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Tens Of Millions Of American Families Are Living On The Edge Of Desperation – And The Economy Is About To Get A Whole Lot Worse

Have you ever been so poor that you had to live in your car? Have you ever been so low on funds that the only place you could afford to live was a rat-infested motel? Have you ever spent a night living in a tent city or sleeping in the streets? If not, you should consider yourself to be very fortunate. As the recent Black Friday madness demonstrated, there are still lots of Americans that are doing well enough to go on wild shopping sprees, but the reality is that there are also millions of American families that are falling through the "safety net" to a place of total desperation.

In a previous article I talked about the fact that the U.S. Census Bureau recently announced that a higher percentage of Americans is living in extreme poverty than has ever been measured before. Not only that, 2.6 million more Americans fell into poverty last year. That was also a new all-time record. As you read this, one out of every seven Americans is on food stamps and one our of every four U.S. children is on food stamps. Tens of millions of American families are living on the edge of desperation. In many communities across the United States, there is so much despair in the air that it is almost tangible.

When you look into the eyes of many Americans these days, it almost seems as if all the hope has been sucked right out of their hearts. Economic despair is at epidemic levels, and unfortunately the economy is about to get a whole lot worse.

NOTE: My logic and dot connecting is a little different. The facts are that 11 million homes have been foreclosed on recently, with 11 million more upside down. Banksters are in business to make money and while these homes are mostly unavailable for he average investor, they are being bulk purchased by Mutual fund companies. This has lowered the value of all real estate, including properties that aren't in trouble.

Now Banksters still have to make money and the only way that they can do that is to manipulate the supply and demand ratios. They do this by bulldozing entire subdivisions and parts of cities, which creates scarcity, thus slightly increasing the value of surrounding properties. Once they have sufficiently raped and pillaged, the bottom will be reached and they will open up the doors to lending.

A mechanism will be created whereby mortgage terms will be easy, flexible, longer terms and easy approvals again. Values will start to climb, minimal skill/wage jobs will be able to get a mortgage so Banksters can suck in new people for the next round of crisis, once this one is over.

The corporate goal is for the majority of the population to have lifetime payments for basic needs, transportation, housing, food, insurance etc. Our goal should be to have no monthly payments for basics. If we're making payments for a car, then we can't afford that car.

A Deadly Coincidence

Tracy Lawrence, the notary public who blew the whistle on a massive foreclosure fraud scheme, was found dead in her Las Vegas home on Nov. 28, MSNBC reported.

Cause of death has not yet been determined, but Officer Jacinto Rivera, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department spokesman, said the case was not being investigated as homicide. She was 43.

Earlier this month, Lawrence came forward and admitted to the Nevada Attorney General's Office that she notarized 25,000 fraudulent documents for Lender Processing Services, a Florida company used by most major banks to process home repossessions. The documents were filed with the Clark County Recorder's Office between 2005 and 2008, The Los Angeles Times reported.

Lawrence also accused two loan officers of allegedly running the massive robo-signing scheme, saying they forged signatures on tens of thousands of default notices. Nevada now alleges that Gary Trafford, 49, of Irvine, Calif., and Gerri Sheppard, 62, of Santa Ana, Calif., directed their employees to forge foreclosure documents, notarize the signatures on the documents they had forged and file the fraudulent paperwork in order to begin foreclosures on homes throughout the county.

Trafford and Sheppard have been indicted on more than 600 counts of offering false instruments for recording, false certification on certain instruments and notarization of the signature of a person not in the presence of a notary public. Authorities are currently negotiating the terms of their surrender, KSNV MyNews 3 reported.

Earlier this month, Lawrence pleaded guilty to one count of notarizing the signature of a person not in her presence, The Associated Press reported. Had Lawrence shown up at her sentencing hearing on Monday, she could have faced a potential sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of up to $2,000.

On Nov. 17, Lender Processing Services issued a statement acknowledging that the signing procedures on some of documents were flawed. The company also agreed to fully cooperate with the attorney general's investigation.

"I am deeply committed to ensuring that LPS meets rigorous standards of professional conduct and operating excellence," newly appointed LPS President and CEO Hugh Harris stated. "I have full confidence in the ability of our leadership team and over 8,000 dedicated employees to deliver on that commitment."

According to RealtyTrac, Nevada has had the highest foreclosure rate in the nation for 56 straight months.

GMO's Know What You're Eating

Another Brick In Police State Wall

I am sometimes baffled by how quickly many people quickly assume that because they were not personally named in some piece of legislation, that somehow the provisions of that legislation do not and could not apply to them. Having spent a great deal of time over the years dissecting legislative language, backtracking changes to code & title and the ever popular “redefinition of terms” used to change the entire common understanding of what a word or phrase means within these tortured constructs called legislation, I know better.

My recent article on S.1867 elicited comments to the effect that a few commenters had read the bill and that I was simply being inflammatory and emotional. Yes…..of course….that must be it.

Lest anyone forget:

The insidious Patriot Act followed by
The Security Enhancement Act of 2003,
the infamous Military Commissions Act 2006,
followed by the John Warner Defense Authorization Act 2007 and,
which called for the suspension of habeas corpus (4th Amendment due process)
all of which gave the president the power to arbitrarily determine on his own, that any one of us was a “domestic terrorist” and going even further to
allow the president to strip us of our citizenship at his discretion with no oversight.

Each of these unconstitutional bills was a piece of the puzzle being constructed incrementally as the Constitution and our rights were being trashed.

Judge Napolitano What If?

Planned Economic Demolition?

'The financial elite are laughing for they are well aware of the ongoing planned global financial demolition as well as the rapidly emerging New World order ~ with the Global elite firmly in control. However, there is another choice but it will take the same courage the people of Iceland took in reclaiming their country from the robber barons.

The next step in the Occupy Wall Street movement, after establishing its presence and credibility, is to fully expose the enemy, the global financial elite, as well as their ongoing global financial demolition plans which will eventually lead to a New World Order ~ unless the people reclaim their power as they did in Iceland.

Make no mistake ~ this is a planned demolition not unlike Building 7 as well as the two Trade Center towers on 9/11.'

Eco Nazis & Coming Global Famine

'Marina Silva is not a very known name, but you may think of her the next time you are at your supermarket checkout. This woman, a senator in Brazil, has started a war against agriculture with the help of international NGOs such as (the Nazi) WWF and Greenpeace.

In the last decade, Brazil has become the second largest producer of food in the world, and exports 30% of its production. In a world where hunger is still a problem, with 13 million people at the risk of immediate starvation and 750 million in hunger, this is making a huge difference.

However, feeding the hungry contradicts the New World Order plan (elucidated in the UN's Agenda XXI and the Club of Rome papers,) to depopulate the Earth and concentrate people in super-crowded and controlled cities, while preserving vast amounts of land for the global elite to hunt and spend exotic vacations.'

How Iran, Russia & China Could Topple The Banksters

'All the Iranians have to do is to announce the purchase ten billion dollars in silver and ten billion dollars in gold over the next 90 days.

If the Iranians wanted to have fun, they would say they absolutely needed to buy gold because Russia and China will have to publish a gold backed currency after all the other currencies collapse. They will begin by backing the ruble and yuan with gold and fixing their exchange rates. We do not want to be excluded from world trade. After the dollar, the euro and the pound collapse, we will want to fix our currency to the Russian ruble and the Chinese yuan. If Americans want to import oil or anything else from overseas, all they will have to do is to buy gold at 2, 3 or 5 thousand dollars an ounce before proceeding with their purchases.'

Hidden America Families Living In Cars

Worth watching about this "wealthy" country, these bright children are learning about corruption the hard way.

Bill Allows Military to Arrest, Permanently Detain, Torture, Kill American Citizens

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Qustioning Politics In America Could Mean You ARE A Terrorist

The state of Missouri tried to label as terrorists current Congressman Ron Paul and his supporters, former Congressman Bob Barr, libertarians in general, anyone who holds gold, and a host of other people.

And according to a law school professor, pursuant to the Military Commissions Act:

Anyone who … speaks out against the government’s policies could be declared an “unlawful enemy combatant” and imprisoned indefinitely. That includes American citizens.

Government apologists are also eager to label anyone “taking a cynical stance toward politics, mistrusting authority, endorsing democratic practices, … and displaying an inquisitive, imaginative outlook” as worthy of a Stalinist trip to the insane asylum.

Did Senators Commit More Treason Today?

Nov 29 15:11

The Senate has COMMITTED TREASON! They Voted to KEEP the "U.S. is a Battlefield" McCain/Levin bill - U.S. Citizens can be detained without due process! The Senators are Terrorist against the U.S. People Now!


The Senate has COMMITTED TREASON Against the U.S. Citizens! It is OFFICIAL!

The Senate rejected an amendment on Tuesday that would have removed a provision from the pending Defense spending bill to toughen U.S. policy towards suspected terrorists captured on the battlefield or on the home front.

The amendment, defeated 37-61, would have struck a section of the spending bill that authorizes the president to use “all necessary and appropriate force” to detain people suspected of terrorism and instead would have implemented a timeline to allow further hearings and opportunities for the military to make recommendations on how detainee policy ought to change.

Those Senators are all now Terrorist to the U.S. people!

They could have taken out the McCain/Levin portion of the bill - instead they kept it in!

There is NO way those few people can be allowed to shred the U.S. constitution and declare WAR on EVERY U.S. Citizen!


Ayotte (R-NH)
Barrasso (R-WY)
Blunt (R-MO)
Boozman (R-AR)
Brown (R-MA)
Burr (R-NC)
Casey (D-PA)
Chambliss (R-GA)
Coats (R-IN)
Coburn (R-OK)
Cochran (R-MS)
Collins (R-ME)
Conrad (D-ND)
Corker (R-TN)
Cornyn (R-TX)
Crapo (R-ID)
DeMint (R-SC)
Enzi (R-WY)
Graham (R-SC)
Grassley (R-IA)
Hagan (D-NC)
Hatch (R-UT)
Heller (R-NV)
Hoeven (R-ND)
Hutchison (R-TX)
Inhofe (R-OK)
Inouye (D-HI)
Isakson (R-GA)
Johanns (R-NE)
Johnson (R-WI)
Kohl (D-WI)
Kyl (R-AZ)
Landrieu (D-LA)
Lee (R-UT)
Levin (D-MI)
Lieberman (ID-CT)
Lugar (R-IN)
Manchin (D-WV)
McCain (R-AZ)
McCaskill (D-MO)
McConnell (R-KY)
Menendez (D-NJ)
Moran (R-KS)
Nelson (D-NE)
Portman (R-OH)
Pryor (D-AR)
Reed (D-RI)
Risch (R-ID)
Roberts (R-KS)
Rubio (R-FL)
Sessions (R-AL)
Shaheen (D-NH)
Shelby (R-AL)
Snowe (R-ME)
Stabenow (D-MI)
Thune (R-SD)
Toomey (R-PA)
Vitter (R-LA)
Whitehouse (D-RI)
Wicker (R-MS)

North Dakota Initiative To Ban Property Taxes

North Dakota citizens may abolish property taxes, allowing them more control over government spending. Nearly 30,000 signatures were collected to place the people's initiative on the ballot in June, 2012 that would constitutionally abolish all property taxes in North Dakota.

This landmark measure supports property rights, small government and freedom advocates around the country.

If the initiative is successful, North Dakota will be the first state to abolish all property taxes, both state and local, and will provide a model for the other states to do the same. North Dakota may be the first state to kick off the property rights revolution!

Since 1978 the state legislature has amended, altered or "reformed" property tax 134 times.

This tells us that the tax cannot be fixed.

Legislation to abolish property tax was introduced in the 2009 legislative session. The bill was defeated. There was even an attempt to turn the bill into a study to investigate the issue and that even failed.

Since the initiative qualified for the ballot, several city and county groups have come out in opposition to the measure, in direct violation of state law. The hysteria coming from government leaders include threats that this will be the end of public education, fire and police protection will be terminated, and there will be no more roads (remember that roads are funded through the gas tax).

If the measure passes, two very important issues will be addressed in order to pare down the size of government and spending:

1. The initiative mandates that schools and local governments must be "fully and properly funded" before the state can address any other budgeting (like special interests).

2. The measure also states that all "legal obligations" must be funded. Legal obligations are:

A. Statutory -- the things that the state has directed local government to fund.

B. Contractual obligations -- spending that the counties and cities have taken on through contracts like bonds, special construction, etc.

After schools, local governments and legal obligations are funded and the real debate begins! Does the city, county or state have the obligation to fund a museum or an art festival? Most people would say 'no'. Does that mean that the local government can't fund museums or art festivals? This is an issue of real self rule and local control. If the people really, truly feel they must have a museum or a new hockey rink, then they can vote themselves a new tax to fund it—a sales tax or user fee or special assessment or whatever. They just can't fund it with property tax.

FDA Allows Repackaging Of Moldy, Rotten Food

Snokist Growers, the Washington-based company that received the stern talk from FDA officials after their apple sauce packages rife with green, brown, white and grey mould this August, was the latest example of a common practice.

In order to save money, many companies remove damaged or mouldy parts of their products before blasting the goods with strong heat in order to disinfect the food.

After they use temperature changes to disinfect, the companies then repackage the food and send it off to their clients as if nothing is wrong.

The heat-blasting technique is common.

As is the one where processors take faulty or mislabelled blueberry ice cream and mix it with chocolate so that the taste is hidden.

Not only do producers sell and distribute food that contains mould or insects, the FDA advises the companies that their practices are fine, presenting 'levels of natural or unavoidable defects in foods that present no health hazards for humans

The FDA allows up to 60 insect fragments per 100 grams of chocolate before the food is thrown out. Same goes for corn, which the agency deems suitable for consumption if it contains only one larvae that is larger than 3 millimetres.

Pineapple doesn't get thrown out until it overtakes a 20 per cent mould count.

The continued recalls of food staples, like lettuce, have not stopped the producers from continuing their methods.

'Any food can be reconditioned,' Jay Cole, who used to work for the agency before starting The FDA Group which serves as a liaison for food producers, told MSNBC.

Idaho Declares State Of Emergency & Stands Up To Feds

Fukushima Nuke Plant Boss Sick

The head of Japan’s Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant which suffered the world’s worst atomic accident in 25 years earlier this year has been admitted to hospital, it emerged today.

Masao Yoshida, 56, who was in charge when a massive earthquake and tsunami struck on March 11, will be replaced in his post as director from Thursday, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) confirmed.

An official declined to give details of Mr Yoshida’s illness, but told a news conference there was no indication it was caused by radiation exposure.

Mr Yoshida has been on the site for more than eight months since the disasters knocked out crucial cooling systems, causing reactor meltdowns.

Meanwhile, Chief Cabinet Secretary Osamu Fujimura told media in a separate meeting that the government 'intended to watch the situation carefully' to ensure plans to bring the plant under control were not affected.

Mr Yoshida's sudden illness has come to light just weeks addressing journalists who had been granted access into the plant earlier this month for the first time since the catastrophe.

He said: 'In my first week immediately after the incident, I thought a few times 'I'm going to die."'

Lab Test Proves Barium & Alumnium in Flordia Rain Samples

Monday, November 28, 2011

Indigenous Mexican Community Boycotts Election

It is Sunday morning in the main square of the indigenous town of Cherán, Mexico where the ringing of church bells clash with music from the youth community radio station. Election day has come to the Mexican state of Michoacán, but here in Cherán nobody is voting.

For the last three years this community of around 11,000 people has been caught up in Mexican President Felipe Calderón’s war on drugs. As gangs of illegal loggers backed by the local drug cartel and aided by local politicians encroached further onto the community’s land, with them came threats, abduction and murder.

Since April, the town has been sealed off in a bid to protect its future. Local and federal authorities are not welcome, politicians even less so. Barricades at the entrance to the town are manned 24-hours a day and members of the community keep vigil around fires in the street.

With local government no longer in charge, the town is now run by commissions, covering all aspects of town life from security to education, made up of around 60 local residents. What is missing, and what the people of Cherán now want, is to elect their own town representatives in line with indigenous tradition.

Mr. Ramírez, one of those running the Commission for Security, explains that elected residents will now do the work once done by politicians, but with one major difference, they will not represent any political party.

Protesters holding a sign “Our dreams do not fit into your urns.” Photo by Nicolas Tavira.In boycotting the regional elections, the people of Cherán are making a statement against local politics. Sitting at his desk surround by papers, Father Antonio Mora, one of the town’s priests, knows only too well the trouble traditional politics can bring. He moved to the community three years ago and found the town deeply divided along political lines. He explains that as political divisions worsened, organized crime took advantage of the split to drive a further wedge between members of the community.

Obese Child Snatched By DHS

Ohio social workers have taken a 200-pound third-grader from his parents and placed him in foster care, where children are given as many harmful antipsychotics as the mentally disabled.

The government workers said that his mother was not doing enough to lower his weight, clearly deeming her an irresponsible parent.

State officials reported that this is the first case of a child being put in foster care over a weight-related issue in Ohio.

The 8-year-old was considered to be severely obese and subsequently at risk for the development of diseases like diabetes and hypertension. However, the county in which the boy lived in, Cuyahoga County, does not have a specific policy on dealing with obese children.

According to a spokesman for the Department of Children and Family Services, the child was a victim of ‘medical neglect’ as his mother ignored the instructions of a doctor to help control his weight.

'This child’s problem was so severe that we had to take custody,' the spokesman said. The agency worked with the mother for more than a year before asking Juvenile Court for custody of the child, she said.

The lawyers for the mother argue that while intervention is necessary, obesity is not grounds to pull a child from his family and place him into foster care.

'I think we would concede that some intervention is appropriate,' Juvenile Public Defender Sam Amata said. 'But what risk became imminent? When did it become an immediate problem?'

Beyond the arguments of both parties lies an even greater question: will foster care ruin the health of this third-grader far more than his original lifestyle, or help him?

Mental Illness Drugs Given By Foster Homes Linked to Suicide and Diabetes

The antipsychotics, powerful tranquilizers, and other mental illness drugs dished out like candy in foster homes may be even more deadly than the obesity-promoting lifestyle of the young boy stripped from his family by social workers. Even mainstream health officials are now speaking out against the dangers of popular antipsychotic drugs that are given to young children worldwide for just about any mental illness.

Are You Sure That You Own Your Home?

Cops Beat & Taser 17 Year Old Disabled Boy

A 17-year-old mentally handicapped boy was opening the front door of his Dayton, Ohio home last week when police officers fired their Tasers at him before allegedly punching the disabled child in the chest and spraying him with mace.

Family Sues Police For Killing Son With 19 Taser Blasts

On November 16, 2009, police were dispatched to an East Grand Rapids, Michigan residence following a 911 call in which the dialer said a man broke through a glass window.

Stephen Bolick called the police following a scuffle with his 30-year-old son. According to Bolick his son, Matthew Bolick, “just freaked out completely.”

East Grand Rapids Public Safety Sgt. Brian Davis was first on the scene. Stephen told the officer that his son was delusional and hearing voices. He feared, he said, for his son’s safety.

When the officer made contact with Matthew, the 30 year old assaulted the officer, which led to him responding with his Taser. According to the officers, the first Taser blast had no effect on Bolick and that’s when he made a run for his home.

Officers gained on the deranged Bolick and a second effort to subdue Bolick ensued.

In a span of 10 minutes, Bolick was tasered a total of 19 times by the second officer on the scene, Gary Parker. In the end, Stephen Bolick was dead.

No Charges Against SWAT Team That Murdered Innocent Vet

Six months after a SWAT team fired 71 shots at Marine vet Jose Guerena Ortiz while his family watched in their Tucson, Arizona home, no one has been charged with the brutal slaying that left a father, husband and hero dead.

The Guerena’s were caught by surprise on May 5 of this year by a knock at the door. It was still early in the morning and they weren’t expecting anyone, so Jose, a 27-year-old veteran with two tours of Iraq under his belt, grabbed a gun from their closet while his wife and 4-year-old son hid. Guerena never used the rifle — he didn’t have time. Still unaware of what was happening, Guerena was ambushed by a team of SWAT officers. In seconds they knocked down his door, aimed and fired dozens of times.

According to Christopher Scileppi, the family’s attorney, the killing was “grotesque” and "almost a caricature of an overly excited group of poorly trained law enforcement agents."

To the county prosecutor, however, the killing was justified and no charges have been brought against the guilty parties.

The Tucson police were carrying out a warrant against Guerena on suspicion of drug charges earlier this year. He has been linked to drug trafficking before, but never directly. Never, in fact, had any charges been filed against him. In a handful of incidents, Guerena had been in the same place at the same time as others holding narcotics and paraphernalia, but never had law enforcement linked him personally to drugs.

"When you back up and look at why they're there in the first place and whether the search warrant was proper, my mind starts struggling," former SWAT officer Chuck Drago tells the Associated Press. "There are a lot of things that don't make a lot of sense." Drago adds that it is doubtful that the SWAT team had any probable cause to go after Guerena, especially in the way they did.

Perhaps most illogical is that half a year after the Vanessa and Joel Guerea lost their husband and father, no one involved in the killing highly viewed as unjust and unnecessary have been charged.

"We were so worried when he was over there fighting terrorism, but he gets shot in his own home," Reyna Ortiz, a family relative, told ABC News after the execution. "The government killed one of their own."

Shocking Truth About Protest Brutality

'US citizens of all political persuasions are still reeling from images of unparallelled police brutality in a coordinated crackdown against peaceful OWS protesters in cities across the nation this past week. An elderly woman was pepper-sprayed in the face; the scene of unresisting, supine students at UC Davis being pepper-sprayed by phalanxes of riot police went viral online; images proliferated of young women – targeted seemingly for their gender – screaming, dragged by the hair by police in riot gear; and the pictures of a young man, stunned and bleeding profusely from the head, emerged in the record of the middle-of-the-night clearing of Zuccotti Park.

Oakland, California riot police advance on peaceful Occupy Oakland, November 3, 2011.But just when Americans thought we had the picture – was this crazy police and mayoral overkill, on a municipal level, in many different cities? – the picture darkened. The National Union of Journalists and the Committee to Protect Journalists issued a Freedom of Information Act request to investigate possible federal involvement with law enforcement practices that appeared to target journalists.'

Medical Gulag Wants To Further Contaminate Water

'Mass medication is getting discussed more among medical experts who insist they know what is best for all of us. With water fluoridation comes the threat of adding lithium and statin drugs to our water supplies. These mass medication efforts have been seriously discussed among top medical professionals for the past few years.

Big Pharma, the AMA, and medical boards throughout the world consider prescription drugs as the only viable solution for human health and disease prevention. Never mind nutrition. There's no money in that for them, and they don't know much if anything about nutrition anyway. So instead of removing toxins from food and water, they want to add toxic pharmaceuticals for public health.'

FDA Breast Cancer Drug Useless, But OK To Prescribe

'Several years after declaring it to be not only medically useless but also dangerous, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially withdrawn approval for the $100,000 breast cancer drug Avastin. In a statement, FDA Commissioner Margaret Hamburg said that Avastin has never been proven to be safe or effective, but also in the same breath noted that doctors can still prescribe the drug if they feel like it.

"FDA recognizes how hard it is for patients and their families to cope with metastatic breast cancer and how great a need there is for more effective treatments," Hamburg is quoted as saying by The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. "But patients must have confidence that the drugs they take are both safe and effective for their intended use."

After being rapidly approved for use by the FDA back in 2007, Avastin quickly generated more than $1.7 billion for its producer Genentech within the first year. When the FDA finally got around to actually reviewing the drug after approving it, though, the agency discovered that Avastin does not lengthen the lives of breast cancer patients, and that it carries with it severe side effects that include death.'

50% of Israelis Refuse To Serve

'Israeli military officials have announced that about 50 percent of the Israeli conscripts refuse to serve in the army, a report says.

The announcement was made during a visit by a group of Israeli Knesset (parliament) members to a conscription center, Israeli Channel 2 reported on Sunday. The Israeli military speculates that the percentage of refusals in the army would reach 60 by the end of 2020.'

Millions Spent To Evict OWS, While Shelter Budgets Slashed

'As cities around the country have swept Occupy Wall Street camps from their plazas and parks in recent weeks, a number of mayors and city officials have argued that by providing shelter to the homeless, the camps are endangering the public and even the homeless themselves.

Yet in many of those cities, services for the homeless are severely underfunded. The cities have spent millions of dollars to police and evict the protesters, but they've been shutting down shelters and enacting laws to prohibit homeless from sleeping overnight in public.'

NY Co Initiative To Ban Chemtrails

Suffolk Co. NY to hear proposal to ban chemtrails

On Dec. 6, New York’s Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other salts into the air over the county without first filing an Environmental Impact Statement with and receiving approval from the county’s Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality.

Exempted from the proposed ban are aerosol spraying operations for agriculture, and for lyme disease, Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), West Nile virus (WNV), and other disease vector control operations.

The hearing will be held at the Riverhead Legislative Auditorium, Evans K. Griffing Building, 300 Center Drive in Riverhead, NY at 2:30 pm.

If the public is able to convince legislators of the risk from such geoengineering operations, the legislation will then be voted on at the Dec. 20th session. Otherwise, the proposed ban will be tabled indefinitely.

Initiated by Cindy Pikoulas and her husband Jim, along with Siobhan Ciresi of Long Island Sky Watch (LISW), with the assistance of chemtrail opponent Rosalind Peterson of Agriculture Defense Coalition, the bill was finalized and proposed by legislator Edward P. Romaine (1st District). (Full text below.)

Involved in Suffolk County government since 1989, Romaine is a fiscal conservative who prioritizes saving farmland and protecting the environment. In August, he organized Long Island’s first countywide farmers market, along with the Long Island Farm Bureau.

Romaine has represented the 1st District (eastern end of Long Island) continuously since 2005. He serves on the Environment, Planning & Agriculture Committee, which voted on Nov. 28 to submit the proposed law banning such aerial spraying to a public hearing.

The Piloulases and Ciresi will speak on Dec. 6 and are urging people to “pack the hearing” to show support for the ban.

“If this proposal becomes law in Suffolk County, Long Island, it would be the first in the nation. It would be a starting point for others to follow,” said LISW in a press release.

“Eventually, our governments would have to investigate why our trees are dying in record numbers; why our waters contain toxic levels of aluminum, barium and strontium; why 90% of us are vitamin D deficient; why our crops are failing; and where all of this crazy weather is coming from.”

Cindy Pikoulas of LISW spoke with New York Sky Watch radio on Nov. 20, when she advised that tree samples from Suffolk show high levels of barium, strontium and aluminum. She is asking Long Islanders to have their water and trees tested for these chemicals in order to build a body of evidence that would spur investigations by health and environment authorities.

In addition to attending the Dec. 6 hearing, Long Islanders can contact their county legislators via

Are Exemptions Necessary?

GMO Continually Being Banned In Food Freedom Declaration

Colorado’s Boulder County was the latest health freedom hotspot to stand up against Monsanto and genetically modified produce, with Boulder County advisory committees announcing plans to phase out GMO crops on open space in pursuit of sustainable and ethical farming practices. The county joins a long list of other political bodies that have banned, condemned, and even uprooted GMO crops across the globe.

Both the Food and Agriculture Policy Council and the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee of Boulder Country voted 5-4 to phase out GMOs in an economically viable way. The transition proves that it is possible to be environmentally conscious, preserve the health of citizens, and still maintain economic stability.

Genetically modified corn has been growing on around 16,000 acres of cropland owned by the county for around a decade. In 2009, public concern over the consequences of GMO crops sparked public debate within the county. Citizens demanded that GMO crops be banned after 6 local farmers asked permission to plant sugar beets that were engineered to resist the herbicide Roundup.
Nations Starting to Ban and Uproot GMO Crops

Hungary has gained international recognition for their bold stand against biotech giant Monsanto, destroying all Monsanto corn fields littered with GMO crops. The nation destroyed 1000 acres of maize found to have been grown with genetically modified seeds, which are banned in the country. Many of the farmers were actually shocked to find they were using GMO seeds, which are resulting in extreme environmental consequence.

Peru has also taken a stand for health freedom, passing a monumental 10 year ban on genetically modified foods. Amazingly, Peru’s Plenary Session of the Congress made the decision despite previous governmental pushes for GM legalization. The known and unknown dangers of GMO crops seem to supersede even executive-level governmental directives.

Anibal Huerta, President of Peru’s Agrarian Commission, said the ban was needed to prevent the ”danger that can arise from the use of biotechnology.”

When the people demand anti-GMO action from the government, they are oftentimes forced to listen.

Your Freedom Is In Danger

Hunting Americans Expands

Many of us have wondered if directed to; would our own military turn on us? It appears that this is the plan and has been all along, yet the question remains……would they actually do it if ordered to?

S.1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill. Senators Carl Levin (D) MI and John McCain (R) AZ, are bringing this bill to the Senate floor on

S.1867 The end of Liberty

Monday after having held secret committee meetings while never holding even one hearing on this bill which authorizes military action against US citizens, right here in the United States.

While the bill appears on the surface to be about authorizing defense funding for the illegal wars, the ongoing unwarranted surveillance of the US population and the continuing violations of the 4th Amendment as applied to US citizens, many of the provisions of the bill do not pertain to unidentifiable terrorists or any other villain carefully crafted to terrorize the country.

The fact is, as a result of the false flag attacks on 9/11, we have massive numbers of police state “laws” on the books which created “terrorists” or redefined “terrorist activity” to include everything from political dissent and free speech, even including targeting of US citizens for mentioning or referencing the Constitution or supporting third party, non-approved candidates for public office.

When this bill passes with these police state provisions included (I believe it will) you can expect your senator who voted “yes” on the bill to maintain that they only did so because otherwise the funding for the wars would have ceased (we could only hope) and they have to continue to fight the terrorists, terrorism, or what ever lame excuse pops into their heads to explain why they voted to pass what is clearly a police state bill.

The bill itself was drafted in secret and I believe it would be to our benefit to know who actually drafted that bill.

Who were the “stakeholders” who actually wrote the bill introduced by these two traitorous senators. We know they didn’t write it, they never do. All bills are written by stakeholders who blow through the doors of congress carry bags of cash to buy the support of politicians who make their living selling off our rights along with anything else that isn’t nailed down.

S.1867 includes these provisions highlighted by the ACLU:

If enacted, sections 1031 and 1032 of the NDAA would:

1) Explicitly authorize the federal government to indefinitely imprison without charge or trial American citizens and others picked up inside and outside theUnited States;

(2) Mandate military detention of some civilians who would otherwise be outside of military control, including civilians picked up within the United States itself; and

(3) Transfer to the Department of Defense core prosecutorial, investigative, law enforcement, penal, and custodial authority and responsibility now held by the Department of Justice.

The Washington Post of course did its part to make sure it appeared this bill was about “terrorists”, who could be held indefinitely, who could be subject to extraordinary rendition (transferred to countries like Egypt for extensive torture) and glossed over or totally avoided mentioning the fact that the provisions of this bill could be applied, and are actually intended to be applied to US citizens on US soil.

The language of the bill is intentionally very broadly written to allow later interpretations that will be used to redefine yet again, our rights, our protections, striking each one down under the false flag use of “the war of terror”.

In the last several years we have seen the militarization of our local law enforcement under the direction of Homeland Security. We now have major US cities armed with military tanks, drones, and outfitted like star wars storm troopers; all for use against US citizens in their own communities. Local law enforcement has been remade into extended military units to enable them to become a working military unit in tandem with military control.

These law enforcement units have ceased operating as “protect and serve” civil service operations and instead have become direct threats to the communities which are forced to endure them.

Cesium levels hit tens of billions of becquerels at river mouth

Researchers have sounded the alarm over river water containing cesium levels at tens of billions of becquerels a day flowing into the sea near Fukushima Prefecture, site of the crippled nuclear power plant.

A joint study by Kyoto University and the University of Tsukuba, among other entities, estimated that water at the mouth of the Abukumagawa river running through the prefecture was contaminated with cesium levels of about 50 billion becquerels a day.

They called for immediate and continued monitoring of the situation.

The daily radiation levels are equivalent to the total of amount of cesium in low-level contaminated water released into the sea in April by Tokyo Electric Power Co., operator of the stricken Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant.

The Abukumagawa river runs to the north in the prefecture, near Koriyama and Fukushima, the prefectural capital, and flows into the Pacific Ocean at Iwanuma in Miyagi Prefecture.

Its watershed area spans 5,400 square kilometers, including a vast stretch contaminated by the plant.

The researchers estimated the level for cesium-137 at 29.1 billion becquerels a day and that for cesium-134 at 23.4 billion becquerels a day--both at the mouth of the river.

More than 90 percent of the cesium was contained in small particles, including waterborne clay and other fine-grained soil, while the rest had dissolved in the water.

"The study shows a high level (of cesium) is being carried (into the ocean)," said Yosuke Yamashiki, associate professor of environmental engineering at Kyoto University. "The inflow will likely continue for some time. But the content can be reduced."

Yamashiki said that could be accomplished by taking advantage of the fact that cesium tends to accumulate in areas where there is a dam.

The estimated levels near Date, a city situated at the middle reaches of the river, were 92.5 billion becquerels a day for cesium-137 and 83.8 billion becquerels a day for cesium-134.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tel-Lie-Vision And The Harm Done

Citizen Initiative To Ban Chemtrails

'On Dec. 6, New York’s Suffolk County government will hold a public hearing on a proposal to ban aerial spraying of aluminum oxide, barium, sulfur, and other salts into the air over the county without first filing an Environmental Impact Statement with and receiving approval from the county’s Department of Health Services, Division of Environmental Quality.

Exempted from the proposed ban are aerosol spraying operations for agriculture, and for lyme disease, Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), West Nile virus (WNV), and other disease vector control operations.

The hearing will be held at the Riverhead Legislative Auditorium, Evans K. Griffing Building, 300 Center Drive in Riverhead, NY at 2:30 pm. If the public is able to convince legislators of the risk from such geoengineering operations, the legislation will then be voted on at the Dec. 20th session. Otherwise, the proposed ban will be tabled indefinitely.'

BASF Tries To Pimp GMO Potatoes To Europe

Europeans have made it abundantly clear time and time again that they want nothing to do with genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). But chemical giant BASF refuses to take no for an answer, and is once again pushing for EU approval of a "Frankenpotato" known as Fortuna that, if approved, would represent the EU's second new legalized GMO in more than a decade.

Unlike most Americans, Europeans generally take a keen interest in the integrity of their food supply, and are very outspoken against government actions that promote tampering with it. This is a big reason why GMOs have to be properly labeled throughout Europe, and why most recent attempts to legalize more "Frankencrops" in the EU have failed.'

6 Year Old Arrested For Felony Sex Crime By Playing Doctor

'Last week the parents of a Wisconsin boy sued Grant County District Attorney Lisa Riniker for charging their son with first-degree sexual assault, a Class B felony, after he played "butt doctor" with a 5-year-old girl. He was 6 at the time. When the boy's lawyer tried to have the charge dismissed, Riniker replied: "The legislature could have put an age restriction in the statute if it wanted to. The legislature did no such thing."

According to the complaint , the girl is "the daughter of a well-known political figure in Grant County," and her brother, who is the same age, also was involved in playing doctor but was not charged. In addition to Riniker, the lawsuit names as defendants retired Grant County Sheriff's Sgt. James Kopp and Jan Moravits, an investigator with Grant County Social Services "whose regional the political figure's wife's sister-in-law"—i.e., the aunt of the alleged victim.

Although the boy, now 7, is too young to be prosecuted or named in a juvenile delinquency petitition, , county officials are using the felony charge to force his parents into accepting "protection or services" for him. The lawsuit says that once he turns 18, he will be listed as a sex offender.'

Use This Medical Miracle Herb & Face Prison

'There are more than 60 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids in the marijuana plant. Cannabinoids interact with your body by way of naturally occurring cannabinoid receptors embedded in cell membranes throughout your body. There are cannabinoid receptors in your brain, lungs, liver, kidneys, immune system and more; both the therapeutic and psychoactive properties of marijuana occur when a cannabinoid (such as the THC produced by the cannabis plant) activates a cannabinoid receptor.

Your body also has naturally occurring endocannabinoids that stimulate your cannabinoid receptors and produce a variety of important physiologic processes, far beyond that of the traditional "highs" associated with THC.

What is amazing is that your body is actually hard-wired to respond to cannabinoids through this unique cannabinoid receptor system; research is still ongoing on just how extensive their impact is on our health, but to date it's known that cannabinoid receptors play an important role in many body processes, including metabolic regulation, cravings, pain, anxiety, bone growth, and immune function.'

NOTE: Good article, and I'm sure the reference in the article to Fed law surpassing state law was a misprint. As many times as the powers that be try to convince us of that truth, lawfully it isn't true.

Potential Indefinite Detention US Citizens Anywhere In World?

'The Senate is going to vote on whether Congress will give this president—and every future president — the power to order the military to pick up and imprison without charge or trial civilians anywhere in the world. Even Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) raised his concerns about the NDAA detention provisions during last night’s Republican debate. The power is so broad that even U.S. citizens could be swept up by the military and the military could be used far from any battlefield, even within the United States itself.

The worldwide indefinite detention without charge or trial provision is in S. 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act bill, which will be on the Senate floor on Monday. The bill was drafted in secret by Sens. Carl Levin (D-Mich.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) and passed in a closed-door committee meeting, without even a single hearing.'

NOTE: Why waste so much energy with all of these cumbersome laws. How about just one all encompassing law, it could be called.


Cops Attack Wal Mart Shopping Grandfather

After he regained consciousness, Newman was transported to a local hospital; after, he was charged with his alleged crime.

The Buckeye police chief has defended the actions of the officers and says that the cell phone footage doesn’t do justice to the entire incident; store surveillance cameras didn’t catch the event on tape. Because force was used in the arrest, however, an investigation will open up while the officer remains on the force.

NOTE: These imbeciles have opened WM to a nice law suit. It isn't considered "shop lifting" until the person has left the premises.

Society needs to shun these monsters. Go to the article to see the video of the poor man, knocked faced down, bleeding and unconscious.

Violent OWS Attacks Aren't A Coincidence

To Europeans, the enormity of this breach may not be obvious at first. Our system of government prohibits the creation of a federalized police force, and forbids federal or militarized involvement in municipal peacekeeping.

I noticed that right-wing pundits and politicians on the TV shows on which I was appearing were all on-message against OWS. Journalist Chris Hayes reported on a leaked memo that revealed lobbyists vying for an $850,000 contract to smear Occupy. Message coordination of this kind is impossible without a full-court press at the top.

This was clearly not simply a case of a freaked-out mayors', city-by-city municipal overreaction against mess in the parks and cranky campers. As the puzzle pieces fit together, they began to show coordination against OWS at the highest national levels.

Why this massive mobilization against these not-yet-fully-articulated, unarmed, inchoate people? After all, protesters against the war in Iraq, Tea Party rallies and others have all proceeded without this coordinated crackdown. Is it really the camping? As I write, two hundred young people, with sleeping bags, suitcases and even folding chairs, are still camping out all night and day outside of NBC on public sidewalks – under the benevolent eye of an NYPD cop – awaiting Saturday Night Live tickets, so surely the camping is not the issue. I was still deeply puzzled as to why OWS, this hapless, hopeful band, would call out a violent federal response.

For the terrible insight to take away from news that the Department of Homeland Security coordinated a violent crackdown is that the DHS does not freelance. The DHS cannot say, on its own initiative, "we are going after these scruffy hippies". Rather, DHS is answerable up a chain of command: first, to New York Representative Peter King, head of the House homeland security subcommittee, who naturally is influenced by his fellow congressmen and women's wishes and interests. And the DHS answers directly, above King, to the president (who was conveniently in Australia at the time).

In other words, for the DHS to be on a call with mayors, the logic of its chain of command and accountability implies that congressional overseers, with the blessing of the White House, told the DHS to authorize mayors to order their police forces – pumped up with millions of dollars of hardware and training from the DHS – to make war on peaceful citizens.

But wait: why on earth would Congress advise violent militarized reactions against its own peaceful constituents? The answer is straightforward: in recent years, members of Congress have started entering the system as members of the middle class (or upper middle class) – but they are leaving DC privy to vast personal wealth, as we see from the "scandal" of presidential contender Newt Gingrich's having been paid $1.8m for a few hours' "consulting" to special interests. The inflated fees to lawmakers who turn lobbyists are common knowledge, but the notion that congressmen and women are legislating their own companies' profitsis less widely known – and if the books were to be opened, they would surely reveal corruption on a Wall Street spectrum. Indeed, we do already know that congresspeople are massively profiting from trading on non-public information they have on companies about which they are legislating – a form of insider trading that sent Martha Stewart to jail.

Since Occupy is heavily surveilled and infiltrated, it is likely that the DHS and police informers are aware, before Occupy itself is, what its emerging agenda is going to look like. If legislating away lobbyists' privileges to earn boundless fees once they are close to the legislative process, reforming the banks so they can't suck money out of fake derivatives products, and, most critically, opening the books on a system that allowed members of Congress to profit personally – and immensely – from their own legislation, are two beats away from the grasp of an electorally organized Occupy movement … well, you will call out the troops on stopping that advance.

So, when you connect the dots, properly understood, what happened this week is the first battle in a civil war; a civil war in which, for now, only one side is choosing violence. It is a battle in which members of Congress, with the collusion of the American president, sent violent, organized suppression against the people they are supposed to represent. Occupy has touched the third rail: personal congressional profits streams. Even though they are, as yet, unaware of what the implications of their movement are, those threatened by the stirrings of their dreams of reform are not.

Sadly, Americans this week have come one step closer to being true brothers and sisters of the protesters in Tahrir Square. Like them, our own national leaders, who likely see their own personal wealth under threat from transparency and reform, are now making war upon us.

That is, until I found out what it was that OWS actually wanted.

Dr Chris Busby Turns On Attackers

NOTE: Real target for attacks are to divert your attention from what Busby is exposing, and that is educated truth and clarity regarding the Fukushima disaster and the nuclear industry in general. He must be discredited, in their minds, in order to continue to deceive you.

He also speaks of a new weapon, made of enriched Uranium. There is much more to the attacks trying to silence this dedicated professional.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Dutch Out Of Love With Industrial Wind

“When the Netherlands built its first sea-based wind turbines in 2006, they were seen as symbols of a greener future,” says this article by Ivana Sekularac.

“The 36 turbines — each one the height of a 30-storey building — produce enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 100,000 households each year.

“But five years later… the Dutch government says offshore wind power is too expensive and that it cannot afford to subsidize the entire cost of 18 cents per kilowatt hour — some 4.5 billion euros last year.

“The government now plans to transfer the financial burden to households and industrial consumers (and) will start billing consumers and companies in January 2013.”

Duke Of Edinburg Says Industrial Wind Useless

The Duke also claimed that “wind farms would ‘never work’ and accused people who support them of believing in a ‘fairy tale’”.

The Duke’s attack on the turbines came in a conversation with Esbjorn Wilmar, managing director of a leading wind farm company.

“Mr Wilmar said one of the main reasons the Duke thought onshore wind farms to be “a very bad idea” was their reliance on such subsidies.”

“Electricity customers are paying an average of £90 (US$143) a year to subsidise wind farms and other forms of renewable energy as part of a government scheme to meet carbon-reduction targets.

Britain presently has 3,421 wind turbines, with another 4,500 expected to be built under plans for wind power to play a more important role in providing Britain’s energy.

Last month, Energy Secretary Chris Huhne called opponents of the wind turbine plans “curmudgeons and fault-finders” and described the turbines as “elegant” and “beautiful.”

Reports Meet NYPD Fists

'Over several days, New York cops have arrested, punched, whacked, shoved to the ground and tossed a barrier at reporters and photographers.

Reporters with The Associated Press and The Daily News were arrested while taking notes. A radio reporter was arrested as she recorded several blocks from the park.

All of this behavior “allegedly” occurred “on the streets of New York.”'

Merck Pays $950 Millions In Fines

'It was announced on Tuesday that Merck will pay upwards of $950 million as a means of resolving investigations carried out regarding the company’s marketing tactics of their painkiller Vioxx.

The corrupt, profit-driven company is planning to pay $321.6 million in criminal fines while the remaining $628.4 million goes toward a civil settlement agreement.

Merck will also be pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge due to false advertising and deceptive marketing tactics by marketing Vioxx as a treatment for rheumatoid arthritis – all without FDA approval. While the amount of money Merck must pay may seem rather large, the company makes billions of dollars selling their disease-riddled products.'

US Senator Calls US Drunkard Charging To War With Anyone

Thanksgiving Hypocrisy

'"Sitting down with friends and family today, there will be thanks for the steady currents, flowing out of the past, that have brought us to this table....And there will be prayerful thanks for the future."

Fact check

At a time when federal, state and local authorities increasingly turn a blind eye to growing poverty, unemployment, homelessness, hunger and despair, Times editors gave thanks for their blessings others lack.

They also ignored multiple imperial wars slaughtering millions, and draining trillions of dollars needed for vital homeland needs. What else to expect from America's leading establishment broadsheet, serving wealth and power, not popular interests.'

Thousands Of Wind Turbines Now Abdoned Metal Junk

'Literal beacons of the "green" energy movement, giant wind turbines have been one of the renewable energy sources of choice for the US government, which has spent billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing their construction and use across the country. But high maintenance costs, high rates of failure, and fluctuating weather conditions that affect energy production render wind turbines expensive and inefficient, which is why more than 14,000 of them have since been abandoned.

Before government subsidies for the giant metals were cut or eliminated in many areas, wind farms were an energy boom business. But in the post-tax subsidy era, the costs of maintaining and operating wind turbines far outweighs the minimal power they generate in many areas, which has left a patchwork of wind turbine graveyards in many of the most popular wind farming areas of the US.'

NOTE: These are NOT clean, NOT Green, and NOT Cheap, there are no contractual agreements to remove monstrosities, and when the money runs out, and it is running out, the greedy land owners are rightfully left with the mess. Everyone else sadly is still left with the environmental degradation

US Military Should Say NO More Slaughter Of Innocent People

'The President can’t do it – not in an election year.

The Congress can’t do it – not in an election year, or any year for that matter.

The Zionists have a down payment on the White House, and they own Congress free and clear. Zionist sources are said to provide roughly half of the bribe money euphemistically known as “campaign contributions.” They’ve turned the entire US political class into a gang of treasonous whores who daily pledge undying allegiance to the Israeli flag.

So who can stop them? Who can prevent a ruinous war on Iran? Only the US military.'

Banksters, Taxters, Tyranny & Defining Rules Of Engagement

“The game is very much rigged in favour of false authority, and the enforcement of the perpetrators. But the more people who stand before another individual and de-masks them of authority, the more there is a domino escalating effect that makes the system falls. It can only fall if we stand in freedom in front of each person who comes to us in the enslavement of authority... It falls one person at the time..."

Oregon Sheriff Stands Against Feds & Wants All Sheriffs To Do So

“The Constitution is clear on who has police and legislative powers. Those executive orders are not law,” said Gilbertson.

And while FLPMA is a congressionally passed statute, it delegates undue powers to the agencies. “Congress cannot give an agency the ability to write rules and regulations and enforce them as if they were law,” he said. “Congress has to do that. These agencies write their own rules and regulations as they go along and enforce these as law.”

“The big issue, as I see it,” he continued, “is that all these things combine. You have DEQ, EPA, all these federal entities. And as all these federal agencies evolved over the years, there’s been mission creep. They decided, well, we need to fix this; this gives us more powers, and so forth, so we’ll just write down more rules and regulations. They were allowed to get away with it for whatever reason, and now they enforce those as laws. But it’s clearly stated that that can’t be done -- I spelled that out in my document,” he said.

Moreover, “Forest reserves were not federal enclaves subject to the doctrine of exclusive legislative jurisdiction of the United States. Local peace officers were to exercise civil and criminal process over these lands. Forest Service rangers were not law enforcement officers unless designated as such by state authority.”

The federal government sees it otherwise, so in addition to expanding claims for general regulatory power agencies like the Forest Service are attempting to extend the reach of law enforcement authority – a matter that adds to Gilbertson’s concerns.

“The U.S. Forest Service and BLM are really stepping outside their authority in that the Constitution does not give them that,” he observed. “The Tenth Amendment clearly reserves police rights to the states.”

Law Enforcement Power Grab

Sheriffs in other counties have taken note of this development. In his report Gilbertson refers to a one-page position paper by the Western States Sheriffs’ Association that concurs with his observations, and in fact grew from his earlier one. He writes, quoting from the WSSA statement:

Constitutional Sheriffs Support Rural America

These 8 sheriffs have come together in Siskiyou County in defense of rural America. They assert their oath to defend the people from all enemies foreign and domestic. Dam removal is but one of the federal and state actions that can be described as regulatory terrorism. The 10th Amendment gives the county sheriff the power to be the people’s last line of defense. These are the heroes for all freedom-loving citizens and it’s all starting right here in rural America. Listen to their passion for the people under siege in their counties and ask yourself if you can stay out of this fight one day longer. They are coming for you next!

Don't miss the great videos!

Throw These Natural Cooking Oils In The Trash

'When you see a supposedly "natural" product, like ConAgra's Wesson brand vegetable oils claim to be, you would probably assume they contain no genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which by definition are not found in nature.

But Wesson oils, specifically the Canola Oil, Vegetable Oil, Corn Oil, and Best Blend, do in fact contain GMOs, prompting a class-action lawsuit over their misleading "100% natural" label claim.'

NOTE: If you haven't read about Healthy Oils there is much to discover.

Also keep in mind that Corn, Soy, Cotton seed receive billions of tax dollars subsidies to produce their GMO garbage to go into false foods. That's why junk food is cheap, it's subsidized by all of us, and why Healthy Food is more expensive.

Vote with each dollar that you spend, and soon the industrial false food giants will fall.

Deaf Man On Bike Taserd By Trigger Happy Police

'A police officer killed an elderly, deaf and mentally disabled man riding his bicycle by shooting him with a Taser stun gun after he failed to obey instructions to stop.

Roger Anthony, 61, was killed as he made his way home in Scotland Neck, South Carolina, after officers responded to a 911 call about a man who had fallen off his bicycle in a car park. The caller told dispatchers that the man appeared drunk and that it looked like he had hurt himself.

Officers said they repeatedly told Mr Anthony to get off his bike, but when he didn't respond, they shocked him. The state Office of the Medical Examiner hasn't yet determined a cause of death.'

TEPCO Claims Individuals Own Radiation, Not Them!

'During court proceedings concerning a radioactive golf course, Tokyo Electric Power Co. stunned lawyers by saying the utility was not responsible for decontamination because it no longer "owned" the radioactive substances.

“Radioactive materials (such as cesium) that scattered and fell from the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant belong to individual landowners there, not TEPCO,” the utility said.

That argument did not sit well with the companies that own and operate the Sunfield Nihonmatsu Golf Club, just 45 kilometers west of the stricken TEPCO plant in Fukushima Prefecture. The Tokyo District Court also rejected that idea.'

5 Year Old Handcuffed Led To Psychiatric Hospital

'Michael Davis had his hands tied behind his back with zip ties and was driven in a police car to psychiatric hospital after apparently lashing out at the officer during a meeting at his primary school.

Michael had been diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and his teachers suggested that he meet with a school police officer, Lieutenant Frank Gordo, in the hope that a uniformed presence might curb his disruptive behaviour. According to a police report, Lt Gordo put his hand on Michael's and "the boy pushed my hand away in a batting motion, pushed papers off the table, and kicked me in the right knee".

The officer said Michael refused to calm down and so his hands and feet were secured with zip ties of the sort used to restrain violence criminals. Without informing the boy's parents, Lt Gordo drove him in the back of his police car to Stockton Kaiser Psychiatric Hospital for an evaluation.'

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UC Davis Chancellor Should Refresh Her Resume

NOTE: Why do we need security guards in Riot gear, impersonating cops, weren't they qualified enough to eat with the doughnut boys?

Seattle Cops Hit & Spray Pregnant Protestor Who Miscarries

'Jennifer Fox, 19 years old, claims she was hit in the abdomen twice - once by a police officer's foot and once by an officer's bicycle - while the police tried to disperse protesters in Seattle on 15 November, The Stranger, a Seattle weekly, reported on Tuesday.

“I was standing in the middle of the crowd when the police started moving in. I was screaming, 'I am pregnant, I am pregnant. Let me through. I am trying to get out,'” Fox said. She added that one officer lifted his foot and hit her in the stomach and another pushed his bicycle in the crowd, again hitting her in the stomach.

“Right before I turned, both cops lifted their pepper spray and sprayed me,” she continued. “My eyes puffed up and my eyes swelled shut. They diagnosed that I was having a miscarriage. They said the damage was from the kick and that the pepper spray got to it [the fetus], too.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Police State Makes It's Move

U.S soldiers died protecting what and who again? These actions should make this much clear: The U.S. military and the police exist to protect the 1%. At this point, the ideal of freedom will be carried by those willing to resist cops and soldiers. There have been many who have struggled and often died for freedom--but scant few were clad in uniforms issued by governments.

Freedom rises despite cops and soldiers not because of them. And that is exactly why those who despise freedom propagate military hagiography and fetishize those wearing uniforms--so they can give the idea of liberty lip service as all the while they order it crushed.

When anyone tells you that dead soldiers and veterans died for your freedom, it is your duty to occupy reality and inform them of just how mistaken they are. And if you truly cherish the concepts of freedom and liberty, you just might be called on to face mindless arrays of fascist cops and lose your freedom, for a time, going to jail, so others might, at some point, gain their freedom.

Resignation Calls For UC Davis Chancellor

Born Again American

Why Some People Don't Like Hearing The Truth

UC Davis To Investigate US Police Brutality

'University Chancellor Linda Katehi said on Saturday that she would establish a taskforce of faculty members, students, and staff to review the incident.

“The use of the pepper spray as shown on the video is chilling to us all and raises many questions about how best to handle situations like this,” she said in a message posted on the university's website.

On Friday, police officers violently confronted anti-corporatism protesters camping on the UC Davis campus, spraying the chemical irritant on students that were siting on the ground, refusing to leave their encampment.'

Are Federales Itching For Martial Law?

Sky High Radiation After Rain

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Con-Gress Loves Inside Training

NYPD Demonstrating Their Aggressive Sugar Highs

2 ABQ Cops Beat & Kick Man, Celebrate Afterward

uspect Nicholas Blume had only been stopped for a traffic violation at the time in Albuquerque, New Mexico, when he was beaten up.

Officers John Doyle and Robert Woolever have now been fired from New Mexico’s police force, which has recently been criticised over its high number of police shootings.

A special prosecutor is also reviewing the February 13 incident and will decide if the two will face criminal charges.


Savage beating of subway passenger caught on tape, as police hunt down suspects
Who let the dog out! Terrier on the run leads police on frantic OJ Simpson-style highway chase WITH VIDEO

The footage disgusted Albuquerque's mayor Richard Berry who said he 'expects some answers'.

The video was taken in the parking garage in the Barcelona Hotel in Albuquerque and shows Blume lying on the floor being punched in the head by Woolever, who is straddling his body.

Doyle then appears and kicks Blume repeatedly in the head as he lies pinned down on the floor, unable to defend himself.

Go to above link for video of uniforms beating unarmed man

DHS Secret Police

Kurt Nimmo
November 17, 2011

Demotix has posted photos showing that the Department of Homeland Security now operates as a secret police force that arrests people at political events, the hallmark of all totalitarian governments.

The Federal Protective Service (FPS) arrested a photographer at Portland’s Terry Shrunk Plaza, which is adjacent to both City Hall and the Edith Green-Wendall Wyatt Federal Building.

he Department of Homeland Security describes the FPS as “a federal law enforcement agency that provides integrated security and law enforcement services to federally owned and leased buildings, facilities, properties and other assets.”

The location of Portland’s Terry Shrunk Plaza accounts for why FPS officers may have participated in the arrests, since the jurisdiction of the plaza is shared by both local and federal authorities, according to Rick Ellis, writing for the Examiner.
Anti-Radiation Water Filters

“FPS is working with the Portland Police Bureau to enforce the prohibition of overnight encampments at Schrunk Plaza, while protecting the safety and security of all involved,” said Chris Ortman, an agency spokesman, at the time of the photographer’s arrest.

Under Posse Comitatus, it is illegal for the federal government to collaborate with local law enforcement in the arrest of citizens.

Jurisdiction of Schrunk Plaza is shared jointly by the federal government, the city and the state of Oregon, The Oregonian explains.

Both the Portland Police Department and the Federal Protective Service have not responded to a request for more information on the arrest.

It was reported earlier in the week by a Justice Department official that local law enforcement has plotted its response to the OWS movement in coordination with the DHS, the FBI and other federal police agencie

New Law Claiming Americans As Terrorists

New Law By Obama To Jail 500,000 American Citizens Or More For The Crime Of Opposing Their Government.
Thursday, November 17, 2011 7:20

Foreign Ministry reports circulating in the Kremlin today are warning that an already explosive situation in the United States is about to get a whole lot worse as a new law put forth by President Obama is said capable of seeing up to 500,000 American citizens jailed for the crime of opposing their government.

Sparking the concern of Russian diplomats over the growing totalitarian bent of the Obama government is the planned reintroduction of what these reports call one of the most draconian laws ever introduced in a free society that is titled “The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”.

First introduced in the US Congress in 2007 by Democratic Representative Jane Harmon, this new law passed the US House of Representatives by a secretive voice vote, but failed to pass the US Senate, after which it was believed dead until this past week when it was embraced by Obama who became the first American President to name his own citizens as a threat to his Nations security.

In what is called the National Security Strategy document, that is required of US Presidents by their Congress, that embraces the dictatorial ideals of the “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act”, Obama has ordered his Federal police and intelligence forces to begin targeting Americans opposed to him and his radical socialist polices.

Obama’s top counter-terrorism advisor, John Brennan, in speaking to reporters about this new “strategy” says it makes the problem of home-grown terrorists a top priority because an increasing number of individuals in the US have become “captivated by extremist ideology or causes.”

The Times of London is further reporting that Obama’s new National Security Strategy “officially” ends America’s “War on Terror” in what they call “a sweeping repudiation of the Bush doctrine of pre-emptive military strikes.”

And as Obama begins re-focusing his forces from fighting America’s foreign enemies, to those opposed to him in his own country, it is important to remember the warning about this new law given by the former CIA official, Philip Giraldi, who had previously warned of the Bush-Cheney plan to attack Iran with nuclear weapons, and who said:

“The mainstream media has made no effort to inform the public of the impending Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act. The Act, which was sponsored by Congresswoman Jane Harman of California, was passed in the House by an overwhelming 405 to 6 vote on October 24th and is now awaiting approval by the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is headed by Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.

Harman’s bill contends that the United States will soon have to deal with home grown terrorists and that something must be done to anticipate and neutralize the problem. The act deals with the issue through the creation of a congressional commission that will be empowered to hold hearings, conduct investigations, and designate various groups as “homegrown terrorists.”

The commission will be tasked to propose new legislation that will enable the government to take punitive action against both the groups and the individuals who are affiliated with them. Like Joe McCarthy and HUAC in the past, the commission will travel around the United States and hold hearings to find the terrorists and root them out.

Unlike inquiries in the past where the activity was carried out collectively, the act establishing the Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Commission will empower all the members on the commission to arrange hearings, obtain testimony, and even to administer oaths to witnesses, meaning that multiple hearings could be running simultaneously in various parts of the country.

The ten commission members will be selected for their “expertise,” though most will be appointed by Congress itself and will reflect the usual political interests. They will be paid for their duties at the senior executive pay scale level and will have staffs and consultants to assist them.

Harman’s bill does not spell out terrorist behavior and leaves it up to the Commission itself to identify what is terrorism and what isn’t.

Language inserted in the act does partially define “homegrown terrorism” as “planning” or “threatening” to use force to promote a political objective, meaning that just thinking about doing something could be enough to merit the terrorist label.

The act also describes “violent radicalization” as the promotion of an “extremist belief system” without attempting to define “extremist.”

NYPD Motorcycles Overwhelmed & Retreat

Former Police Capt Joins NYC Protest

Update: Mr. Lewis has been arrested, according to multiple reports.
Retired Philadelphia Police Captain Ray Lewis was in Zuccotti Park last night with the Occupy Wall Street protesters. Mr. Lewis showed up in uniform carrying signs a pair of signs imploring New York City cops to join the protests. “NYPD Don’t Be Wall Street Mercenaries,” one read. Mr. Lewis was interviewed on one of the Occupy Wall Street livestreams at about two this morning. He was sharply critical of the NYPD’s conduct during their raid on the protest encampment Tuesday. “This bullrush–what happened last night is totally uncalled for,” Mr. Lewis said.

A Philadelphia Police Department spokesperson confirmed to the Observer that Mr. Lewis was a captain prior to retiring in 2004. He was photographed at the protests yesterday afternoon as demonstrators ringed Zuccotti Park in the wake of their eviction.

In his late night interview with the livestreamers, Lewis said police in New York City should have dealt with Occupy Wall Street through negotiation rather than forcefully removing protesters from the park.

“You should, by law, only use force to protect someone’s life or to protect them from being bodily injured OK? If you’re not protecting somebody’s life or protecting them from bodily injury, there’s no need to use force. And the number one thing that they always have in their favor that they seldom use is negotiation–continue to talk, and talk and talk to people. You have nothing to lose by that,” Mr Lewis said. “This bullrush–what happened last night is totally uncalled for when they did not use negotiation long enough.”

Mayor Bloomberg has stated the raid was necessary because the protest encampment carried with it a risk of crime, fire and health hazards. Mr. Lewis called that rationale “a farce.”

“They complained about the park being dirty. Here they are worrying about dirty parks when people are starving to death, where people are freezing, where people are sleeping in subways and they’re concerned about a dirty park. That’s obnoxious, it’s arrogant, it’s ignorant, it’s disgusting,” Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Lewis said the police want to get rid of him, but he vowed to keep coming back to the protests.

“They’re trying to get me arrested and I may disappear OK?” Mr. Lewis said. “As soon as I’m let out of jail, I’ll be right back here and they’ll have to arrest me again.”

Mr. Lewis thinks some officers might appreciate his presence, but not top brass.

“I’m their worst enemy, especially with the white shirts, the bosses OK? Some of the fellow cops they might be thinking, you know, ‘That guy, he’s got a point,’ but the bosses, i’m their number one enemy,” Mr. Lewis said.

Mr. Lewis clearly doesn’t think the NYPD likes him, but he told the protesters he doesn’t think cops are their enemy.

“All the cops are, they’re just workers for the one percent and they don’t even realize they’re being exploited,” Mr. Lewis said.

Viewers who watched Mr. Lewis’ interview told us he spoke on camera for more than 40 minutes. We’ll try to get our hands on a full clip, but for now, you can watch an excerpt of Mr. Lewis’ livestream appearance below.

Japan Minister Nuclear Power Has Unusual Facial Lesions

Minister of nuclear power ,Hosono is promoting meaningless decontamination in Fukushima.
He and his funny frieds are trying to make us believe it’s become CLEAN because volunteers decontaminated the land.

However,some of the volunteers have already died after decontamination labor because of cardiac infarct. This will never be news on main street. but the spots on Hosono’s face can’t be hidden.

EPA Targes Wood Stoves

'Traditional wood-burning stoves are still one of the most cost-efficient, sustainable, and renewable sources of energy production that families can use to heat their homes. But the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is not a huge fan of them, as was evidenced by its recent decision to push those who use traditional models to convert to EPA-approved -- and oftentimes much more expensive -- alternative models.

Throughout history, civilizations have relied on the burning of wood to cook food, warm water, and heat places of dwelling. After all, trees are an abundant and renewable source of wood, which means that the costs associated with obtaining energy and heat from burning wood are minimal. This, of course, is why many cash-strapped folks today are turning to wood-burning stoves rather than their local utilities.'

DHS Trained Snitches Told Best Pal Could Be Terrorist

'American citizens are being trained that their best friend or their closest neighbor could be a terrorist in ‘Community Awareness Program’ classes sponsored by the same DHS-linked non-profit group which was behind the infamous “Recognizing the Eight Signs of Terrorism” video, a PSA that suggested buying gold was a suspicious activity.

“The face of antiterrorism in Colorado includes a former Washington lobbyist, an ex-Marine from Lakewood whose wife gives him the evil eye when he’s sizing up potential threats at Denver International Airport, and a native New Yorker who refuses to ride on the subway and spends as little time as possible in high-rise buildings,” reports the Denver Post.

The story is little more than a promotional vehicle for ‘Community Awareness Program’ courses being run out of Lakewood Police Department in Denver, Colorado.'

Angels Still Don't Play This HAARP

Gunderson Report To NRC

Post Fukushima: All the King's Horses and All the King's Men... from Fairewinds Associates on Vimeo.

Fukushima Radiation Circled Globe In 10 Days

The Meteorological Research Institute published their analysis data showing radiation from the ruined Fukushima reactors and spent fuel pools went around the earth within 10 days, and that 70 ~ 80 % of radioactive cesium dropped into the Pacific Ocean by April.

Mr.Tanaka, a member of the team said, from March to April, subtropical westerlies conveyed most of the plume out of the Japanese islands, but most of it had dropped and contaminated the Pacific Ocean.

NOTE: We are now about 250 days into continual daily circling of new radiation daily, circling the globe.

Nuke Expert Gunderson Predicts 20-30% Cancer Increases Or More

Japan TV host diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia — Had been eating Fukushima produce on show

“A 63-year-old TV newscaster has been diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia and is now hospitalized, getting ready for chemo. He felt a strange lump in his neck on October 28, he says. (Various news sources including: Zakzak 11/7/2011, Yomiuri Shinbun 11/6/2011)

“In his morning program on Fuji TV he’s been promoting Fukushima produce by eating them in the show. He also happened to be in Fukushima in March 15. Just a coincidence. Never mind that ALL is predominant in small children, and an adult case is one in 100,000 annually in Japan.

Dr Helen Caldicott On Continued Fukushima Catastrophy

LINK TV, Oct. 21 — Dr. Helen Caldicott appeared on the LINK TV program Earth Focus to discuss the Fukushima crisis and other nuclear issues.

Caldicott received her medical degree from the University of Adelaide Medical School. In 1977 she joined the staff of the Children’s Hospital Medical Center in Boston, and taught pediatrics at the Harvard Medical School from 1977 to 1978. She worked to establish the group International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War which was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1985. -Wikipedia

Monsanto Bayer & Dow Face Tribunal Charges For Human Rights Violationsy

Permanent Peoples' Tribunal accuses biotech giants Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and BASF of promoting dangerous pesticides including endosulfan, paraquat and neonicotinoids

The world's major agrochemical companies, Monsanto, Dow, Bayer, Syngenta, DuPont and BASF, will face a public tribunal in early December accused of systematic human rights violations.

They are accused of violating more than 20 instruments of international human rights law through promoting reliance on the sale and use of dangerous and unsafe pesticides including endosulfan, paraquat and neonicotinoids.

The Permanent Peoples' Tribunal (PPT), an international opinion tribunal created in 1979, will hear expert testimony from scientists, medical doctors and lawyers to prove the charges. Victims who have been injured by these products - from farmers, farmworkers, mothers and consumers from around the world - will also testify to the causes and nature of their injuries.

The cases will be heard over a four-day trial in Bangalore, India beginning December 3. While the Tribunal has no legal weight, and cannot force sanctions on companies, it aims to expose and raise awareness of large-scale human rights violations.

Pesticides Action Network (PAN) International, a global network comprised of 600 organisations in 90 countries, has spent years collecting information to bring about the indictments and is seeking justice for more than 25 specific cases - such as Silvino Talavera, an 11-year-old from Paraguay who died days after breathing in a cloud of Monsanto's RoundUp herbicide sprayed by a crop duster. The trial will also hear evidence of the link between pesticide use and a decline in bees.

The corporations, known as the 'Big 6' control 74 per cent of the global pesticide market, as well as dominating the global seed market.

Bayer reject the allegations saying they are a 'wholesale distortion of the role of pesticides in our society.' Monsanto, Syngenta and Dow, after being contacted by the Ecologist, were unavailable for comment.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Engineer Explains Taxes At #Occupy

DHS In Charge Of Occupy Crack Downs

The 18 city police action was a national, coordinated effort. This is a more serious development that one might imagine. Reader Richard Kline has pointed out that one of the de facto protections of American freedoms is that policing is local, accountable to elected officials at a level of government where voters matter. National coordination vitiates the notion that policing is responsive to and accountable to the governed.

According to Oakland Mayor Jean said that 18 cities coordinated police crack downs on Occupy protests.

Wonkette reports that Homeland Security likely organized the crack downs:

Remember when people were freaking out over the Patriot Act and Homeland Security and all this other conveniently ready-to-go post-9/11 police state stuff, because it would obviously be just a matter of time before the whole apparatus was turned against non-Muslim Americans when they started getting complain-y about the social injustice and economic injustice and income inequality and endless recession and permanent unemployment?

That day is now, and has been for some time. But it’s also now confirmedthat it’s now, as some Justice Department official screwed up and admitted that the Department of Homeland Security coordinated the riot-cop raids on a dozen major #Occupy Wall Street demonstration camps nationwide yesterday and today. (Oh, and tonight, too: Seattle is being busted up by the riot cops right now, so be careful out there.)

Rick Ellis of the Minneapolis edition of has this, based on a “background conversation” he had with a Justice Department official on Monday night:

Over the past ten days, more than a dozen cities have moved to evict “Occupy” protesters from city parks and other public spaces. As was the case in last night’s move in New York City, each of the police actions shares a number of characteristics. And according to one Justice official, each of those actions was coordinated with help from Homeland Security, the FBI and other federal police agencies.