays for example can be repaired.

They even captured information patterns of a particular DNA and transmitted it onto another, thus reprogramming cells to another genome. So they successfully transformed, for example, frog embryos to salamander embryos simply by transmitting the DNA information patterns!
This way the entire information was transmitted without any of the side effects or disharmonies encountered when cutting out and re-introducing single genes from the DNA.

This represents an unbelievable, world-transforming revolution and sensation! All this by simply applying vibration and language instead of the archaic cutting-out procedure! This experiment points to the immense power of wave genetics, which obviously has a greater influence on the formation of organisms than the biochemical processes of alkaline sequences.

Esoteric and spiritual teachers have known for ages that our body is programmable by language, words and thought. This has now been scientifically proven and explained. Of course the frequency has to be correct. And this is why not everybody is equally successful or can do it with always the same strength. The individual person must work on the inner processes and maturity in order to establish a conscious communication with the DNA. The Russian researchers work on a method that is not dependent on these factors but will ALWAYS work, provided one uses the correct frequency.

But the higher developed an individual’s consciousness is, the less need is there for any type of device! One can achieve these results by oneself, and science will finally stop laughing at such ideas and will confirm and explain the results. And it doesn’t end there. The Russian scientists also found out that our DNA can cause disturbing patterns in the vacuum, thus producing magnetized wormholes! Wormholes are the microscopic equivalents of the so-called Einstein-Rosen bridges in the vicinity of black holes (left by burned-out stars).

These are tunnel connections between entirely different areas in the universe through which information can be transmitted outside of space and time. The DNA attracts these bits of information and passes them on to our consciousness. This process of hypercommunication is most effective in a state of relaxation

. Stress, worries or a hyperactive intellect prevent successful hypercommunication or the information will be totally distorted and useless. In nature, hypercommunication has been successfully applied for millions of years. The organized flow of life in insect states proves this dramatically. Modern man knows it only on a much more subtle level as “intuition”. But we, too, can regain full use of it.

An example from Nature: When a queen ant is spatially separated from her colony, building still continues fervently and according to plan. If the queen is killed, however, all work in the colony stops. No ant knows what to do. Apparently the queen sends the “building plans” also from far away via the group consciousness of her subjects. She can be as far away as she wants, as long as she is alive. In man hypercommunication is most often encountered when one suddenly gains access to information that is outside one’s knowledge base.

Such hypercommunication is then experienced as inspiration or intuition. The Italian composer Giuseppe Tartini for instance dreamt one night that a devil sat at his bedside playing the violin. The next morning Tartini was able to note down the piece exactly from memory, he called it the Devil’s Trill Sonata.

For years, a 42-year old male nurse dreamt of a situation in which he was hooked up to a kind of knowledge CD-ROM. Verifiable knowledge from all imaginable fields was then transmitted to him that he was able to recall in the morning. There was such a flood of information that it seemed a whole encyclopedia was transmitted at night. The majority of facts were outside his personal knowledge base and reached technical details about which he knew absolutely nothing.

When hypercommunication occurs, one can observe in the DNA as well as in the human being special phenomena. The Russian scientists irradiated DNA samples with laser light. On screen a typical wave pattern was formed. When they removed the DNA sample, the wave pattern did not disappear, it remained. Many control experiments showed that the pattern still came from the removed sample, whose energy field apparently remained by itself. This effect is now called phantom DNA effect.

It is surmised that energy from outside of space and time still flows through the activated wormholes after the DNA was removed. The side effect encountered most often in hypercommunication also in human beings are inexplicable electromagnetic fields in the vicinity of the persons concerned.

Electronic devices like CD players and the like can be irritated and cease to function for hours. When the electromagnetic field slowly dissipates, the devices function normally again. Many healers and psychics know this effect from their work. The better the atmosphere and the energy, the more frustrating it is that the recording device stops functioning and recording exactly at that moment. And repeated switching on and off after the session does not restore function yet, but next morning all is back to normal. Perhaps this is reassuring to read for many, as it has nothing to do with them being technically inept, it means they are good at hypercommunication.

In their book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” (Networked Intelligence), Grazyna Gosar and Franz Bludorf explain these connections precisely and clearly.

The authors also quote sources presuming that in earlier times humanity had been, just like the animals, very strongly connected to the group consciousness and acted as a group. To develop and experience individuality we humans however had to forget hypercommunication almost completely.

Now that we are fairly stable in our individual consciousness, we can create a new form of group consciousness, namely one, in which we attain access to all information via our DNA without being forced or remotely controlled about what to do with that information. We now know that just as on the internet our DNA can feed its proper data into the network, can call up data from the network and can establish contact with other participants in the network.

Remote healing, telepathy or “remote sensing” about the state of relatives etc. can thus be explained. Some animals know also from afar when their owners plan to return home. That can be freshly interpreted and explained via the concepts of group consciousness and hypercommunication. Any collective consciousness cannot be sensibly used over any period of time without a distinctive individuality. Otherwise we would revert to a primitive herd instinct that is easily manipulated.

Hypercommunication in the new millennium means something quite different: Researchers think that if humans with full individuality would regain group consciousness, they would have a god-like power to create, alter and shape things on Earth! AND humanity is collectively moving toward such a group consciousness of the new kind. Fifty percent of today’s children will be problem children as soon as the go to school.

The system lumps everyone together and demands adjustment. But the individuality of today’s children is so strong that that they refuse this adjustment and giving up their idiosyncrasies in the most diverse ways.

At the same time more and more clairvoyant children are born [see the book "China’s Indigo Children" by Paul Dong or the chapter about Indigos in my book "Nutze die taeglichen Wunder"(Make Use of the Daily Wonders)]. Something in those children is striving more and more towards the group consciousness of the new kind, and it will no longer be suppressed! .

As a rule weather, for example, is rather difficult to influence by a single individual. But it may be influenced by a group consciousness (nothing new to some tribes doing it in their rain dances). Weather is strongly influenced by Earth resonance frequencies, the so-called Schumann frequencies. But those same frequencies are also produced in our brains, and when many people synchronize their thinking or individuals (spiritual masters, for instance) focus their thoughts in a laser-like fashion, then it is scientifically speaking not at all surprising if they can thus influence weather.

Researchers in group consciousness have formulated the theory of Type I civilizations. A humanity that developed a group consciousness of the new kind would have neither environmental problems nor scarcity of energy. For if it were to use its mental power as a unified civilization, it would have control of the energies of its home planet as a natural consequence. And that includes all natural catastrophes!!! A theoretical Type II civilization would even be able to control all energies of their home galaxy.

In my book “Nutze die taeglichen Wunder”, I have described an example of this: Whenever a great many people focus their attention or consciousness on something similar like Christmas time, football world championship or the funeral of Lady Diana in England then certain random number generators in computers start to deliver ordered numbers instead of the random ones. An ordered group consciousness creates order in its whole surroundings!!!

When a great number of people get together very closely, potentials of violence also dissolve. It looks as if here, too, a kind of humanitarian consciousness of all humanity is created. At the Love Parade, for example, where every year about one million of young people congregate, there has never been any brutal riots as they occur for instance at sports events. The name of the event alone is not seen as the cause here. The result of an analysis indicated rather that the number of people was TOO GREAT to allow a tipping over to violence.

To come back to the DNA: It apparently is also an organic superconductor that can work at normal body temperature. Artificial superconductors require extremely low temperatures of between 200 and 140°C to function.

 As one recently learned, all superconductors are able to store light and thus information. This is a further explanation of how the DNA can store information. There is another phenomenon linked to DNA and wormholes. Normally, these super small wormholes are highly unstable and are maintained only for the tiniest fractions of a second. Under certain conditions (read about it in the Fosar/Bludorf book above) stable wormholes can organize themselves which then form distinctive vacuum domains in which, for example, gravity can transform into electricity. Vacuum domains are self-radiant balls of ionized gas that contain considerable amounts of energy.

There are regions in Russia where such radiant balls appear very often. Following the ensuing confusion the Russians started massive research programs leading finally to some of the discoveries mentions above. Many people know vacuum domains as shiny balls in the sky. The attentive look at them in wonder and ask themselves, what they could be. I thought once: “Hello up there. If you happen to be a UFO, fly in a triangle.” And suddenly, the light balls moved in a triangle. Or they shot across the sky like ice hockey pucks. They accelerated from zero to crazy speeds while sliding gently across the sky.

One is left gawking and I have, as many others, too, thought them to be UFOs. Friendly ones, apparently, as they flew in triangles just to please me. Now the Russians found in the regions where vacuum domains appear often that sometimes fly as balls of light from the ground upwards into the sky, that these balls can be guided by thought. One has found out since that vacuum domains emit waves of low frequency as they are also produced in our brains. And because of this similarity of waves they are able to react to our thoughts.

To run excitedly into one that is on ground level might not be such a great idea, because those balls of light can contain immense energies and are able to mutate our genes. They can, they don’t necessarily have to, one has to say. For many spiritual teachers also produce such visible balls or columns of light in deep meditation or during energy work which trigger decidedly pleasant feelings and do not cause any harm. Apparently this is also dependent on some inner order and on the quality and provenance of the vacuum domain.

There are some spiritual teachers (the young Englishman Ananda, for example) with whom nothing is seen at first, but when one tries to take a photograph while they sit and speak or meditate in hypercommunication, one gets only a picture of a white cloud on a chair. In some Earth healing projects such light effects also appear on photographs.

Simply put, these phenomena have to do with gravity and anti-gravity forces that are also exactly described in the book and with ever more stable wormholes and hyper-communication and thus with energies from outside our time and space structure. Earlier generations that got in contact with such hypercommunication experiences and visible vacuum domains were convinced that an angel had appeared before them.

And we cannot be too sure to what forms of consciousness we can get access when using hypercommunication. Not having scientific proof for their actual existence (people having had such experiences do NOT all suffer from hallucinations) does not mean that there is no metaphysical background to it. We have simply made another giant step towards understanding our reality.

Official science also knows of gravity anomalies on Earth (that contribute to the formation of vacuum domains), but only of ones of below one percent. But recently gravity anomalies have been found of between three and four percent. One of these places is Rocca di Papa, south of Rome (exact location in the book “Vernetzte Intelligenz” plus several others). Round objects of all kinds, from balls to full buses, roll uphill.

7 Nasty Things Pesticides Are Doing To Your Body

Agrochemicals, home bug sprays, and lawn treatments could be causing chronic illness in your family.

Pesticides are designed to kill, although the mode of action they use to put the stranglehold on pests varies. Whether it’s nerve gas–like neurological disruption, the unbalancing of key hormones, or the stunting of a plant’s ability to absorb life-sustaining trace minerals from the soil, none of the chemical interventions seems all that appetizing, especially considering that chemical residues routinely wind up on and even inside of the food we eat everyday. Pesticides are also blamed for diminishing mineral levels in foods.

Agrochemical supporters tend to fall back on a “the dose makes the poison” theory, meaning tiny exposures aren’t really that harmful. Increasingly, though, independent scientists are debunking that belief, even proving that incredibly tiny doses could set a person up for health problems that might not crop up until decades down the line. Luckily, eating organic, less processed foods can cut back on your pesticide exposure.

Here are 7 health problems associated with pesticide-based agrochemicals.

Scientists have been noticing a link between pesticides and diabetes for years. The latest evidence comes out of the Endocrine Society’s 94th Annual Meeting, where Robert Sargis, MD, PhD, released the results of a study that suggest tolyfluanid, a fungicide used on farm crops, creates insulin resistance in fat cells. A 2011 study published in Diabetes Care found that overweight people with higher levels of organochlorine pesticides in their bodies also faced a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes. 

Prevent it: To save money on organic fare raised without pesticides, cook with organic dried beans. In the home, avoid using chemical air fresheners and artificially scented products—these things are also blamed for inducing type 2 diabetes.


More than 260 studies link pesticides to various cancers, including lymphoma, leukemia, soft tissue sarcoma, and brain, breast, prostate, bone, bladder, thyroid, colon, liver, and lung cancers, among others.

Prevent it: The President’s Cancer Panel suggests eating organic and avoiding plastic to lower your risk of environmentally triggered cancers.

Autism & Other Developmental Diseases

How do you get autism? The world’s leading autism researchers believe the condition develops from a mix of genes and the pollutants encountered in the mother’s womb and early in life. Many insecticides effectively kill bugs by throwing off normal neurological functioning. That same thing appears to be happening in some children. A 2010 Harvard study found that children with organophosphate pesticide breakdown materials in their urine were far more likely to live with ADHD than kids without the trace pesticide residues.

Prevent it: Switching to an organic diet rapidly eliminates pesticide residues in the body.


Some agrochemical pesticides act as hormone disruptors, meaning they act like a fake version of a naturally occurring hormone in your body, they block important hormone communication pathways in the body, or they interfere with your body’s ability to regulate the healthy release of hormones. More than 50 pesticides are classified as hormone disruptors, and some of them promote metabolic syndrome and obesity as they accumulate in your cells, according to 2012 study appearing in Environmental Health Perspectives.

Parkinson’s Disease

More than 60 studies show a connection between pesticides and the neurological disease Parkinson’s, a condition characterized by uncontrolled trembling. The association is strongest for weed- and bug-killing chemical exposures over a long period of time, meaning it’s important to keep these toxic compounds out of your household routine.

Prevent it: Don’t turn to chemical interventions to kill bugs in your home or garden. Instead, use natural pest control measures.


Pesticides spell trouble in the baby-making department, thanks to their bad habit of not staying put. For instance, atrazine, a common chemical weed killer used heavily in the Midwest, on Southern sugar cane farms, and on golf courses, has been detected in tap water. Doctors and scientists point to published evidence tying atrazine to increased miscarriage and infertility rates. Other pesticides cause a plunge in male testosterone levels. A 2006 study found chlorpyrifos, a chemical used in nonorganic apple and sweet pepper farming, and carbaryl, a go-to pesticide in strawberry fields and peach orchards, caused abnormally low testosterone levels.

Prevent it: Avoid the worst summer fruit, the kinds most likely to be laced with toxic pesticides. Instead, choose organic grapes, strawberries, and imported plums.

Birth Defects

Babies conceived during the spring and summer months—a time of year when pesticide use is in full swing—face the highest risk of birth defects. During these months, higher pesticide levels turn up in surface waters, increasing a mother’s risk of exposure. Spina bifida, cleft lip, clubfoot, and Down syndrome rates are higher when moms become pregnant during high season for pesticides.

Prevent it: To protect yourself, use a water filter that is certified by NSF International to meet American National Standards Institute Standard 53 for VOC (volatile organic compound) reduction. This will significantly reduce levels of atrazine and other pesticides in your tap water.

Nervous System Damage From The Chemtrail Filled Sky

Chemtrails rain aluminum nanoparticles on man, beast, and land. “Chemtrails” is a spin-off from “contrails,” which are the condensation trails sometimes left behind flying aircraft. Some believe these contrails are chemical trails being deliberately sprayed from aircrafts for unknown reasons.

There is current concern in the United States about the increasing number of neurodegenerative patients. Since 2000, the number of Alzheimer’s patients has increased from 4.5 million to 5.4 million in 2012. One in eight people 65 or older have Alzheimer’s. A yearly increase seems inevitable because of the aging population, but environmental factors also play a role.

The article “Chemtrails, Nano-aluminum, and Neurodegenerative and Neurodevelopmental Effects” by Russell Blaylock, M.D., in the National Health Federation magazine “Health Freedom News” warns against one of these environmental hazards: chemtrails.

Blaylock, who has retired from neurosurgery to do research, write, and teach, began to notice chemtrails a few years ago and writes, “Of particular concern is that there are now so many—dozens every day are littering the skies.” Chemtrails are made from aerosols, usually spread by non-passenger jets.

 What at first looks like contrails turns into ribbons of clouds that spread out making the sky look over-cast. They contain various toxic, and biological substances. Blaylock concentrates on the effects of the nano-aluminum particles, as mentioned in Part 2 of “Chemtrails Over Las Vegas” in the August 26, 2005, Las Vegas Tribune.

Chemtrails are not admitted as a threat or as existing by governments, but their existence occasionally comes out in the media. TV station KNBC Los Angeles, Calif. hosted Toxic Sky with Paul Moyer, an account of sickness of children and record amounts of barium and aluminum in the water supply after chemtrails were seen over San Bernardino.

In Aug. 2005 the Las Vegas Tribune had a two-part article detailing the chemtrails over Las Vegas, the ensuing chemtrails sickness, and previous chemtrail history from other sources. In the Las Vegas Tribune report, the U.S. Air Force on their website called chemtrails a “chemtrail hoax,” but “scientists working at Wright Patterson Air Force Base confirmed to the Ohio newspaper, Columbus Alive, that they were involved in aerial spraying experiments. One involved aluminum oxide spraying related to global warming and the other involved barium stearate and had to do with high-tech military communications.”

Individuals who have noticed health problems, die-off of livestock or crops concurrently with the appearance of chemtrails have investigated on their own, having their blood, soil, water, and atmosphere tests made to compare with the norms. A compendium of these reports both documented and anecdotal is on “Strange Days Strange Skies” online.

The documentary film What in the World Are They Spraying? produced by G. Edward Griffin, Michael Murphy, and Paul Wittenberger shows the impact on the environment of chemtrails. For instance, the snow on Mount Shasta normally has 7 parts per billion (ppb) of aluminum, but over the last four or five years it has increased to 61,000 ppb.

Soil in northern California is turning alkaline, disrupting the root systems of trees. Farmers have noted that some plants will no longer grow in Hawaii. Fishermen see fewer bugs for the fish. These are a few examples from the above documentary.

True to his specialty, Blaylock chooses to write about the neurotoxin nano-aluminum, one of the main ingredients of today’s chemtrails. He states in his article that “studies have shown that these particles pass along the olfactory neural tracts, which connect directly to the area of the brain that is not only most affected by Alzheimer’s disease, but also the earliest affected in the course of the disease.”

Aluminum nanoparticles are also very easily absorbed from the GI tract, unlike ordinary aluminum that is usually not absorbed. Because of their small size, the nanoparticles can go through the brain-blood barrier, penetrate cell membranes, and disrupt mitochondria.

Nanoparticles can accumulate in the bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes, and heart, as reported in “Manufactured Aluminum Oxide Nanoparticles Decrease Expression of Tight Junction Proteins in Brain Vasculature,” published in the Journal of Neuroimmune Pharmacology (December 2008). When inhaled, they inflame the lungs, bringing on asthma or other pulmonary ailments.

In his article, Blaylock predicts an “explosive increase in neurodegenerative diseases occurring in adults and the elderly in unprecedented rates as well as neurodevelopmental disorders in our children” if these cloud projects are not stopped.

The danger to children is the greatest since they are more likely to be outside. Also, they are smaller and not fully developed. Some of the advice from the Stop Spraying California website is to stay inside on chemtrail days, drink lots of water, and eat ice cream.

Chelating foods that flush toxic metals out of our systems such as chlorella and cilantro may help. And remember to keep the immune system in top shape.

 <iframe width="440" height="260" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/f9k-pc07iHA?feature=player_embedded" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Monsanto & Chemical Supprters Push For Round Up & Slaughter Of Wild Horses & Burros

When representatives of Conservation Districts with ties to Monsanto attended the last Bureau of Land Management’s National Wild Horse and Burro Advisory Board meeting, they not only pushed for the roundup of wild horses & burros, they pushed to have the wild horses & burros sold for slaughter.

Wait a minute, these organizations have the word “conservation” in their titles, don’t they? So what’s going on?

Right before the last Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board meeting in Reno, the National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) had their big annual meeting in Las Vegas. The NACD meeting was sponsored by Monsanto, Bayer Crop Science, DuPont, Sygenta and Pioneer, the biggest producers of the genetically engineered crops on the planet.

At NACD’s meeting, Monsanto sponsored a radio broadcast on Agritalk and NACD President Gene Schmidt and First Vice President Earl Garber were interviewed. (So was Rick Cole, Director of Weed Resistance for Monsanto.)

For NACD’s live auction, Monsanto donated four 30-gallon containers of Roundup Power Max.

At the NACD meeting, Callie Hendrickson, appointed by Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar to represent the general public (is Monsanto the general public?) on the National Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board, gave a presentation. She made unsubstantiated claims regarding wild horses & burros, including the statement that wild horses “degraded resources for all.”

If Callie is so worried about conservation, why didn’t she bust a gut talking about the “degraded resources for all” caused by Monsanto and the other sponsors of the NACD annual meeting?


In 1995, Monsanto ranked fifth among U.S. corporations in EPA’s Toxic Release Inventory, having discharged 37 million pounds of toxic chemicals into the air, land, water and underground.

In Anniston, Alabama, “for nearly 40 years, while producing the now-banned industrial coolants known a PCBs at a local factory, Monsanto Co. routinely discharged toxic waste into a west Anniston creek and dumped millions of pounds of PCBs into oozing open-pit landfills.”

In Sauget (originally named Monsanto), Illinois, near the Mississippi River, the Monsanto plant was the nation’s largest producer of PCBs. Production of PCBs was banned in 1977, but they remained part of a “noxious chemical stew” at an EPA Superfund site in Sauget.

In a Post-Gazette story, Richard Karl, director of the EPA’s Superfund Division, Region 5 stated: “It’s basically a soup of different chemicals,” including PCBs, benzene, toluene, and dioxin and organic solvents. Heavy-metal pollutants include cadmium, silver, selenium and zinc. So far, the agency has spent tens of millions of dollars to clean up the area.”

Times Beach, Missouri was found in 1982 to be so thoroughly contaminated with dioxin, a by-product of PCB manufacturing, that the government ordered it evacuated. Dioxins are endocrine and immune system disruptors, cause congenital birth defects, reproductive and developmental problems, and increase the incidence of cancer, heart disease and diabetes in laboratory animals.

It seems the National Association of Conservation Districts apparently aligns itself proudly with, and has no problems taking donations from, this corporation.

What about NACD’s other sponsors?


Was No. 4 on a Mother Jones list of the Top 20 polluters of 2010 for dumping over 5,000,000 pounds of toxic chemicals into New Jersey and Delaware waterways.


Is a DuPont company, and a lawsuit was filed against this company in Hawaii this year by Waimea residents. The suit claims that Pioneer has failed to control dust, and is “transporting toxic chemicals used on a daily basis and that Pioneer Hi-Bred is conducting open-air testing of genetically modified crops at its Waimea Research Center.” It claims “

fugitive airborne dust exposure from restricted-use pesticides presents unreasonable environmental risks including human health, the Waimea River, the coastline and coral reef.”


Was at the center of a recent class-action lawsuit because hundreds of community water systems across the United States were contaminated by the company’s atrazine weed killer. For decades, communities in at least 45 states had their water supply contaminated by atrazine and had to spend millions of dollars to filter out the poison.

Bayer Crop Science

Responsible for the contamination of the U.S. long grain rice supply in 2006 with their experimental and unapproved genetically modified Liberty Link variety that had not received approval for human consumption.

And since we’re on the subject of environmental contamination,

“has Callie written any letters protesting the 2, 4-D that the BLM is spraying, including planned spraying for the Desatoya Mountains Habitat Resiliency, Health & Restoration Project? ”

Yet, Callie and these Conservation Districts focus blame on wild horses & burros for “degrading the resources.” More inaccuracies about wild horses & burros were published in NACD’s newletter, The Resource.

Conservation Districts

There are about 3,000 conservation districts in the U.S., and since they’re established under state law, they vary in what they’re called and how they’re funded. There are elected and appointed positions on governing boards. Their partners include the Department of Interior (BLM, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish & Wildlife Service) and USDA (Forest Service, Farm Service Agency).

Considering this, keep an eye on the ball for appointed officials on various Boards of Directors, with overlapping duties, like Callie Hendrickson.

Callie is the Executive Director for the White River Conservation District in Colorado. She has also served as the Vice President of the National Association of Conservation Districts, and was a registered lobbyist in Colorado for the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts.

Callie has been, and is, pushing to have the wild horses and burros run off their federally protected areas and slaughtered.

After the big NACD annual meeting in Las Vegas, Callie went up to Reno and took her seat for the first time on the Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board. Gary Moyer and Neil Brennan, who are on the Board of Supervisors for the White River Conservation District and work with Callie, came to this meeting. (Gary Moyer is also on the Board of Directors for the National Association of Conservation Districts and the Colorado Association of Conservation Districts). Chris Freeman was there to represent the NACD.

They all pushed for the roundup and slaughter of wild horses & burros.

The Wild Horse & Burro Advisory Board, but the BLM, can claim they are listening to the public. But, there is more than just an appearance of undue influence. There IS undue influence. These people are on the Boards of Directors of Associations partnering with the BLM. They have Memorandums of Understanding to SUPPORT each other’s interests. Appointed advisory boards are gaining more and more influence over land use decisions. Meanwhile, the BLM continues to turn a deaf ear to public outcry by American taxpayers and acts with impunity.

Things get a little more interesting

The White River and Douglas Creek Conservation Districts own and operate the Upper Colorado Environmental Plant Center in Meeker, Colorado.

Gary Moyer and Neil Brennan are on the Board of Directors.

The USDA states about this plant center “National interest in significant deposits of oil-bearing shales, the economical recovery of that oil, and the successful revegetation of the disturbed sites related to oil extraction were the primary factors leading to the establishment of the Center. The Center is located adjacent to the world’s largest known deposit of these oil bearing shales.”

So, looking at vast areas of land being drilled, there will be a big need for “revegetation” and for the reclamation of these areas in the future. The White River Conservation District buys trees to resell to producers (would this be the oil companies?) in that area. I wonder if the Conservation District will buy any trees from White River Trees in Meeker, CO, owned by Gary Moyer.

This area is also near Herd Management Areas where the BLM has been pushing, for years, to completely remove wild horses. While the BLM continues a shell game driving the extinction of wild horses & burros in the very near future, we see wolves in sheep’s clothing hiding behind the words conservation and environment.

Does Your Pastor Serve God Or The Global Elite Political Agenda?

Judas sold out the savior of humanity, Jesus Christ, for a mere thirty pieces of silver. Today, many religious leaders are selling out their congregations for even less.
I never thought I would say that there is no place where the betrayal of the American people is no more prevalent than inside of our most treasured institution, namely, our place of worship, but I feel compelled to say so now.

 This is not meant to imply that there are not religious leaders who hold steadfastly to the word of God and stand as a beacon of spiritual and moral courage before their congregations. However, an increasing number of clergy are more interested in serving the dictates of Homeland Security than they are in accurately espousing and exemplifying the word of God. The following paragraphs will tell you who and what are responsible for this growing phenomenon and, more importantly, what can be done about it.

Who Stands Against Evil?

Any aware person is cognizant of the fact that evil is running rampant across the planet. There are days in which I doubt that the alternative media can wake up enough people to effectively rise up against the global tyranny which is invading every aspect of our lives. Yet, I have often taken comfort in the fact that God will have the final word, on the final day, when he enacts the final judgment. Yet, the very salvation which awaits so many, is increasingly being obscured from so many because many of our religious leaders have been co-opted by the federal government.

It is a well known fact that the power and viability of churches are in noticeable decline. Not only is religious affiliation and church attendance in decline, many of the leaders of our religious institutions can no longer be trusted to preach the word of God versus espousing the new American religious mantra, which is to falsely interpret Romans 13 in which these “new age pastors” are calling for blind obedience to their “God-chosen” governmental leaders.

History Speaks, Will Church Leaders Listen?

Everybody knows that when the German clergy of the 1930′s pretended not to notice the evil which inspired the actions of Hitler, millions died and evil was served by their complicit silence in the face of abject evil. Everybody knows that when the Russian clergy pretended not to notice the evil which inspired the ruthless actions of Stalin, millions died and evil was served by their complicit silence in the face of abject evil.

 Everybody should know that if the majority of the American clergy chooses to pretend to not notice the pervasive evil which is presently inspiring the ruthless actions of much of our governmental leadership, millions will continue to die and abject evil will continue to be served by their complicit silence.

Romans 13 Does Not Equate to the Divine Right of Kings

The modern interpretation of Romans 13 is pure blasphemy. This scripture has been morphed into a doctrine espousing the “Divine Right of Kings” in which God has somehow chosen a king to ruthlessly rule over a people and it is incumbent upon the people to accept their “God-given fate.”  The flock are commanded to “…submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established.” 

 This false interpretation is nothing but a divine coronation of a ruthless, self-serving government and Christians are expected to capitulate and honor the same kind of thievery, lawlessness and murder which inspired Jesus to expel the money-changers from the Temple.

As I contemplate what many of churches will be like as they embrace a perverted interpretation of Romans 13, I am left wondering what kind of God would condone the horrific abuses being perpetrated by the Obama administration?

 What kind of God would command its leaders to encourage, codify into law and then to tell its flock to simply ignore the American Holocaust which has witnessed the murder of over 50 million American babies, since Roe v. Wade, in 1973?

 What kind of God would not have its clergy and its followers fail to condemn the bankster controlled wars of American imperialism which have resulted in the unnecessary deaths of millions of human beings?

 What kind of God would fail to command his clergy to not speak out and to condemn the actions of the criminals on Wall Street, who inspired only by the love of money, for their continued assaults upon humanity in the form of unlabeled  poisonous GMO’s, the theft of solvent home mortgages by the mega banks, and the secret detentions and the murder of American citizens under the NDAA.

What kind of God would have its religious and government leaders fail to speak out against the fact that our current President has no hesitation in supporting the radical, Sharia Law serving Muslim Brotherhood who are committed to the execution of all Christians in lands in which they have control?

 What kind of God would order his followers to remain silent as the bankster controlled government plans to commence a world war starting with Iran in order to support the preservation of the Petrodollar which will result in the potential death of billions of human beings?

 I cannot tell you what kind of God would command complete and unquestioning obedience to such corrupt government leaders as well as the clergy members who they now control. In short, no God of the Bible would ever command his followers to both enable and to serve the evil which permeates our government.

 For any church who encourages complete obedience to a corrupt government has taken a big step towards accepting the Mark of the Beast. This is a very dangerous precedent, and this could potentially imperil the salvation of millions if Christians allow this false doctrine to expand across our nation’s churches.

The Church Has Been Invaded

It is very likely that religious leaders who do not truly serve God are repeating the mantra set forth by them from the Clergy Response Team, whose new mission is to  continually remind their flock of their Romans 13 duty to serve the wishes of their government.

 Increasingly, Christians are being asked to serve a false God created by the Department of Homeland Security and this New World Order interpretation of the Bible is being rammed down the throat of many of our religious leaders.

The Clergy Response Team

The Clergy Response Team falls under the umbrella series of programs known as National Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster (NOVAD) which is a non-profit, member organization which shares knowledge and resources throughout a disaster. The organization helps to prepare, respond, recover and to mitigate the damage caused by some unknown disaster presumably which lies in the future of humanity.

NOVAD claims to be a faith-based coalition which is structured as a non-governmental organization and operates on a national scale and is supported by tax dollars funnelled to DHS. Instantly, Bible believing Christians should smell a rat. Since when has the federal government ever sponsored organized religion?

 The answer is not since well before the advent of the atheist activist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, who was successful in banning prayer in the public schools in 1963. Then why would the government suddenly fund and support a “faith-based organization” on a national scale?  The simple answer is the that Homeland Security is seeking to control our churches and ministers, before the impending train wreck comes to fruition inside of America.

 DHS desperately is seeking to control all Christians through the perversion of Romans 13 and this is one of two cornerstones in this movement designed to control Christian leaders. What is the impending train wreck that I am referring to?

We can say that a likely false flag event, of epic proportions, will be used to usher in the new age under the iron fist of martial law. Does it really matter as to the details?

 DHS has purchased 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Who is DHS planning on shooting? FEMA has operationalized several FEMA camps. Who is FEMA planning on imprisoning without due process under the NDAA? Additionally, it is a well known fact that millions of FEMA coffins have been strategically placed outside of many major metropolitan areas. Who is DHS/FEMA planning on exterminating?

 I can draw no other conclusion than DHS is planning on a modern-day feeding of the Christians to the modern-day lions who serve the global elite agenda. Clearly, something big is in the works and Christians, along with their fundamentalist beliefs must be neutralized before the proverbial mess hits the New World Order fan.

FEMA and Homeland Security Dictate Religious Teachings

FEMA and DHS directors have told the pastors that attend NOVAD meetings, that it is their duty to help implement FEMA and Homeland Security directives in anticipation of any eventualities of calamity and disaster.

 Pastors have further been instructed to preach Romans 13 to their followers, which of course we know was deliberately taken out of context by Hitler to fool Christians into supporting him and it is based upon the philosophy that obedience to government, even a corrupt government, is tantamount to obedience to God.

There can be little doubt that organizations such as DHS have declared war upon ordinary American Christians and one of the first precepts of war is to destroy the command and control structure of  the enemy.

And we average Americans are the new terrorists, the new enemy of the state, according to DHS documents. For many Americans, their command and control structure lies in their faith which is centered in their church and that structure is under direct assault from the federal government.

The misapplication of Romans 13 will serve the globalists well when martial law is declared. Subsequently, our collective clergy, preaching from their pulpits, will remind Americans that their government loves them and would never let harm come to them and it is their Christian duty to obey all federal government mandates.

What Is the Root of All Evil?

God-fearing Christians must wonder why so many of our religious leaders have forsaken the religious roots of their obedience to the word of God and espouse an unquestioning faith in government. The answer is surprisingly simple as every Christian knows that the root of all evil is money.

 If your church is a 501(c)(3) organization, then your church has a significant financial motivation to not truthfully interpret the true message of the Bible. The tax exempt status of being a 501(c)(3) organization is the other cornerstone of this shift away from allegiance to God and towards worshipping our new Savior, the federal government.

According to the Internal Revenue Service, no substantial part of a religious, tax exempt church may engage in any activity which may be attempting to influence legislation and the church may not intervene in political campaigns. In other words, if the government decides to secretly disappear dissidents, the church must remain silent or risk losing its tax exemption.

 If the government continues to expand its infanticide policies by extending the murder of babies to include post-delivery abortion, then the church must remain silent. If the government engages in any heinous, genocidal act, such as the murder of 1.2 million Iraqi’s under the false pretense of looking for weapons of mass destruction, the church must remain silent or risk losing the tax advantages for being a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization.

Combine the 501 (c)(3) financial motivation with the DHS inspired NOVAD directive for clergy to remind their flocks of their Christian duty to obey their government under any and all conditions, we are witnessing the neutering of our most precious institution and the ultimate salvation of millions could hang in the balance.

Christians Must Rescue Their Churches
From the Clutches of DHS and the IRS

Is your church a 501 (c)(3)? If it is, then realize that your fellow worshippers likely have a problem when it comes to worshipping in a church where the word of God reigns supreme against all else.

The proof is in the pulpit. Does your religious leader teach from the Bible?

 Does he/she apply the lessons of the Bible to daily living and does not shy away from controversy when the actions of government violate the laws of God?

Does your church renounce evil in all forms?

Does your clergy encourage their congregations to oppose evil, by being faithful to the word of God in all areas?

 Does your church organize its followers to carry the word and the will of God to society as a whole in an effort to save the misled?

 Does your pastor denounce abortion, war, thievery, murder and all behaviors which violate the Ten Commandments?

 If not, it would be prudent to find a church in which the word of God is honored and unquestionably supersedes the word of government when the two conflict.


Is Opposition to Tyranny
Obedience to God?

There is clearly a time when Christians should disobey civil authority. Acts 5:27-29 states that “Having brought the apostles, they made them appear before the Sanhedrin to be questioned by the high priest. We gave you strict orders not to teach in this Name,’ he said. ‘Yet you have filled Jerusalem with your teaching and are determined to make us guilty of this man’s blood.’ Peter and the other apostles replied:

 ‘We must obey God rather than men!’

 Could it be more clear that as long as the law of the land does not contradict the with the law of God, Christians are commanded to obey the government. However, if  the law of the government contradicts God’s word, Christians are commanded to disobey the government and obey God’s law.

Today’s religious leaders who bow down to the holy temple of Homeland Security are bought and paid for at a very cheap price. What does a church gain by accepting a 501 (c)(3) tax exemption? Ten Percent? Twenty Percent off from its tax obligation?

This makes the thirty pieces of silver that Judas took to betray his Lord, look like a good deal. Compromised pastors should take warning of Judas’s ultimate fate.

My message to pastors is clear. Be faithful to your religious training above all else.

Yes, opposing the government is indeed frightening. However, none of us are safe with the increasing levels of tyranny which are overtaking our country. In fact, I have just discovered that FEMA is spying on my website by subscribing to my RSS feed. FEMA’s  link to my website’s RSS feed is posted here. Through my faith, I remain undeterred in my opposition to tyranny because it is too late to do otherwise.

If your church does not pass the litmus test mentioned here, then find another church. If you cannot find another church where the laws God reign supreme over the laws of man, then start your own home study group.

Of course, be prepared for persecution as witnessed by the fact that one such brave soul, Michael Salman, went to jail for conducting religious services in his own home in opposition to the dictates of the civil authority. Clearly, Pastor Salman is a faithful man who understands the meaning of Mark 8:39 which states “What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?” He possessed the courage to pay a price for his faithfulness. This kind of faithfulness should be embraced by all who claim lead our congregations in the name of God.

I take great solace in the fact that more than 1,000 pastors are planning to challenge the IRS by deliberately preaching politics ahead of the presidential election despite a federal ban on endorsements from the pulpit.

 These pastors hope that this will force a showdown with the 1954 tax code amendment that prohibits tax-exempt organizations, such as churches, from making political endorsements which effectively silences pastors. The group believes the law violates the First Amendment, which it clearly does.

If anyone would care to send me examples of pastors acting according their Biblical conscience in opposition to the Christian-muzzling 501 (c)(3) mandates of the IRS code, I will publicize these pastors and their churches on my talk show with the hope of providing Christians with a safe haven from which to worship.
There is a spiritual solution to all problems