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State Terrorism

Sara Weaver has forgiven the people responsible for murdering her mother Vicki and younger brother Samuel twenty years ago. Lon Horiuchi, the FBI sniper who shot Vicki in the head while she was holding a ten-month-old infant, is still being sheltered by the Regime that employed him.

 If he were any part of a man, Horiuchi would make a pilgrimage to Sara’s home in Montana to express remorse for the crimes he committed against her family.

Shortly before he murdered Vicki on August 22, 1992, Horiuchi attempted to murder her husband, Randy Weaver – a man who had done nothing to harm any living soul. Acting under "rules of engagement" that were tantamount to a murder warrant, Horiuchi shot Randy in the back, attempting to kill him instantly by severing his spinal cord. 

Owing to a last-second motion by Randy, the bullet hit his shoulder and exited his armpit. Randy and a visiting family friend named Kevin Harris fled back to their cabin. Vicki Weaver flung open the door and was shot in the head by Horiuchi. The same round used to murder Vicki ended up wounding Harris. 

At the time Horiuchi attempted to murder him, Randy was visiting the forlorn outbuilding that sheltered the lifeless body of his only son, 14-year-old Samuel, who had been murdered the previous day by U.S. marshals preparing to ambush the Weaver family. Three of the six camouflaged marshals threw rocks to distract the Weaver family’s dogs. When Samuel and Harris went to investigate, a marshal panicked and shot one of the dogs.

After Samuel fired in the direction of the gunshots, Randy told him to return to the cabin."I’m coming, Dad," shouted Samuel.At that point, one of the marshals, in keeping with the standards of valor expected of those who serve the federal Leviathan, shot the 14-year-old in the back. 

In what a jury later found to be a lawful use of defensive force, Harris returned fire. Deputy Marshal William Degan was killed in the gunfight. The Feds claimed that he was killed in the first shot of the skirmish. This was a lie, of course: He had fired at least seven rounds before stopping one, and it’s likely that he was killed by "friendly fire."
For nine days, Sara had to care for her baby sister, Elishiba, as well as her ten-year-old sister Rachel while the shattered body of her mother decomposed in the family’s cabin. Their home – or "compound," as it was characterized by the criminals who besieged it, and the media functionaries who retailed their self-serving lies -- was surrounded by a small army of federal, state, and local law enforcement personnel. 

Sara and the other survivors also had to endure the mocking sadism of the FBI agents who had murdered Vicki and Samuel. One morning they were awoken by a taunting message broadcast over a loudspeaker: "Good morning, Mrs. Weaver. We had pancakes for breakfast. What did you have?"

In what could be seen as a foreshadowing of the holocaust at Waco’s Branch Davidian refuge roughly eight months later, the Feds were apparently prepared to fire-bomb the Weaver home, thereby destroying evidence of their crimes. A news crew from KREM-TV in Spokane saw several large canisters of gasoline being loaded onto an FBI helicopter, which took off and circled the cabin – only to veer off suddenly after being videotaped by observers on the ground. 

Much to the disappointment of the Feds, the standoff ended without additional bloodshed. Randy Weaver and Kevin Harris were acquitted of murder charges arising from the death of William Degan. Randy was found guilty of failing to appear in court to answer a contrived firearms charge engineered by an ATF provocateur who sought to blackmail the ex-Green Beret into becoming an informant. 

Although the Weaver family eventually received a large civil settlement courtesy of the federal government’s tax victims, neither Horiuchi nor his supervisors – Larry Potts and Danny Coulson -- were never prosecuted. The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, invoking a specious concept it called "Supremacy Clause Immunity," ruled that it would be impermissible for a federal law enforcement officer to face civil or criminal prosecution for official acts that would otherwise be criminal in nature.

 Judge Alex Kozinski’s scalding dissent lambasted the court for creating what he christened the "007 Standard" – a license to kill that was issued "to all law enforcement agencies in our circuit -- federal, state, and local."

A few months after issuing that ruling, the court modified it to permit the State of Idaho to prosecute Horiuchi under state laws. Denise Woodbury, an assistant prosecutor from Boundary County, was prepared to put Horiuchi on trial, but the prospect of doing so caused incoming county attorney Brett Benson to lose bladder control. Accordingly, the individual who murdered Vicki Weaver and attempted to murder Randy Weaver remains at large. 

As the indispensable James Bovard pointed out sixteen years ago, the Marshals Service "gave its highest award for valor" to the five surviving members of the home invasion squad that murdered Samuel Weaver. In presenting the award, then-director Eduardo Gonzalez hymned the praises of the "exceptional courage … sound judgment in the face of attack, and … high degree of professional competence" displayed by the agents whose actions precipitated the needless deaths of three people, and the attempted murder of two others.
Prior to the killings at Ruby Ridge, the Marshals Service had spent a year and a half spying on the impoverished, isolated Weaver family. 

This included multiple acts of criminal trespass and the creation of a network of remote-operated surveillance cameras on the high ground above the family’s land. Weaver was considered a fugitive for missing a court hearing after being issued two summonses giving two different dates. He was to stand trial on firearms charges after being entrapped by the ATF, which sought to blackmail him into becoming a federal informant inside the Aryan Nation white supremacist organization.

Weaver’s first encounter with the Feds came in July 1985, when he was visited by the Secret Service after a neighbor accused him of threatening the life of President Reagan. Rather than filing charges against Weaver, the Feds opened a file on him. Four years later, an ATF undercover informant-provocateur named Gus Magisano (who used the pseudonym "Kenneth Faderly") made a business proposal to Weaver: He offered to buy several shotguns from him if the barrels were sawed off to his specifications. 

With his family practically starving, Weaver was a motivated seller. His customer was an eager buyer – but he was also curiously specific regarding the modifications he wanted on the guns, demanding that Weaver saw off the barrels at a particular length. Those "illegal" alterations – which left the barrels longer than those on the sixty Remington 870 pump-action shotguns ordered by the IRS a few years ago – offered the ATF what it thought was sufficient leverage to blackmail Weaver. 

In January 1990, Weaver was visited by ATF Agents Herbert Byerly and Steve Gunderson, who threatened to prosecute him unless he became an informant. To his eternal credit, Weaver invited them to inseminate themselves. Since defiance of that kind simply couldn’t be tolerated, the ATF, acting with the U.S. Marshals Service and several state and local agencies, initiated the low-intensity war against the Weaver family that eventually claimed the lives of Vicki and Samuel. 

Salt Lake attorney Jesse Trentadue explains that the federal jihad against the Weavers was an outgrowth of an FBI initiative called PATCON, or "Patriot Conspiracy." The campaign was designed "to infiltrate and incite the milita and evangelical Christians to violence so that the Department of Justice could crush them."
"Ruby Ridge was a PATCON operation," Trentadue observes. "Waco was a PATCON operation. And so, too, I believe was the Oklahoma City Bombing."

Trentadue’s understanding of PATCON is the product of long, arduous investigation of the FBI’s role in inciting domestic terrorism and covering up its officially sanctioned misdeeds. He is a singularly tenacious and motivated investigator: His brother, the late Kenneth Trentadue, was murdered by the FBI in an Oklahoma prison cell on August 21, 1995, after being mistaken for a bank robber named Richard Lee Guthrie, who was part of a PATCON-connected gang called the Aryan Republican Army.

Shortly after the April 19, 1995 OKC bombing, Kenneth – who had served time for robbery and was on parole -- was detained in San Diego as he re-entered the U.S. from Mexico. His wife Carmen had family down in Mexico, and Kenney (as his brother calls him) had made a quick trip to visit them down south.
Kenney was stopped by a border guard who ran a background check on him. He was arrested and stuffed into a plane bound for Oklahoma City.

At the time, Kenney Trentadue was 44 years old, in good health, and trying to rebuild his life. His wife was expecting a child, who was born while Kenney was in federal custody. Kenney assumed that he was being held on a parole violation. He had no idea that he had been snared in the FBI’s manhunt for "John Doe #2," an unidentified co-conspirator in the OKC bombing. While Kenney was in federal custody, indictments were handed down against Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols – as well as "others unknown" – for their role in the Oklahoma City Bombing. 

That occurred on August 10. Kenney arrived at the Oklahoma City Federal Transfer Facility – just a few miles from the courtroom where McVeigh and Nicholas had been indicted – on August 18. Three days later, he was dead, supposedly of suicide.

Kenney’s body was "found" hanging from a bedsheet in his cell. A few hours after this "discovery," Kenney’s mother Wilma received a call from acting warden Marie Cutler informing her that her son had killed himself. In a fashion suggesting both indifference to the family and a great deal of urgency, Cutler informed Kenney’s mother that the body was to be cremated very soon. 

Although understandably devastated by her son’s death, Mrs. Trentadue had the presence of mind to demand that no action be taken to dispose of the body without the permission of Kenney’s wife. Cutler was surprised to learn that Kenney was the married father of a newborn son; she had been told he was single, because the killers had mistaken their victim for somebody else. 

Not only were prison officials indecently eager to cremate Kenney’s body, they were also frantic to sanitize the "suicide-proof" cell. This was a criminal act of evidence tampering. The floors and walls of the cell were mopped and scrubbed; the bed sheet with which Kenney had supposedly hung himself was "lost" or destroyed; most of his clothing ended up in the possession of an FBI agent who –in the finest tradition of that incurably corrupt agency – let it putrefy in the trunk of his car. Within a few hours of the "suicide," the FBI and prison officials managed to "lose" or destroy most of the critical evidence.

When Kenney’s mother Wilma and older brother Jesse were finally allowed to see the body, they did so in the obnoxious company of Michael Hood, regional counsel for the Bureau of Prisons. As Jesse later recalled the conversation, Hood issued a poorly disguised warning: "The Bureau of Prisons, the FBI and the U.S. Attorney’s office – we’re one big Justice Department."

Left alone with Kenney’s body, Jesse and his mother peeled away several layers of post-mortem makeup. They found his body riddled with contusions and other evidence of a severe beating, administered by both fists and batons. His head had been repeatedly lacerated, and his throat appeared to have been cut.

"My brother had been so badly beaten that I personally saw several mourners leave the viewing to vomit in the parking lot!" Jesse, a trial attorney, wrote in an August 30, 1995 letter to the Bureau of Prisons. "Anyone seeing my brother’s battered body with his bruised and lacerated forehead, throat cut, and blue-black knuckles would not have concluded that his death was either easy or a ‘suicide’! "

"I will always be grateful to my brother for his love of life, great heart and strength," wrote Jesse. "Had my brother been less of a man, your guards would have been able to kill him without inflicting so much injury to his body. Had that occurred, Kenney’s family would forever be guilt-ridden over his death. Each of us would have lived with the pain of thinking that Kenneth took his own life and that we had somehow failed him. By making the fight he did for his life, Ken has saved us that pain, and God bless for having done so!"

Jesse wasn’t the only one who found the official story facially implausible. Kevin Rowland, chief examiner for the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s office, filed a complaint with the FBI describing Kenney’s death as "murder." The state’s chief Medical Examiner, Fred Jordan, refused to classify the death as a suicide, labeling the cause of Trentadue’s death "unknown."

The Bureau of Prisons convened a board of inquiry, and – in keeping with Michael Hood’s promise – slammed the lid down, hard. The attorney heading the probe classified its findings as "attorney work product," a move intended to foreclose discovery of the material in future court actions.

Cover-ups by corrupt officials are commonplace. However, Jesse Trentadue considered it strange that federal functionaries were so anxious to conceal the circumstances of Kenney’s death. Why would the Feds lie about the cause of Kenney’s death, and then spare no effort to destroy all the evidence?

Shortly after sending his letter to the BOP, Jesse received an anonymous phone call providing him with an explanation: "Look, your brother was murdered by the FBI. There was an interrogation that went wrong…. He fit a profile."

Kenney fell victim to a case of mistaken identity of Dickensian dimensions. He was a near-physical match for Richard Lee Guthrie. They were the same age, and shared the same build -- 5’9″ tall and a muscular 180-190 lbs. Each was brown-haired, with a dragon tattoo on his left forearm. Most importantly, Guthrie was a bank robber, as Kenney had been before going to prison. More specifically, Guthrie robbed banks on behalf of the Aryan Republican Army, which conducted some 22 bank heists in the early 1990s and netted about $250,000 to fund domestic terrorism. At the time of Kenney’s arrest, Guthrie was already somewhere in the bowels of the federal prison system.

Like Kenney, Guthrie would later be the victim of an anomalous prison suicide: His body was "found" by a guard hanging from a bedsheet. Just before his death in 1996, Guthrie had told the Los Angeles Times that he was writing a memoir that would, among other things, describe connections between the ARA and the OKC bombing.

Guthrie wasn't the only other inmate connected to the Trentadue case who would wind up dangling lifelessly from the ceiling of his cell. Alden Gillis Baker, an inmate at the OKC Transfer Center, told Jesse that he had overheard an "altercation" involving "a lot of physical violence" the night Kenney was killed; that was followed by "faint moaning" and the sound of bedsheets being torn. Baker repeated that account in a subsequent deposition that was rejected by a judge. In 2000, Baker was also "found" hanged to death by a guard in a California federal prison.

As this body count demonstrates, the Feds were desperate to conceal something genuinely horrible. Jesse’s understanding of the magnitude of the cover up expanded considerably in 2004, when he received – from a sympathetic source at the FBI – two redacted documents proving that the FBI had been aware of a connection between the OKC bombing and the Aryan Republican Army, which in turn was connected to a bizarre white supremacist commune in Oklahoma called Elohim City.

That tip primed a Freedom of Information Act Request that dislodged more than 250 pages of documents – all of them heavily censored – confirming that the FBI and other federal agencies (including the ATF, which had planted Carol Howe at Elohim City) had abundant and detailed advance intelligence of the 1995 bombing.

As is the case with any significant gathering of white supremacists, Elohim City was a wholly owned subsidiary of the FBI. In addition to Carol Howe (whose cover was blown by her handler when she actually tried to expose those responsible for the OKC bombing), the late Robert Millar, the cult’s patriarch, was also on the federal payroll.

The group’s head of security, a dodgy German national named Andreas Strassmeir, has been identified as an intelligence asset for both Washington and his own national government. A hyper-violent Klan activist named Dennis Mahon, who also spent time at Elohim City, was likewise a paid snitch. At least one other individual there was taking notes and passing them along to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a quasi-private secret police adjunct headed by self-promoting fraud and sexual degenerate Morris Dees.

At least two ARA members were "part-time" residents of Elohim City, and there is abundant reason to believe that Timothy McVeigh – who called the commune just shortly before the OKC bombing – had collaborated with the ARA in carrying out at least some of their robberies.

In 2007, shortly after filing his FOIA request for the OKC bombing videos, Jesse Trentadue contacted by Terry Nichols – who is serving a life sentence for his role in the bombing, and cannot be tried again on capital charges. With Trentadue’s assistance, Nichols filed a deposition in a Salt Lake City federal court.

Not only did Nicholes implicate the ARA in the bombing plot, he claimed that McVeigh – who allegedly had been recruited as an undercover intelligence asset while in the Army – had been working under the supervision of Larry Potts, the same FBI official who wrote the murderous "rules of engagement" at Ruby Ridge and later supervised the annihilation of the Branch Davidians at Mt. Carmel, Texas.

The Feds weren't pursuing Richard Lee Guthrie for the purpose of solving a crime; they were hunting him as part of a nation-wide drive to tie up loose ends in what was either a criminally inept "sting" operation, or a full-fledged false-flag attack at Oklahoma City. 

Once Kenneth Trentadue became another loose end, he was tortured and beaten to death -- but his brother, God bless him, was determined to pull as hard as he could on the few frayed threads he could find. 

"The only difference between the FBI and the KGB," Jesse Trentadue wearily concludes, "is that the Soviet secret police never pretended to be a legitimate law enforcement agency." That observation was shared on August 21 – twenty years after federal marshals murdered Samuel Weaver, and the seventeenth anniversary of the torture-murder of Kenneth Trentadue, both of whom were victims of the FBI’s ongoing PATCON initiative.

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TSA Same Ole Behavior Profiling

A Michigan journalist suffering from a facial disability has described his treatment at the hands of a TSA behavioral detection officer as “frightening”, after he was detained and swabbed for explosives following a refusal to tell the agent what his business was on a domestic trip from Detroit to Grand Rapids.

Steve Gunn of The Muskegon Chronicle notes that he was approached by a female TSA agent at Detroit Metropolitan Airport and asked where he was going and why.
Gunn takes up the story…
“I’m headed home,” I replied.
Then she wanted to know where home was. That’s when the mental alarms went off and I realized I was being interrogated by Big Brother in drag.
I asked her why the federal government needed to know where I was going and what I would be doing. She explained that the questions were part of a new security “pilot program.”
Gunn then admonished the agent that he is a law biding American citizen and that his movement and business within the country is not restricted or beholden to the whims of the federal government.

“…we live in a free country where innocent people are supposedly protected from unwarranted government intrusion and harassment.” Gunn added.

The journalist then notes that the TSA agent yelled “WE HAVE ANOTHER REFUSAL” for all within ear shot to hear.

It has been previously noted that TSA agents purposefully resort to public humiliation tactics by yelling “WE HAVE AN OPT-OUT” when passengers request not to walk through body scanners.
“One of my bags was seized and I was momentarily detained and given a hand-swab, which I believe was to test for residue from bomb-making materials.” Gunn writes.

“I passed the bomb test and was told I could move on, but I hung around a moment and told everyone within listening range what I thought about this terrifying experience.” he adds.

In the wake of the recent furor over the claims that the TSA is using such so called “chat downs” to conduct racial profiling, Gunn’s case presents another interesting angle.

The writer notes that he believes the reason he was stopped by the behavioral detection officer was because he has “been suffering from a condition called “Bell’s palsy,” which includes temporary paralysis of all the muscles on one side of my face. I can’t smile, and the condition makes me look even grumpier than usual.”

The TSA does train its officers to look for out of the ordinary “facial expressions” as indicators of potential security risks.

“I suppose the government figures that grumpy looking people with droopy faces are potential terrorists.” Gunn suggests. “God help any stroke victims who try to travel. If they suffer from paralysis beyond their face they may be detained and questioned for weeks.”

As USA Today reported last week, the TSA’s Behavioral profiling program at Boston Logan has not proved at all effective. Out of 725,000 Logan travelers over the past year, just a fraction were referred for further screening, even less were referred to law enforcement, only a handful were charged with anything and not one single terrorist suspect was apprehended.

“TSA had to talk to 2,217 travelers, on average, to spot one who merited law enforcement attention. Not exactly a big reward for all that trouble and expense.” the report notes.
Urging his readers to call their representatives and tell them that the TSA “chat down” program should be scrapped,

Steve Gunn notes “This program is a bizarre and outlandish violation of the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which is supposed to protect us from “unreasonable search and seizure” by agents of the government, unless they have probable cause.”

Belo Monte Dam Construction Halted

Belo Monte Dam Construction Halted

Norte Energia could be liable for reparations and ecosystem restoration for works already completed

Altamira, Brazil:

Project developer Norte Energia, S.A. stopped all construction on the Belo Monte Dam yesterday after receiving written notification of last week's decision from the Brazilian Federal Appeals Court that suspended the project. Norte Energia issued a press statement declaring that they had stopped construction to comply with the court order but that they would be “taking all available measures to reverse the decision.” Earlier this week, Norte Energia complained that the court decision suspending Belo Monte was “inadmissible”.

Citing violations of the Brazilian Constitution and ILO Convention 169, to which Brazil is part, the court's judgement annuls a 2005 Congressional decree that authorized the Belo Monte Dam in the absence of an environmental impact study and prior consultations with indigenous peoples. According to federal Judge Antônio Souza Prudente, who authored the decision, the Brazilian Congress can only authorize Belo Monte after prior consultations with indigenous peoples that require their consent, considering the findings of a comprehensive environmental impact study.

 “To do otherwise would transform the Constitution into a dead letter, an act of fantasy. We can’t admit a congressional initiative within a democratic system of government that is an act of dictatorship, an authoritarian act that violates the rights of indigenous peoples, " stated Souza Prudente in his decision, unanimously upheld by fellow judges.

As a result of the court decision, Belo Monte's environmental and installation licenses, awarded to Norte Energia by federal environmental agency IBAMA, are now invalid. The court decision requires that all construction activities at Belo Monte be immediately ceased. The p
roject consortium Norte Energia, S.A, faces a daily fine of R$500,000, or about US$250,000, if it does not comply with the suspension.

According to lawyers consulted by the Movimento Xingu Vivo, the appeals court judgement can be interpreted to require that all works already executed by Norte Energia must be dismantled, and that the environment of the region must be immediately restored. Norte Energia must also award compensation to those already affected by the project. 

Globalist Plot To Blow Up 25,000 US Dams

I have been following the efforts by the federal corporation that operates under fraud as the “federal government”, especially in the area of water. Water rights, water access and water availability are seriously threatened by both factions of the political crime syndicate that is the federal corporation a.k.a., “the Federal Government”. There is no such entity, only a massive and hostile corporation that is foreign and hostile to the states.

At issue now is our water.
Why ownership of the water is an issue

This last year saw the latest attempts to pass the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST). LOST requires that all waters from any source whatsoever be under the jurisdiction of the federal corporation, otherwise the LOST treaty has limited or no effect.

As the LOST treaty has again failed to pass, as have successive attempts to legislate water to bring it under federal corporate control, congress tried to quietly ship the redefining of “navigable waters” into “Waters of America” over to the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA is a privately owned, for profit, corporation wholly owned by the federal corporation. It is not a cabinet agency and is not part of the federal corporation that acts as the government.

The chronic attempts to redefine water ownership and control is hyped with the mantra that we are running out of water; that water is critically in short supply or is being misused because the federal corporation lacks control over all water from any source. With this in mind, one has to ask,
“Why would you blow out 26,000 dams across the country and allow 70 to 80% of available water to flow unused and unsaved, out to sea?”

Rather than rebuilding or strengthening existing dams that hold back billions of gallons of potable water for use, the Army Corps of Engineers is planning on blowing them out of existence. Cheered on by the lunatic fringe in the environmental movement that is controlled by the UN, activists cheer as water is released from reservoirs and flows away never to be seen again, into the seas and oceans.

While environmental groups, who clearly have no ability to think things through to their logical conclusion, cheer the release of rivers and streams chanting such idiotic things as “The river is flowing free again!” it never occurs to them that they may have just cheered their own future consisting of thirst. These same idiots think that salmon populations are somehow more important than human needs. If indeed there is a decline in salmon populations the solution to that problem is far too easy to comprehend: STOP FISHING! The populations will increase.

But the issue of water is not about the salmon, or the rivers flowing free or any other environmental nonsense. It is converting all water everywhere to be under the control of the federal corporation to facilitate the LOST treaty, and to convert even simple trade into federal commerce.

Since there is in actuality no critical water shortage, one has to be created. This will be done by redefining what is federally controlled water, and, by emptying reservoirs and other water reserves. No dams will replace those blown meaning that all water in that river or stream will disappear into oblivion while your water is rationed. All of this just in time for the installation of SMART Water Meters which will drive your water bill through the roof.

And yes I am well aware of the drought that occurred this year. It isn’t a mystical happening……it isn’t some phony global warming event……they call it “weather” and it occurs with regularity. All the more reason to ask…….
“Why would they blow 26,000 dams?”

The key is in “navigation”

The following is a quote from “Lex Mercatoria” A Complete Code of Commercial Law. the original was produced in 1795, and has been updated .

Commerce is that intercourse with foreign nations, which is carried on by one country to another by means of navigation, either for the exchange of commodities or for the sale or purchase of them, through the medium of money. Commerce then has its basis in navigation and is supported by imports and exports, whereas simple trade may be transacted independent of these elements and commerce, and herein chiefly consists the difference.

At issue of course is “navigation”. In order to control and interfere in all commerce, even in simple private trade, it is necessary to redefine the meaning of navigable waters to the all inclusive “waters of America” giving the federal corporation the authority to regulate and tax all trade of any kind. It would also advance the notion that the government had the authority to force us to purchase or avoid products and services at its discretion.

This would also facilitate the terms of the LOST treaty and subject the states to foreign agreements and arbitration. It would also affect the right to commerce of individuals within the states who could now be subjected to arbitration in international courts and tribunals, simply for engaging in private trade that might be viewed as an interference of trade by foreign entities.
“Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

This phrase is contained in the Fifth Amendment of the bill of Rights but is rendered moot by the concept of “navigational servitude”.

The power to regulate commerce is derived from the power to regulate navigation. Referred to as navigational servitude, this doctrine supposedly gives the federal government power over bodies of water on an individuals land. If your property is subject to navigational servitude, i.e, can it be navigated for reasons of commerce if you chose to?, the courts decided that no taking claims existed because the right to regulate commerce belongs to the government and superceded property rights.

From: Florida State University 

Key Points:

Defined: The federal navigational servitude is an aspect of the sovereignty of the United States, grounded in the Federal Government to regulate commerce, entitling the government to exert a dominant servitude in all lands below the ordinary high water mark of navigable waters.

A navigational servitude relieves the Federal Government of the obligation to pay compensation for acts interfering with the ownership of riparian, littoral, or submerged lands.

The federal government’s dominant servitude may be asserted as a defense to a regulatory takings claim if there is a showing that the regulatory imposition was for a purpose related to navigation.

The navigational servitude does not extend beyond the high water mark.

Federal navigational servitude does not create a right to fish on private riparian land.

So why are they blowing 26,000 dams?

From the website KLAMBLOG

Second, while the parcel as a whole rule discussed above should defeat most taking claims, the federal navigation servitude can also render many takings claims inappropriate—so long as the dam is located on a navigable waterway. The servitude is a right held for the public in all navigable-for-title waters. In practical effect, it is an interest that permits the federal government to destroy private, state-recognized property rights for the benefit of public navigation without paying compensation for a taking of property.”

P.30: “Private title to submerged lands is subservient to the government’s interest in improving navigation. To require otherwise “would be to create private claims in the public domain.” The servitude applies to any government action that aids navigation. All dams in navigable waters therefore exist subordinate to the federal navigation servitude. As a result, Lucas’s background principles of property and nuisance prevent the dam owner from ever acquiring the right to obstruct a navigable water; there can be no taking of a right never possessed. Dam owners will not have a taking claim for loss of the physical dam structure so long as it is located on a navigable waterway.”

By striking the term “navigable” and replacing it with “Waters of America”, all water now comes under commerce as all water abuts or crosses land. Waters of America would allow the taking of land, land use, and commerce totally away from the states and private citizens. This also prevents a takings claim for dam owners as “navigable” will simply be replaced with waters of America. The requirement that the waterway be navigable is now moot.

So is your right to water.

Forests Near Fukushima Becoming Nuclear Wastegrounds

Forcing his way through the bush near the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant on Aug. 9, Kimio Akimoto, head of the Futaba regional forestry cooperative, surveyed a rough mountainside.

"If degrading of the mountain progresses, a natural disaster will certainly occur," he says.

The forest in Okuma, Fukushima Prefecture, contaminated with radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster, has become overgrown with weeds. Unless the prefecture's forests are decontaminated, it will become impossible to maintain the mountains within a 20 kilometer radius of the damaged nuclear plant on a long-term basis.

Dressed in a radiation suit, Akimoto struggled to find a privately owned forest that the forestry cooperative is in charge of looking after.

"It should be around here somewhere," he murmured.

Cedar saplings were planted on a slope in the area in neat rows, but the mountainside has since turned into a jungle of weeds that stand taller than he does.

The saplings are about 80 centimeters tall. But they are covered by Canada goldenrod plants and ferns, and the trees are growing more slowly than normal. Hardly any sunlight reaches the saplings, and their trunks are thin.

"If the undergrowth isn't removed for another two years, the saplings will choke and die," he says.

Undergrowth needs to be cleared away from cedar and cypress saplings once a year for five years after they are planted; otherwise weeds will steal their sunlight and they will wither.

According to the Forestry Agency's Iwaki forest administration office, among other sources, about 80 percent of Fukushima Prefecture's Futaba district is covered in forest -- a total of about 65,178 hectares. Last year, workers had planned to clear undergrowth away from saplings in an area measuring roughly 300 hectares, but were unable to do so as a result of the nuclear disaster.

If trees wither, then the ground becomes unstable, making landslides and flash floods more likely. Akimoto, who has spent time in forests for over 40 years as a worker for the Fukushima Prefecture village of Kawauchi, has many times witnessed disastrous scenes when people have abandoned forests. Now, radiation is also a problem.

"Contaminated materials from the mountains reach inhabited areas, rivers and the sea, so decontamination of the mountains is necessary. But we know better than anyone that it's hard to get far into the mountains where there are no paths, and there's no way you can wash down every tree and dig up the soil," he says.

"What are we going to do about the mountains that are becoming overgrown? As residents start to return, that worries me," he says.

The Futaba regional forestry cooperative lost its work contract to administer forests in the Futaba district before the March 11, 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami that triggered the Fukushima nuclear crisis. It now seems that decontamination of forests will be set aside when decontamination work goes ahead, and the future of the forests accordingly remains uncertain.

Radiation readings near the saplings struggling to get sunlight were a little over 40 microsieverts per hour. After just one day in the area, a person would be exposed to more than the government's designated yearly limit of 1 millisievert.

Facing the mountain, Akimoto lowered his head as he spoke to the saplings.

"I'm sorry that the readings are so high. I'm sorry that I can't do anything."

Child Porn, Coke Smuggling DHS Agents

Border Patrol agents smuggling weed and coke. Immigration agents forging documents and robbing drug dealers. TSA employees caught with child porn. Those are just a few of the crimes perpetrated by Department of Homeland Security employees in just the past year.

Since the creation of the Department of Homeland Security nearly a decade ago, the agency’s inspector general has been tasked with uncovering corruption, waste and criminality within its own ranks. The IG has had his hands full.

According to a newly released DHS inspector general’s summary of its significant investigations, 318 DHS employees and contractors were arrested in 2011 (.pdf). That’s about one arrest per weekday of the men and women who are supposed to be keeping the country safe. The report lets us not only see how corrupt some agents tasked with protecting the homeland can be, it also gives us a scale of the problem. In short: There are a lot of dirty immigration and border officers.

That might send the wrong impression. DHS is a massive agency of more than 225,000 employees. Within DHS, sub-agency Customs and Border Protection has more than doubled in recent years to nearly 59,000 employees. Maybe it’s not so surprising an organization of that size has a few bad apples. There’s also some good news. The number of arrests is going down: there were 519 arrests in 2010, compared to the 318 last year. Still, within that number includes some serious crimes.

“Border corruption may take the form of cash bribes, sexual favors, and other gratuities in return for allowing contraband or undocumented aliens through primary inspection lanes or even protecting and escorting border crossings; leaking sensitive law enforcement information to persons under investigation and selling law enforcement intelligence to smugglers; and providing needed documents such as immigration papers,” Charles Edwards, the acting inspector general for DHS, told Congress earlier this month (.pdf).

According to the report, a Border Patrol agent from Tucson named Yamilkar Fierros was given 20 months in prison for providing “sensor location maps, trail maps, and communications technology” to cartel members in exchange for more than $5,000 in bribes. Another incident involved an 8-year veteran CBP agent who conspired with cocaine traffickers to let drugs past his border inspection post. The agent, whose name and former location are undisclosed in the report, was sentenced to 110 months in federal prison.

Other corruption cases read like a list of bad career decisions, some appalling; others involve petty greed. The appalling includes at least two employees — one from CBP and another from the TSA — who were caught in possession of child pornography. A Border Patrol agent in Arizona “punched a fellow agent and threatened him with his service-issued weapon after the fellow agent joked about the excessive amount of tactical gear the [Border Patrol] routinely wore,” according to the report.

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent named Valentino Johnson was sentenced to 120 months in prison for working an off-duty job robbing drug dealers, according to the report. Johnson, who was busted after attempting to steal a load of fake cocaine, worked with a stick-up crew who saw him as a means to portray a sense of legitimacy to their robberies.

A Border Patrol agent in Arizona named Michael Atondo was convicted for attempting to distribute marijuana. The agent, according to the report, using his patrol vehicle to bypass checkpoints and smuggle more than 100 kilos of marijuana. Among ICE agents, many cases involve forging fake immigration documents for bribes. A CBP agent posted to Logan International Airport in Boston even reportedly stole astronaut Neil Armstrong’s customs declaration form and attempted to sell it on the internet.

The corruption investigations have also netted contractors. At least one contractor with the Federal Emergency Management Agency was convicted of defrauding the agency of more than one million dollars. A company employee for security contractor MVM was discovered to have falsified training documents to the Federal Protective Service, which oversees security at government buildings.

There’s also a caveat. While the numbers of arrests have fallen this year, the long-term trend of cases against CBP agents, at least, has been on a rise since 2004, according to the Arizona Daily Star. Between 2004 and 2010, the number of cases doubled. Former Border Patrol agent Lee Morgan told the Daily Star the increase was due to the agency expanding its ranks so quickly. “This is just such a tarnish on the badge of the U.S. Border Patrol,” he told the paper.

Homeland Security’s inspectors are also overloaded, and are now framing out more criminal cases to sub-agencies. The CBP, meanwhile, is boosting its own internal affairs staff, and is implementing lie-detector tests starting in January.

“While the number of corrupt individuals within our ranks who have betrayed the trust of the American public and their peers is a fraction of one percent of our workforce, we continue to focus our efforts on rooting out this unacceptable and deplorable behavior,” CBP acting commissioner David Aguilar told Congress (.pdf).

The director’s testimony came at a bad time. On Friday, in one of the most high-profile cases of agency corruption in recent years, two former Border Patrol agents were found guilty of smuggling hundreds of people in their vehicles in exchange for cash. They could face up to 50 years in prison. Perhaps they’ll meet up with some old colleagues, if they’re put behind bars.

8 Economic Threats We're Ignoring This Summer

In the crazy times in which we live, it helps to expect the unexpected. Sometimes you can think that you have it all figured out and then this world can throw a real curveball at you. Very few people anticipated that we would see a massive outbreak of the West Nile Virus in Texas this year or that the Mississippi River would be in danger of drying up after experiencing historic flooding last year. 

Who would have thought that we would see the worst drought in more than 50 years or that horrific wildfires would burn nearly 7 million acres of land? This is why economic conditions are always so hard to predict. A single "black swan event" can come along and change everything almost overnight. Our world has become incredibly unstable, and so who really knows what the rest of 2012 will bring? 

Will we see a stock market crash? Will the hurricane season be unusually bad? Will war erupt in the Middle East? Will we see a major earthquake on the west coast or even a volcanic eruption? Will the upcoming election cause an eruption of anger and frustration in America? 

We don't know the answers to those questions yet, and the truth is that we will probably see some things happen that very few of us are anticipating at this point.

This is an exciting time to be a "news junkie", but unfortunately the vast majority of the news these days is bad.
It is almost as if a "perfect storm" is developing. Our weather is going crazy, our financial system is on the verge of collapse, our politicians seem more insane than ever, there is evidence of social decay all around us and the drumbeats of war in the Middle East grow louder with each passing day.

As strange as 2012 has been so far, I fear that things are about to get a whole lot stranger.
Not that we haven't had some very unanticipated events happen this year up to this point.
The following are 8 economic threats that we were not even talking about at the beginning of the summer....

#1 West Nile Virus
What is up with all of the strange disease outbreaks that we have seen so far this year?

Flesh eating disease and the bird flu have both been making global headlines this summer, but in the U.S. right now it is the West Nile Virus that is getting the most attention.

So far more than 1,100 cases of the West Nile Virus have been diagnosed in the United States and more than 41 people have died from it.

More than half of the cases so far have been in Texas, but we have also seen people come down with West Nile Virus in Mississippi, Louisiana, South Dakota, and Oklahoma.

If you live in any of those areas, you might want to do your best to avoid mosquitos for the rest of the summer.

#2 Historic Drought
This summer, the United States has experienced the worst drought that it has seen in more than 50 years.
This weather has been absolutely crippling for farmers and ranchers all over the nation. As I wrote about the other day, about half of all corn being grown in the U.S. is currently either in "poor" or "very poor" condition.

As the drought has dragged on, many farmers and ranchers have become increasingly desperate. In fact, one farmer has even been feeding his cows candy in an attempt to deal with rising feed prices.
Needless to say, this drought has been causing commodity prices to soar.

On Tuesday, the price of corn closed at a record $8.38 a bushel, and the price of soybeans closed at $17.30 a bushel.

#3 The Mississippi River Is Drying Up
Thanks to this drought, rivers and lakes all over the United States are drying up. In fact, there have been reports that millions of fish have been dying because water levels have gotten so low in many areas.
Even the mighty Mississippi River has dropped to dangerously low levels.

At this point, the Mississippi is lower than most people living along the river can ever remember. If it drops much lower, it could potentially have an absolutely devastating impact on the U.S. economy.
A recent NBC News report described what is at stake....
About $180 billion worth of goods move up and down the river on barges, 500 million tons of the basic ingredients for much of the U.S. economy, according to the American Waterways Operators, a trade group. It carries 60 percent of the nation’s grain, 22 percent of the oil and gas and 20 percent of the coal, according to American Waterways Operators. It would take 60 trailer trucks to carry the cargo in just one barge, 144 18-wheeler tankers to carry the oil and gas in one petroleum barge.
If all traffic along the Mississippi was forced to stop, it is estimated that it would cost the U.S. economy about 300 million dollars a day.
And already there have been stoppages along one 11 mile stretch of the river....
Nearly 100 boats and barges were waiting for passage Monday along an 11-mile stretch of the Mississippi River that has been closed because of low water levels, the U.S. Coast Guard said. New Orleans-based Coast Guard spokesman Ryan Tippets said the stretch of river near Greenville, Miss., has been closed intermittently since Aug. 11, when a vessel ran aground.
So what happens if the Mississippi gets even lower?

#4 Wildfires
The extreme heat has also been responsible for the horrific outbreak of wildfires that we have seen in the western United States this year.
So far in 2012, nearly 7 million acres have been burned up.
That is an area about as big as the states of Maryland and Delaware combined.

#5 The Global Elite Hoarding Gold
In the past, the global elite and the mainstream media would mock those who are hoarding gold in anticipation of a major financial collapse.

But now it is the global elite who are hoarding gold.
In a previous article, I discussed how men such as George Soros and John Paulson are investing mind-boggling amounts of money in gold right now. The amount of money that these two individuals are investing in gold is difficult to comprehend....
There was also news last week in an SEC filing that both George Soros and John Paulson had increased their investment in SPDR Gold Trust, the world’s largest publicly traded physical gold exchange traded fund (ETF).

Mr Soros upped his stake in the ETF to 884,400 shares from 319,550 and Mr Paulson bought 4.53m shares, bringing his stake to 21.3m.
At the current price of about $156 a share, these are new investments of about $88m of Mr Soros’ cash and more than $700m from Mr Paulson’s funds. These are significant positions.
Combined, Soros and Paulson dumped more than three quarters of a billion dollars into gold during the second quarter of 2012 alone.

So what are they anticipating?

The central banks of the world have been very busy hoarding gold as well. According to the World Gold Council, global central banks were net buyers of 157.5 metric tons of gold during the second quarter of 2012.
Over the past 20 years there has never been a time when global central banks have accumulated that much gold during a single quarter.

So just what in the world is going on?
#6 Recession In The UK
Everyone knew that Greece was in deep trouble.
And everyone knew that Italy and Spain were in deep trouble.
But it was a surprise to see the UK economy plunge deep into recession. During the second quarter of 2012 alone, the UK economy shrunk by 0.7 percent.
At this point the British economy has contracted for three quarters in a row.
Hopefully things will not get even worse over there.

#7 Major Economic Slowdown In The United States
Considering the fact that the U.S. economy never even came close to recovering from the last recession, it is a bit disheartening to see that it looks like we are headed for another major downturn.

According to Michael Panzer of Financial Armageddon, measurements of economic activity compiled by the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia indicate that the U.S. economy is rapidly heading into another recession. If you doubt this, just check out this chart.

And for a lot more reasons why the U.S. economy is entering another recession, check out this article.

#8 Hauled Off To A Mental Institution For What You Believe
Do you ever worry that what you post on Facebook could get you involuntarily committed to a mental institution?

Well, that is exactly what happened to one military vet recently.
A former Marine named Brandon Raub was hauled off to a mental institution because of what he posted on his Facebook page.
This is how the Economic Policy Journal summarized what happened to Raub....
The muscle used to grab Brandon Raub was local Chesterfield County, VA police. Also present during the grab were agents of the FBI and of the Secret Service.
Both the FBI and the Secret Service claim that they were only observing and not participating in the grab. The Chesterfield County police initially stated that they were only carrying out a request from the federal agencies.

The police also claim Raub is not under arrest, even though he was led away in handcuffs and is not permitted to leave the psychiatric ward of a hospital---even though it appears that Raub is not in any way in need of psychological care.
I note this happened in the United States of America, with local police, FBI agents and Secret Service taking part.
The claim that Raub is "not under arrest" is completely and totally ridiculous. The authorities came to his door, slapped handcuffs on him and are holding him in a mental institution against his will.And now he has been transferred to a facility that is 3 hours away from his family, his supporters and his legal team.

What in the world is America turning into? The Rutherford Institute is defending Raub, and the following is an excerpt from a statement about this case on their website....
“This is not how justice in America is supposed to work – with Americans being arrested for doing nothing more than exercising their First Amendment rights, forced to undergo psychological evaluations, detained against their will and isolated from their family, friends and attorneys.

This is a scary new chapter in our history,” said John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “Brandon Raub is no different from the majority of Americans who use their private Facebook pages to post a variety of content, ranging from song lyrics and political hyperbole to trash talking their neighbors, friends and government leaders.”
This is the kind of thing that we have seen under brutal totalitarian regimes in the past. Dissidents are grabbed by authorities and taken to mental institutions where they are conveniently "disappeared".

This kind of thing is not supposed to happen in America.

But it is happening.

And you know what? Before the authorities start attacking people for exercising free speech on Facebook perhaps they should clean up their own house. It turns out that thousands of DHS employees have been convicted of crimes in recent years. The following is from a recent CNS News article....
There have been 2,527 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) employees and co-conspirators convicted of corruption and other criminal misconduct since 2004, according to a federal auditor.
Our world is becoming a very crazy place. One thing that most people did see coming this summer was the continuing economic decline in Greece.

At this point Greece is experiencing a full-blown economic depression and it gets worse by the day.
If you can believe it, 1,250 companies have shut down in the second largest city in Greece in 2012 alone.

And many in the financial world believe the the situation in Greece is going to go beyond the breaking point fairly soon. In fact, analysts at Citibank believe that there is a 90 percent chance that Greece will leave the euro over the next 12 to 18 months.

90 percent?

They sound pretty sure of themselves.

Not that the rest of Europe is in such great shape either.
According to Bloomberg, it looks like Europe will soon be losing about half a million auto industry jobs....
Efforts by PSA Peugeot Citroen (UG) and Fiat SpA (F) to end losses in Europe could cost more than 500,000 people their jobs as automakers and parts suppliers grapple with the effects of the European sovereign debt crisis.
We live in very unusual times.

Things are falling apart all around us and we seem to be rapidly approaching another major economic crisis.
Central banks, governments and Wall Street insiders all seem to be preparing for the worst.

Are you?

Monday, August 20, 2012

Julian Assange Speech To The World

Julian Assange has made his first public appearance in the two months since he took refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London.

He thanked the hundreds of people gathered outside the embassy for their support, claiming it was their resolve and presence that stopped British police from storming the building.

"On Wednesday night, after a threat was sent to this embassy and police desceneded on this building, you came out in the middle of the night to watch over it, and you brought the worlds eyes with you. Inside this embassy after dark I could hear teams of police swarming up into the building through the internal fire escape," Assange said."But I knew there'd be witnesses. And that was because of you." 

The WikiLeaks founder also thanked Ecuadorian President Raphael Correa "for the courage he has shown" in granting him asylum, as well as other nations and individuals who support Correa's decision.

Assange then slammed the US government and President Barack Obama, calling for an end to the "witch hunt against  WikiLeaks."

"The United States must pledge before the world will not pursue journalists for shining light on the secret crimes of the powerful. The US administration’s war against whistleblowers must end," he said.

He also spoke on Bradley Manning, the Army Private who was slapped with 22 criminal charges for his alleged role in leaking intelligence documents to WikiLeaks, which were then made publicly available on the Internet. Manning has been imprisoned for more than 800 days in pre-trial detention, and has yet to be brought before a military tribunal.

"On Wednesday, Bradley spent his 815th day of detention without trial. The legal maximum is 120 days," Assange said. "If Bradley Manning did as he is accused, he is a hero and invaluable to all of us. Bradley Manning must be released."

In his remarks, Assange mentioned jailed Bahraini human rights activists Nabeel Rajab, who had recently been sentenced to six months in prison for tweeting comments critical of the Bahraini Prime Minister, calling for him to step down. On August 16, a Bahraini court ruled to extend his sentence by another three years, for “involvement in illegal practices and inciting gatherings and calling for unauthorized marches through social networking sites,” and for his “participation in an illegal assembly” and “participation in an illegal gathering and calling for a march without prior notification.”

Prior to his arrest, Rajab appeared as a guest on episode four of RT's ‘The Julian Assange Show,' hosted by the  WikiLeaks founder. In the interview, he criticized the US-led invasion of Iraq, as well as US refusals to take action during the Bahraini protests and the wider Arab Spring.

Assange likened himself to Russian punk band Pussy Riot, which recently had three members sentenced to two years in prison for its 'punk prayer' in Moscow’s Christ the Savior Cathedral. "There is unity in the oppression," Assange said. "There must be absolute unity and determination in the response"

The WikiLeaks founder was granted political asylum by Ecuador on Thursday – a decision that ignited a wave of international response, with the UK and Sweden opposing the verdict and Latin American countries strongly supporting Ecuador’s move.

‘Assange case part of long history of whistleblower-smearing’

Political activist Craig Murray, a former UK ambassador whose writings implicated the CIA and MI6 in using evidence obtained through torture, claimed the allegations of sexual assault against Assange are the latest incident in a history of dubious charges leveled against whistleblowers.
Unfortunately, there’s a long history of whistleblowers being smeared and charged with crimes unrelated to their whistleblowing, because, obviously, it’s quite difficult for states to convict people for telling the truth about state misdemeanors,” he told RT. “So what you do is you frame them with other charges, very often sexual charges because that destroys the person’s reputation.”

Murray pointed to the charges he faced for allegedly extorting sexual favors in exchange for visas during his tenure as ambassador to Uzbekistan, shortly after he blew the whistle on US- and UK-led torture programs.

And I am by no means the only one. Janis Karpinsky, who blew the whistle on Donald Rumsfeld’s sanctioning of torture at Abu Ghraib, was charged with shoplifting, for example. There are many such examples,” he said.

Murray also argued that British Foreign Secretary William Hague embarrassed himself by ordering the sending of a letter that threatened to revoke the Ecuadorian embassy's diplomatic immunity, simply so that UK authorities could arrest Assange.

He once gave an interview in which he said that as a student, he used to drink 14 pints of beer a day,” Murray said. “I think he must have drunk 28 pints before coming up with the threat to storm the Ecuadorian embassy.”
Reuters/Olivia Harris
Reuters/Olivia Harris
Image from Twitter/@RTLondonBureau
Image from Twitter/@RTLondonBureau
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addresses the media and his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on August 19, 2012. (AFP Photo/Carl Court)
Wikileaks founder Julian Assange addresses the media and his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on August 19, 2012. (AFP Photo/Carl Court)
A picture taken on August 19, 2012 shows posters pledging support for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange before his address, outsite the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (AFP Photo/Will Oliver)
A picture taken on August 19, 2012 shows posters pledging support for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange before his address, outsite the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (AFP Photo/Will Oliver)
People wait on August 19, 2012 for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to address the press and his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (AFP Photo/Will Oliver)
People wait on August 19, 2012 for Wikileaks founder Julian Assange to address the press and his supporters from the balcony of the Ecuadorian Embassy in London. (AFP Photo/Will Oliver)
 Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, wearing Guy Fawkes masks, stand outisde the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on August 19, 2012. (AFP Photo/Will Oliver)
Supporters of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, wearing Guy Fawkes masks, stand outisde the Ecuadorian Embassy in London on August 19, 2012. (AFP Photo/Will Oliver)

Friday, August 17, 2012

“We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo

Ecuador President Rafael “We Are Not A Colony” Correa Stands Up To The Jackbooted British Gestapo

By Paul Craig Roberts

A coward dies many deaths; a brave man dies but once.

The once proud British government, now reduced to Washington’s servile whore, put on its Gestapo Jackboots and declared that if the Ecuadorean Embassy in London did not hand over WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange, British storm troopers would invade the embassy with military force and drag Assange out. Ecuador stood its ground.

“We want to be very clear, we are not a British colony,” declared Ecuador’s Foreign Minister. Far from being intimidated the President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, replied to the threat by granting Assange political asylum. 
The once law-abiding British government had no shame in announcing that it would violate the Vienna Convention and assault the Ecuadorean Embassy, just as the Islamic students in the 1979 Khomeini Revolution in Iran took over the US Embassy and held the diplomatic staff captive. Pushed by their Washington overlords, the Brits have resorted to the tactics of a pariah state. Maybe we should be worried about British nuclear weapons.

Let’s be clear, Assange is not a fugitive from justice. He has not been charged with any crime in any country. He has not raped any women. There are no indictments pending in any court, and as no charges have been brought against him, there is no validity to the Swedish extradition request. It is not normal for people to be extradited for questioning, especially when, as in Assange’s case, he expressed his complete cooperation with being questioned a second time by Swedish officials in London.

What is this all about?

 First, according to news reports, Assange was picked up by two celebrity-hunting Swedish women who took him home to their beds. Later for reasons unknown, one complained that he had not used a condom, and the other complained that she had offered one helping, but he had taken two. A Swedish prosecutor looked into the case, found that there was nothing to it, and dismissed the case.

Assange left for England. Then another Swedish prosecutor, a woman, claiming what authority I do not know, reopened the case and issued an extradition order for Assange. This is such an unusual procedure that it worked its way through the entire British court system to the Supreme Court and then back to the Supreme Court on appeal. In the end British “justice” did what the Washington overlord ordered and came down on the side of the strange extradition request.
Assange, realizing that the Swedish government was going to turn him over to Washington to be held in indefinite detention, tortured, and framed as a spy, sought protection from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

 As corrupt as the British are, the UK government was unwilling to release Assange directly to Washington. By turning him over to Sweden, the British could feel that their hands were clean.
Sweden, formerly an honorable country like Canada once was where American war resisters could seek asylum, has been suborned and brought under Washington’s thumb. Recently, Swedish diplomats were expelled from Belarus where they seem to have been involved in helping Washington orchestrate a “color revolution” as Washington keeps attempting to extend its bases and puppet states deeper into traditional Russia.

The entire world, including Washington’s servile puppet states, understands that once Assange is in Swedish hands, Washington will deliver an extradition order, with which Sweden, unlike the British, would comply. Regardless, Ecuador understands this. The Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino announced that Ecuador granted Assange asylum because “there are indications to presume that there could be political persecution.” In the US, Patino acknowledged, Assange would not get a fair trial and could face the death penalty in a trumped up case.

The US Puppet State of Great (sic) Britain announced that Assange would not be permitted to leave Britain. So much for the British government’s defense of law and human rights. If the British do not invade the Ecuadorean Embassy and drag Assange out dead or in chains, the British position is that Assange will live out his life inside the London Embassy of Ecuador.

According to the New York Times, Assange’s asylum leaves him “with protection from arrest only on Ecuadorean territory (which includes the embassy). To leave the embassy for Ecuador, he would need cooperation that Britain has said it will not offer.” When it comes to Washington’s money or behaving honorably in accordance with international law, the British government comes down on the side of money.

The Anglo-American world, which pretends to be the moral face of humanity has now revealed for all to see that under the mask is the face of the Gestapo.

DHS Says Lone Wolf Extremist Veterans Will Carry Out More Violent Attacks

Susanne Posel, Contributor
Activist Post

Michael Chertoff, former director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has brought the influence of the Israel Defense Forces to local police departments across America. By using Zionist training, local police are being mentally and physically shifted from being protectors of American law to purveyors of Zionist control-schemes.

While the suppressive, over-reaching Obama administration, under control of the global Elite, turns our Constitutional Republic in a Fascist Dictatorship, the police forces have been a clear reflection. Suddenly the use of military uniforms, armored vehicles, assault weapons, and illegal surveillance is evidence of a Nazi-style computer systems, evidencing a dramatic shift in American societal structure.

The Marine Corps have created a law-enforcement battalion (ELB) consisting of specialized military police officers (SMP) that will be deployed to assist in investigating crimes dealing with drug trafficking, train security and terrorism.

The ELBs contain an estimated 500 SMPs and trained dogs. While capitalizing on their investigative and police training, they will take the role of current street cops while still remaining part of the Marine Corps.

SMPs would be deployed to assist in any event of civil disturbance, handling of detainees, and the use of biometrics to identify suspects and conduct forensic work. Their assistance is not limited to conducting DUIs and writing speeding tickets in an effort to re-brand the Marine Corps as being more involved with average work now allocated to local law enforcement.

Police departments nationwide are engaging in re-directive training for civil war, domestic insurrection, and cooperative efforts with military forces in accord with covert policies.

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and DHS, “extremist domestic organizations is just as dangerous as terrorism from foreign organizations” and law enforcement must be enabled to pre-emptively stop these homegrown terrorists without the hindrances of Constitutional rights like the 1st Amendment.

By demonizing US veterans and alleged members of white supremacist groups, as in the case of the staged psy-op Sikh shooting in Wisconsin, the DHS hopes to use the pre-crime technologies at their disposal in conjunction with local police to infiltrate and stop domestic extremism.

Wade Michael Page, the alleged shooter in the Sikh murders, has been called a white supremacist by two suspect organizations. First is the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), which is known to have ties to the FBI after having been infiltrated by federal agents.

Second is the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL) which is a non-governmental (NGO) organization founded for the benefit of Zionists in America by using the threat of anti-Semitism as a means of “defending the security of Israel and Jews worldwide.”

While the DHS solicits for 700 pounds of High Density Ammonium Nitrate and 700 pounds of A-5 Flake RDX which is the exact ingredients need to manufacture an improvised explosive device (IEDs), the Pentagon is coming before Congress to demand that Posse Comitatus be “relaxed” so that military troops can freely patrol American streets looking for the homegrown terrorists.

Using James Holmes’ “booby-trapped” apartment with IEDs as an example, Army Lt. Gen. Michael Barbero told Congress that the threat “from both homegrown terrorists and global threat networks is real and presents a significant security challenge for the United States and our international partners.”

At the University of Rhode Island, Jimmie Carol Oxley, chemist and professor, works with the DHS on projects with her students to analyze IEDs from manufacturing to various “terrorist scenarios” that these diverse explosives could be used for.

Oxley has worked with many governmental agencies, such as the FBI, NSF, and National Academy of Sciences (NAS) National Research Council (NRC); as well as written over 80 papers on “energetic materials (explosives, propellants, pyrotechnics). She has worked on law enforcement issues [with the FBI simulating the World Trade Center bombing (1993), with FEL examining large fertilizer bombs, and with ATF studying the behavior of pipe bombs]; however, her main research interest is hazard analysis of energetic materials.”

On a 2,200-acre site, Oxley and her students take IEDs constructed in the lab and detonate them to “see what happens.” They use chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide to study how chemical additives can reduce or exacerbate the effects of a homemade bomb. Most of Oxley’s students go on to work for the DHS specializing in criminal and terrorist investigations.

In 2009, the Office of Intelligence and Analysis published a report entitled Rightwing Extremism, wherein domestic extremists, particularly white supremacists, were proposed to be the newest and most dangerous threat to the US since al-Qaeda.

While admitting that they had no definitive proof that “domestic rightwing terrorists are currently planning acts of violence, [however] rightwing extremists may be gaining new recruits by playing on their fears about several emergent issues. The economic downturn and the election of the first African American president present unique drivers for rightwing radicalization and recruitment.”

The DHS wanted to instill the idea that veterans were being recruited to become “right-wing extremists” upon returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Janet Napolitano intimated that military veterans could become instruments of domestic terror. When Napolitano’s comments were met with public disdain, the DHS amended their assertion that extremist groups were highly-marked; but rather it was a lone wolf type that would carry out the biggest act of domestic terrorism.

As the FBI reported in 2007 white supremacist groups are “relatively disorganized” and the “individuals acting alone” will be the most obvious threat as a more resourceful implementation of premeditated terrorist attacks.

Mainstream media has spun the propaganda perfectly by asserting that “the return of military veterans facing significant challenges reintegrating into their communities could lead to the potential emergence of terrorist groups or lone wolf extremists capable of carrying out violent attacks.”

This plot, hatched over a decade ago to frame veterans as the new terrorist Bogeyman, is being played out in the theater of reality as more instances of staged attacks may be looming in the not-so-distant future. With intentions on destroying the 2nd Amendment, along with demonizing US troops, there are obvious implications. Former military are trained in tactical operations and could pose a threat to the marital law scenario that the DHS is planning on implementing just in time for the collapse of the US dollar.