Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fukushima Fallout Awareness Network

“We are alarmed at the lack of testing currently in place to meet the present-and-growing threat of Cesium 134 and 137 contamination in our food supply.

The time is past-due for a comprehensive response to radiation present in our food supply from the Fukushima disaster. ”  Alexis Lynn Baden-Mayer,  Political Director, Organic Consumers Association

ACTION ALERT!! Click on the ‘Take Action’ page to sign the Bye Bye Becquerel petition to keep harmful radioactive waste out of our food, be it conventionally grown or organic!! ACTION ALERT!

 NEXT, add your comments to the FDA CITIZEN PETITION filed on March 12, 2013 by FFAN coalition members Beyond Nuclear, Citizens for Health, and Ecological Options Network to significantly lower cancer causing Cesium 134 and 137 in the U.S. food, nutritional supplement and pharmaceutical supply, including imports from Japan. (The U.S. currently has the highest allowable levels in the world, twelve times higher than Japan.) The simple action of adding your comments will encourage FDA to accept the petition and important supporting documentation into their process, otherwise it could be denied altogether. CLICK ON BLUE OR YELLOW BUTTON TO COMMENT NOW.

 “FFAN is the only group working toward safe food policy in the U.S. due to the ongoing Fukushima Daiichi nuclear catastrophe.  Please support their work and comment on the FDA Citizen Petition today!”  ~ Dr. Peter Montague, Founder and Director of Environmental Research Foundation

NOTE:  If you thought Fukushima was long over with, that's because it's very inconvenient for you to know the truth.   Truth is that Fukushima has been spewing it's deadly brew over the entire Northern Hemisphere 24/7 for more than 2 years.  If you are curious how radiation travels, how long it lasts and the cellular destruction it delivers to your body, please read my Radiation Page  

You can learn about my 50 favorite herbs & remedies to help minimize the impact of continual low levels of radiation, also how to detox

 Ionizing radiation   can break molecules, at a cellular level, causing unpredictable chemical reactions.

Think of vibrations breaking glass, that is what happens at a cellular level, in your body, from ionizing radiation.

Ionizing radiation is insidious, these large subatomic particles travel until they are stopped.

Your skin can easily stop them.

Once they are ingested, inhaled, or enter your body through a cut, their grotesque potent force cuts through your body like knife through butter, into the cells, blood or other organs, impacting other organs and leaving behind hideous, shocking damage.

A single alpha particle from Plutonium, Uranium, Americium or Radon can deliver a huge blast of radiation inside your body.  This radiation energy can destroy your genetic material at a cellular level.

Once radionuclides are released into the environment they circulate and are carried with the winds until they become part of the soil and food chain.  They land in our drinking water, are on the pastures that our livestock graze on, are on our vegetables and in our fruit trees.

This is particularly dangerous for humans because we are at the top of the food chain, where the higher concentrations of radionuclides are.

Most Common Diseases From Ionizing Radiation:

   *  leukemia
   *  lymphoma
   *  solid tumors or any organ
   *  bone & blood disorders
   *  heart disorders
   *  lung cancer
   *  breast cancer
   *  endocrine disruption
   *  reproductive abnormalities
   *  accelerated aging process
   *  birth defects
   *  congenital malformations
   *  kidney, liver damage

I don't believe that we can avoid radiation in our food, including organic, in the Northern Hemisphere, instead I work daily, and have since Fukushima to enhance my immune system, detox to remove heavy metal contaminants and boost antioxidants to kill free radicals... of course, nothing from the Pacific, no mushrooms as they are hyper accumulators of radiation etc.  I assume my organic food is contaminated and will continue my easy daily program for the rest of my life.  

What about you?