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GMO Lawsuit Settles For $750M

ST. LOUIS • Bayer CropScience agreed here late Friday to pay up to $750 million to farmers in Missouri and four other states to settle lawsuits over contamination of the U.S. rice supply by LibertyLink genetically modified rice in 2006.

"It was a devastating blow to a lot of rice farmers, and I'm tickled to death that we've finally reached a settlement where Bayer for the first time has offered to make it right to these farmers," said St. Louis lawyer Don Downing, who was co-lead counsel for the plaintiffs.
"I think it sends a signal to those who develop genetically modified seeds that they need to keep those seeds very carefully contained until they're approved for human consumption," Downing said.

But, he added, "We were very careful all along … not to say that these lawsuits are anti-GMO (genetically-modified organisms) because many of our farmers use GM crops."

Bayer, based in Germany, released a statement that read, in part, "Although Bayer CropScience believes it acted responsibly in the handling of its biotech rice, the company considers it important to resolve the litigation so that it can move forward focused on its fundamental mission of providing innovative solutions to modern agriculture."
When it was discovered in the rice supply, LibertyLink had not yet been approved for sale for human consumption. Rice futures plunged, and Japan and European countries banned the import of U.S. rice.

The first of what would eventually grow to more than 400 lawsuits representing 11,000 plaintiffs were filed within weeks. Many were eventually consolidated in federal court here.

LibertyLink rice has since been approved but has not been commercially marketed.
LibertyLink corn, soybeans and canola are on the market, Bayer spokesman Greg Coffey said.
All farmers in Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi who planted long grain rice in 2006-10 — not just those who sued in state or federal court — can participate in the settlement, said Downing and co-lead counsel Adam J. Levitt. It also includes landowners who allow others to farm their land, but does not include importers, exporters, rice mills and others.

Under terms of the settlement, farmers who planted at least 85 percent of the roughly 2.2 million acres of rice during those years must sign up or Bayer can walk away from the deal.
Bayer said it has already "established appropriate provisions" for the settlement.

The settlement is broken down into three "pots" of money. The first, and the easiest to get, offers $310 an acre to compensate farmers for market losses and is available to those who had long grain rice planted in 2006-10, with lesser amounts for farmers who only planted in some of those years.

The second pot is for farmers who planted either of two rice varieties in 2006, Clearfield 131 or Cheniere, that were most affected by the contamination. Many of those farmers had to leave fields fallow, plant lower-value crops or spend money cleaning equipment of contaminated rice, plaintiffs' lawyers said. Farmers will have to show receipts documenting their planting of those varieties.

The third pot is for those who feel that they lost more, and requires more documentation, lawyers said.

Friday's settlement comes after a series of so-called "bellwether" trials set up to allow representative cases to proceed to trial and to give all sides a signal of what could come in pending cases.

Asked about compensation, Levitt said that lawyers had private fee agreements with the clients who sued. A "leadership team" of lawyers like Levitt and Downing and others who took on additional duties and expenses will receive additional money, he said.

In December 2009, a federal jury in St. Louis awarded $2 million to farmers. A different jury awarded $1.5 million in February 2010. Neither of those juries awarded punitive damages.
Last July, a federal jury in St. Louis awarded a Louisiana farmer, Denny Deshotels, $500,000 in one suit. Jurors were not given the option of punitive damages because of Louisiana law.

Two other bellwether cases settled, one a week into the trial and one the week before, Downing said.

In three state trials in Arkansas, jurors also found in favor of farmers, awarding $1 million in one trial, roughly $1 million or less in another and $6 million in actual damages and $42 million in punitive damages in the third, Downing said..

At trial, company lawyers argued that farmers who waited out the brief price hit suffered no losses and that Bayer was not negligent.

Friday's settlement had not yet been filed in federal court in St. Louis, but plaintiffs' lawyers announced the deal at 4:35 p.m. and Bayer released its own statement a short time later.
Asked to explain the timing of the settlement, Levitt declined to comment.

Coffey said, "We did release (the announcement) as soon as we could," noting it was shortly after the agreement was signed.

Downing would only say: "I can't tell you why it ended up late in the afternoon on a holiday weekend. You can perhaps speculate about that yourself."

Fukushima Veggies Deformed

freaky fruit 1
Fukushima vegetables, seen in these photos uploaded to Imgur, are gnarled and have strange deformities. Are these mutant vegies the result of the 2011 nuclear power plant disaster? (Photo: Imgur)
freaky fruit 2
Four peaches for the price of two. (Photo: Imgur)
freaky fruit 3

Two heads are better than one, right?
Photos of what look like malformed vegetables from Fukushima, Japan, have surfaced on Imgur. The strange produce has deformities, bumps and lumps all over it, and looks like mutant cabbage patch kids beamed to Earth after having been harvested on an alien planet.

Is the meltdown of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant, a result of the disastrous 2011 earthquake and tsunami, to blame for the freaky produces' appearance?

The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant melt down occurred after an 8.9 magnitude earthquake and subsequent tsunami devastated Japan's coastal region in Fukushima in March 2011. It is the largest nuclear disaster since the Chernobyl meltdown in 1986.

The catastrophe caused the deaths of some 18.500 people. However, none of these were the result of radiation exposure from the meltdown at the power plant.

Still, high levels of radiation have been detected in groundwater near the plant. CBC News reported in June of this year that officials discovered strontium-90, a byproduct of the fission of uranium and plutonium in nuclear reactors, in the groundwater at levels 30 times higher than the government's safety standard.

"High levels of tritium, a less harmful substance, had also been found, Toshihiko Fukuda, a general manager at Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO), told a news conference," CBC reports. "They suspect the radioactive material was released amid the meltdowns that rocked the plant following the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami, and has been circulating in groundwater."

In Feb. 2013, the World Health Organization, or WHO, released a report detailing the risk of radiation poisoning in the Fukushima region. They looked specifically at the increase in cancer incidence throughout the area. But, little correlation was found.

"For the general population inside and outside of Japan, the predicted risks are low and no observable increases in cancer rates above baseline rates are anticipated," WHO reported.
This isn't the first time the Fukushima nuclear power plant disaster has sparked fears that radiation was causing deformities in nature. In August 2012, researchers in Japan discovered evidence of mutant butterflies. IScience Times reported that researchers collected 144 specimens of the pale grass blue butterfly, a common species in Japan, two months after the disaster.

They found that 12 percent of the butterflies showed signs of mutation and abnormalities, including antennae disfigurement, small wings and a change in color patterns.
So are the apparent Fukushima vegetables the result of radiation? What do you think?
To see more photos of the Fukushima vegetables, click here.

Striking Back At Police State Amerika

Every day a granny is goosed by TSA, a federal swat team raids the tsa goosing granny 
wrong house, a citizen acquitted of a crime still has their property confiscated by authorities, even the dumbed down public is aware that their every communication is monitored by the NSA and Obama has set his administration up to violate every constitutional right of every citizen in America under the NDAA and Executive Order 13603. 
Anyone who possess an IQ above room temperature is aware that our federal government is totally out of control and is wreaking tyranny upon the American people. As a people, we have seemingly grown numb to the constitutional violations perpetrated by our government against the citizens of this country. However, the abuse of citizens does not begin and end with the federal government.

Trickle Down Tyranny

With ever increasing frequency, the alternative media reports countless numbers of stories of citizen abuse at the hands of their local police and city officials. The local police departments have been federalized by DHS. They are provided millions of federal dollars for equipment and the new breed of police view the people as their enemy as opposed to the old cops walking a beat who previously viewed the majority of the people as their ally against crime. Through the influence of DHS, your local police department is looking to pounce on your every mistake with excessive force and brutality and they do so frequently while ignoring and violating any number of constitutional protections.

When Is An Arrest Is Not Really An Arrest?

Portland police officer Dean Halley must have failed his American Government class in high school. A reasonable  person would also have to wonder if Portland Deputy City Attorney William Manlove got his law degree from Walmart. what am I referring to? Well, if the Scott Miller jaywalking case is any indication, the Portland legal system is one big fascist entity that is totally out of control. 


Scott Miller was running late to work. In an effort to catch his bus, he diagonally jaywalked in the crosswalk to catch his rid.

Portland police officer Dean Halley was on patrol and was able to intervene just in the nick of time and arrest this menace to society. Halley approached Miller and told him to produce identification.

 Miller was subsequently fumbling around on his person looking for his ID when Halley immediately pounced on Miller, knocked him to the ground, informed Miller that he was under arrest and placed him in handcuffs

 Halley subsequently confined Miller in the back of his police cruiser and then proceeded to drive the criminal jaywalker a block away. The total ordeal lasted 30 minutes, but while in the police cruiser, Miller experienced a panic attack and paramedics were dispatched to the scene to administer aid.

 Miller was subsequently convicted in court of failure to obey a traffic signal.
Miller has obtained an attorney, Leonard Berman, and Miller is attempting to sue the Portland Police Department for an illegal arrest because jaywalking is not an offense that one can be arrested for. 

Halley, a 20 year police veteran, admits he told Miller that he was under arrest. However, Deputy City Attorney William Manlove is arguing that citizens cannot sue under these circumstances because such acts do not constitute an actual arrest. Manlove stated that the encounter between Halley and Miller amounted to no more than a “chat.” Manlove characterized the encounter as being something “between a chat and custody, but not an arrest for purposes of legal action.” Are you kidding me?

The Real Crime Committed by Officer Halley

Let’s take Manlove’s twisted version of the encounter between Halley and Miller, and blindly conclude that Halley did not arrest Miller, despite knocking him down, telling him he was under arrest, handcuffing him, placing him in the police car and drove him a block away.

 For the sake of argument let’s be in agreement with Manlove that this was just a friendly chat. Under these circumstances that both sides agree upon, was there a crime committed by Halley? You bet there was. The first crime committed by Halley is called aggravated assault. Halley was presumably armed and attacked Miller knocking him to the ground.

 When Halley handcuffed Miller, he committed the offense of unlawful imprisonment just the same when one abusing spouse will not let their partner leave the premises. And the biggest crime committed by Halley is that this officer is guilty of kidnapping which is what it is called when someone forcibly detains a person and removes them to another location.

 Please keep in mind that jaywalking is an offense for which a person cannot be arrested for committing. In the upside down world of the Portland legal system, Miller gets convicted in court and Halley is not in jail for aggravated assault, unlawful detention and kidnapping.

What Is Wrong With Portland Is a Microcosm of the US

Who among has never jaywalked? 

All of us are risk to be the next victim of this tyranny. Unfortunately, the behavior of officer Halley and City Attorney Manlove is typical of most police departments and their prosecutors.

 They get off on the rush of lording power over others. Prosecutors think that they will move ahead in their careers with high conviction rates and many of the police think the same by looking to arrest as many people as possible and going so far as to even inventing crimes for which to arrest the public for. This is why the United States contains 25% of the world’s prison population despite only having 5% of the world’s population.The US is number one in the world in people who are incarcerated.

Portland's plan to erase their crushing debt.

Portland’s plan to erase their crushing debt.

Portland, like almost every other city is broke and has been under an austerity plan for the past couple of years. This encourages the cops to hide behind the bushes and catch as many speeders as possible. Cops, in short, are mandated to be mobile tax collectors and they are looking for any excuse to make arrests for the most minor of offenses. These behaviors are not compatible with a supposedly free society. 

In preparation for this article, I have been watching some episodes from the TV show, Cops, in order to assess the quality of interactions with the public. In one episode I viewed, a cop pulls over a cyclist for coasting through a stop sign in a quiet residential neighborhood. Just like officer Halley, the Sacramento cop thinks this provides him with the right to violate the man’s Fourth Amendment rights. With no probable cause to search the man’s backpack and person, the cop does just that. The man had a marijuana pipe in his backpack and off to jail he goes in another stunning example of your tax dollars at work.Before you tell me that the man got his just desserts, please read the Fourth Amendment.
In another episode, the Tampa police were conducting undercover marijuana sales to motorists. As part of the bust, an unmarked cop car speeds out of a hiding place and rams the front end of the drug buyers car. When a couple of the arrested individuals protested the ramming of their cars, a Tampa cop repeatedly states that “this is no longer your car, we own it and you will have to buy it back from us.” 
I don’t use drugs and I have not smoked marijuana, but you have to be kidding me when we asked to believe that the cops have the right seize anyone’s car for a small amount of marijuana. What if the buyers had purchased their marijuana on foot, would their shoes or possibly their clothes been stolen by the Tampa Police Department? These thugs with a badge will also take your house for having small amounts of marijuana in their house. Whose interests are these cops serving?
The TV show that takes the case is Bait Car. As an aside, I have had my car stolen twice and I wanted the perpetrators arrested and prosecuted. I want gangster drug dealers busted and sent to prison. However, do we really want to send marijuana users to prison? When is it good law enforcement to bait people into committing a crime they might not otherwise commit? This is true of undercover drug sales of personal use quantities of drugs and it is definitely true when the cops bait people into stealing their bait car by making it inviting. Isn’t there enough crime that should occupy law enforcement without entrapping the public? However, one should remember that the prisons are being transitioned into for profit ventures and the cops and prosecutors are all too happy to cooperate with the Bush family et al in this venture. Who really thinks that this represents good law enforcement? Yet, the show Bait Car, is all about entrapping people who might not otherwise commit a crime.

The Small Town of Deer Trail, CO. Is Leading the Way In the Fight Against Tyranny

The town board Deer Trail, CO., is considering an ordinance  in which residents may soon be allowed to shoot down drones. The ordinance would permit people with hunting licenses to fire bullets at the hated drones. Also, the town would also pay these drone hunters $100 for each “mechanical hide” with federal markings. Is there anyone reading this that is not smiling from ear to ear?
The Mayor of Deer Trail demonstrating how he will shoot down a drone.

The Mayor of Deer Trail demonstrating how he will shoot down a drone.

I do not really think it is a good idea to be shooting bullets up in the air because they can return to earth with devastating consequences. But in this small town, someone is finally showing the intestinal fortitude that is needed in this country in order to fight back against federal and local tyranny. The proposed ordinance is certainly more symbolic than real. However, it is a start and you know that somewhere in the DOD, they just discovered where Deer Trail, CO. is located on a map. We need more Deer Trails.

What Can Be Done in Cities Like Portland

Although we don’t want to be shooting bullets in the air at drones, there are things we can do to fight against an out of control government and its increasing level of criminality. 

Portland citizens should consider conducting a mass jaywalking night and do so in front of the police headquarters. Portland should also sponsor a “film the police” night. People armed with their cell phones should video tape every police action that they witness.

 If the cops know that they are under increased surveillance, then they might behave and the officer Halley’s of the law enforcement world will find their next job at Walmart conducting parking lot security as their transgressions are caught on tape and they rightfully lose their jobs. 

This graphic needs to be displayed in Portland until Halley and Manlove find employment befitting their thuggery
This graphic needs to be displayed in Portland’s businesses until Halley and Manlove find employment befitting their thuggery

Yes I know, that people have been arrested for filming the police. When that happens the people of that community need to recall their mayor for facilitating state sponsored terrorism against their citizens. 

This is what should already be happening in Portland. I say that if the police want to put the people under such undue surveillance, we the people need to return the favor. In places like Portland, businesses should not be serving law enforcement personnel and prosecutors. Prosecutors such as Portland Deputy City Attorney, Manlove and officer Halley, should not be able to find a place to do their laundry. Apartment owners should refuse to rent to these “types”. 

Don’t let your children play with their children. After filming cops and their transgressions, show up at city council meetings with still photographs and present them at the public comment period. Start Youtube channels which features public officials and their wrongdoings. Take pictures of the weeds in their yards and send the photos and a request for action to their local HOA’s. Embarrass any government and law enforcement official with public exposure when they break the law and violate the civil liberties of their citizens.

All Politics Is Not Local

Local boycotts and protests are certainly easier to implement on a local level. However, the same principles need to be employed against federal officials. Treat them and their families like they have the plague. IRS and NSA officials should be treated like the colonists did the Stamp Tax collectors in pre-Revolutionary War period. 

If you own a mid-size business, go to video conferencing strategies in order to conduct long distance activities. Send the airlines a letter telling them that you are not subjecting your employees to the tyranny of the TSA and your people will not be flying.

 If enough of us did that, the TSA would fade away instead of expanding to trains, bus depots and highways. The entire country needs to be sending such a letter to the airlines. For when US Airways, Southwest and the other virtual airline monopolies are financially hurting, they will be screaming at the federal government to change their corrupt system.

To strike back at the criminal IRS, shop at garage sales. Trade and barter as much as you can. Refuse to use one of the five megabanks as a lender to buy a house in response to the MERS robo-signer mortgage fraud.

 Use your local credit union for all loans. Follow the same advice for buying a car. In fact, you should not buy a car until you can pay cash for it. Take the debt advantage away from the banksters that have hijacked our government. Refuse to shop at a corporate chain store such as Kmart, Walmart or any other slavemart store and shop locally. Unlike the failed LA riots of 1992, we do not have to burn down our own neighborhoods to make a statement. We just need to withdraw our support and our money.

Educate Your Children Outside the System

American families need to ban together and educate their children outside the system as much as possible. Someone just brought to my attention that some fully accredited foreign universities are having discussions about offering online classes to American college students at a fraction of the cost in response to the tyrannical post-secondary education system that is running the show in the US. These foreign entrepreneurs are looking to profit from the predatory practices being exhibited our post-secondary institutions. The student loan debacle in this country is highly criminal and is extremely predatory and should be avoided at all costs.

homeschoolingHomeschooling will soon be outlawed in the US for the same reasons it was outlawed in Germany. The establishment wants people smart enough to do their job, but not so smart that they can question authority. This does not change the responsibility factor of parents who need to redouble their efforts to not let their children believe that the constitutional violations happening in our country are acceptable. 

Parents need to focus on raising their children to respect the rule of law (i.e. the Constitution), not the thuggery that has replaced the rule of law. The globalists need to know that no generation of Americans will ever accept and fully submit to their tyranny and eventually the banksters day of justice will come.
Explore alternatives. Non-participation is the ultimate blow to any corrupt organization.
You must attend your Congressman’s next Town Hall Meeting. Show up and tell them that you will work to unelect them unless they subject themselves to the same substandard and dangerous Obamacare system that they have sentenced us to. Unelect all incumbents until they repeal this genocidal, death panel ridden form of health care. And the same standard of political retention needs to be applied to the repeal of the Stasi inspired NDAA.
I do not have the space to present all of my ideas on striking back at what I dub “Police State Amerika,” but I am sure my point is not lost on those who have a backbone and a pulse. 

police state 5
Did I mention to store and grow your own food, store water and hide your guns and ammo? Do these three things now in preparation for the possible time that you may need them when the Russian/NATO/UN troops come knocking at your door. Don’t make the mistake of believing that when the Russians show up at your door to seize your guns, that officer Halley will respond to save the day.

Nonviolence Does Not Imply Compliance

It is time people for the spirit of civil disobedience to rear its head. Short of not complying with any form of gun confiscation. The type of peaceful revolution that I am proposing can be effective without ever firing a shot. Those that know me, know that I am nonviolent. However, that does not mean that I will not become non compliant against this encroaching tyrannical police state. 

If we are going down as a country, I am not submitting without a fight. Will you join me?The time to fight back is now! What is your idea on how to fight back against this tyranny? Please leave a comment with your suggestion.Writing your suggestions is the first step towards action. If you care about your country and your children’s future, let your voice be heard.

Did Gates Know Polio Vaccine Would Paralyze Children?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation created the GAVI alliance to push vaccinations on the poorest parts of the developing world in the name of “saving lives” and stopping disease.

In particular, Bill Gates expects to take credit for wiping out polio worldwide by making it one of his primary issues. But at what cost?

 In April 2012, I reported on a disturbing claim in the Indian medical press that some 47,500 children had been paralyzed as a direct result of the polio vaccination campaign that had swept through their populous country. India’s National Polio Surveillance Project found that a sharp rise in the cases of non-polio paralysis correlated with areas where doses of oral polio vaccine were also increased.

Worse, children afflicted with polio vaccine-derived non-polio paralysis “were at more than twice the risk of dying than those with wild polio infection,” according to Indian officials.

Bill Gates has publicly denied that his vaccination campaign harmed anyone after being confronted by Truthstream Media’s Melissa Melton.

n June 2013, a ten-month old baby in India made headlines after it was paralyzed from receiving a polio vaccine, all while Bollywood celebrities, reportedly hired by the Gates Foundation, were used to urge the public to accept the vaccinations.

Perhaps the worst part of this tragic backlash in what is meant to be a campaign to improve public health is that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the UN’s World Health Organization knew that oral polio vaccines caused paralysis – but they thought the trade-off was worth it. The claim rings as hollow as when former Secretary of State Madeline Albright claimed that some half a million Iraqis killed by sanctions was also “worth it.”

After years of controversy in the United States, the use of oral polio vaccine (OPV) was discontinued in 2000 due to its proven link with vaccine-derived poliovirus (VDPV), and in the UK circa 2004.

The use of an injected and inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) replaced its usage in the Western world, while oral polio vaccine continues to be used in the developing world.

Wikipedia notes that the WHO “considers the benefits of vaccination to far outweigh the risk of vaccine derived polio.” A statement on the World Health Organization addressing the issue of vaccine-derived polio updated in April 2013 claims, “The small risk of cVDPVs pales in significance to the tremendous public health benefits associated with OPV.”

While that risk may be statistically negligible from the bureaucratic point of view of the United Nations and agenda-driven philanthropy, the vaccine-derived paralysis has ruined at least 47,500 real human lives in India, in children who would have likely never contracted paralyzing polio but instead were paralyzed and permanently harmed by the so-called “cure” – all while an alternate vaccine not linked with paralysis has long been available.

Who carries the burden for those wrecked lives, and why does no one in the mainstream corporate media address this issue or attempt to hold anyone accountable? I guess there are no political points to be scored, so it won’t be appearing on your TV screen.

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Cultures For Health REAL Ginger Ale

In years past ginger ale was the tonic of choice if you had an upset stomach or the flu. Today’s ginger ale is little more than a ginger-flavored soda laden with high fructose corn syrup. To make the authentic brew our great grandmothers knew all you need are few basic supplies and a little patience. Bottle your ginger ale in airtight beverage bottles while it is still actively fermenting so it retains some fizz. Just be sure to store it in the refrigerator within a day or two after bottling it or it may create too much carbonation and burst your bottle.

  • 1 gallon filtered water
  • 1-1/2 cups organic cane sugar
  • 4 inches (approximately) of ginger root, peeled and grated
  • 1/2 cup prepared vegetable starter culture (like Caldwell’s or Body Ecology) or 1/2 to 1 cup whey 

  1. Place water in a large non-aluminum kettle. Stir in grated ginger root. Place over high heat and bring to a boil. Allow ginger water to boil for 3 minutes. 
  2. Remove from heat and stir in sugar until dissolved. Let cool to room temperature. When sufficiently cool, around 80°F or less, stir in starter culture or whey.
  3. Pour into airlock jars or plain mason jars with lids. If using plain mason jars release the pressure from the jar at least once a day by loosening the lid. You should hear a little gas being released. 
  4. Keep at room temperature for 2 to 6 days, until the ginger ale is fizzy. You can strain out the pieces of ginger root at this time or leave them in if you like ginger pieces. Bottle in tightly capped beverage bottles and let sit at room temperature for 1 to 2 days before refrigerating.

Note: Lacto-fermented ginger ale mixed with kombucha is a great thirst quencher.  Check out the other delicious ideas that are super easy, healthy and offer a pleasant change from the supermarket toxins.